Zero weekly Covid deaths in Wales for first time since start of pandemic

Zero weekly Covid deaths in Wales for first time since start of pandemic

Weekly deaths involving Covid-19 in Wales have dropped to zero for the first time since the pandemic began, figures show.

None of the 573 deaths registered in Wales in the week ending 18 June mentioned Covid-19 on the death certificate, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The last time this happened was in the week ending 13 March, 2020.

The following week, to 20 March, saw two Covid-19 deaths registered in Wales. Since then, there have been deaths involving Covid-19 registered in Wales every week.

The number peaked at 413 during the first wave of the virus, in the week to 24 April, and at 467 during the second wave, in the week to 15 January.

The latest ONS figures suggest a different trend in England, where the number of registered deaths involving Covid-19 stood at 102 in the week to 18 June, up from 83 the previous week.

It is the first time the total for England has been above 100 since the week to 14 May, when registrations were affected by delays caused by the bank holiday on Monday3 May.

This is still a very low level compared with the peak of the first and second waves of the virus, however.

The total number of deaths registered in England in the week to 18 June was 8,874 – 0.8 per cent above the average for non-pandemic years.

Some 21 care home resident deaths involving Covid-19 in England were registered in the week to 18 June, up from 14 in the previous week.

This means 42,546 care home residents in England and Wales have now had Covid-19 recorded on their death certificate.

The ONS figures cover deaths of care home residents in all settings, not just in care homes.

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