WARNING‼️These 20 EASY DINNER IDEAS will make you HUNGRY Instantly!

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Let’S face it, sometimes we all get in that dinner rut where we just don’t know what we want to cook or even what we’re in the mood for so my hope for today’s article is to bring you some inspiration. These are my top 20 dinner ideas and they’re all super easy to make super simple basic ingredients, and my promise by the end of this article is that you will find a recipe that inspires you to try tonight. I hope you guys enjoyed this article. Let’S get into these top 20 dinner recipes all right, y’all. I think I lied before, because this recipe might be my favorite.

First of all, pizza is my favorite food group, and this was the easiest one to make. Can I get an amen, okay, anyways, so you’re, just gon na pick up a loaf of this French bread, most grocery stores have it for a dollar or two, and then I just like to slice mine in half and then slice it in half long ways as Well, I did use a couple tablespoons of butter from my fridge. I’M gon na melt that down along with some garlic, salt and some Italian seasoning.

This step is completely optional. You do not have to do this, and this recipe will still be delicious, so I’m just gon na brush each little piece of my bread here with that garlic and butter, and I’m gon na pre-bake this at 425, just for anywhere from three to five minutes, because I really like for my French bread to kind of get toasty on the inside, so that way it’s just not completely soft before my cheese melts at the end, so now, of course, we’re going to need some pizza sauce.

So I’m just going to get my pizza sauce on there spread it all out, and this again is another recipe you can totally customize. I love this because for our family of four it’s perfect, everybody can have whatever they want on there. So I just did two with just the cheese and then two with pepperoni from my husband, and I bake these in the oven for about 15 minutes, and this is so good if you have salad stuff, serve it with a salad. I just love any kind of pizza with some ranch, so that’s what we had. You can hear that crust is so crunchy and crispy on the bottom.

Yet the middle of that French bread is still soft and pillowy, and it’s just it is so good. This also makes a perfect after school snack. So when I was kind of flipping through to find what recipes I wanted to try. First, for this little series y’all, you could not go through a church cookbook without seeing like 10 different chicken casseroles and most of them included this Pepperidge Farm stuffing mix. So that’s what I’m using I’m, adding it to a bowl with a stick of butter melted and I’m just going to mix that to combine the butter all over that stuffing it.

Then I’m gon na get my 9×13 dish out and you’re just going to add about half of this mixture to the bottom. Next, on top of that, stuffing mixture, you just add about two or three cups of chopped cooked chicken, and I actually did use a rotisserie chicken. This night, which made this come together, that much quicker I’m adding one carton of sour cream and then one can of cream and chicken soup, I’m gon na to get that all mixed up together and that’s going to go right. Over top of the chicken flare, the chicken on top of the stuffing and then the sour cream and cream of chicken soup mixture goes on top of that, and then next you bring back over that other half of the stuffing mix add that over top of the Sour cream and cream of chicken and then you’re gon na take about two to three cups of chicken broth and you’re, just gon na pour that all over top of the stuffing all that stuffing mix is going to soak it right up. You don’t want it to be dry, so just kind of eyeball it, and this is going into the oven at 350 for about 30 minutes and again, this is so nostalgic for me because I swear my grandmother used to make this all the time after church.

I just served mine over top of some rice with some green beans on the side and I’m telling y’all this hit the spot this night, all right. So first we’re going to get started with these white chicken enchiladas. So obviously, right now, I’m just getting some of that rotisserie chicken into a large bowl. So I’m just adding a little bit of softened cream cheese to my chicken and then I’m gon na add about one cup of shredded Mexican blend cheese. Just add that in with the chicken and cream cheese I gave that a stir to get it all combined, and this is going to be our filling for our enchiladas.

Next, I’m just going to bring over my 9×13 give that a quick little spray and then we’re going to roll up our enchiladas, I’m just using these low carb tortillas, but any kind that you want to use will be fine. Now, I’m not the best at rolling. These up, but I did the best that I could just added a couple scoops of that filling in there, and this makes eight tortillas, which is how many came in my little pack there. So that was perfect. I’M just gon na wrap each one up.

I fold the two ends and then just kind of hold it all together as I roll it up until I get all eight in my dish, all right. Next, we’re going to come over here to my Skillet and we’re gon na make the most delicious enchilada sauce and it could not get any easier either. So I just added a few tablespoons of butter to my Skillet added a few tablespoons of flour and we’re just going to whisk that around and let that flour cook down for just a couple minutes and then next we’re gon na add in one packet of taco. Seasoning, so we’re going to add in that taco seasoning kind of whisk that around as well. It will look a little bit clumpy at this point, but that is okay.

Next we’re gon na pour in some chicken broth and continue to whisk. Until all those little lumps are smooth and your sauce starts to come together, we’re also going to add in some of that shredded Mexican blend cheese, we’re gon na, add sour cream and then one small can of the diced green chilies and I’ll just go ahead and Tell you this sauce is not spicy at all on a scale of one to ten I’d, maybe give it a two like you can taste the peppers in there, but it’s really no slice Factor my kids loved it and I’ll also go ahead and tell you, my Oldest said, the sauce tastes just like the sauce in the Taco Bell, quesadillas, if you’ve ever had one of those, it really does taste similar to that. So you can see how the sauce comes together. It’Ll be nice and creamy and smooth. So next, I’m just going to bring back over all of our little rolled up, tortillas enchiladas and we’re gon na pour that sauce right over top.

Does this not look delicious already? Next we’re going to top with that remaining Mexican blend cheese? I also had a little bit of sharp cheddar that I went ahead and added just a little bit more. I feel like. I need a little bit more cheese on here, and this is going to bake about 25 minutes at 350.

I did Brew it the last five minutes just to get that cheese on top nice and golden and bubbly y’all. This was so good, like I said earlier, probably one of my favorite, if not my favorite white chicken enchilada recipes so easy to make, especially if you have that rotisserie chicken and first up, we have my new favorite way to cook potato soup. So for this potato soup y’all, it seriously could not be any easier. It is my new favorite anyway you’re gon na need one 32 ounce bag of the cubed hash browns dump that into your slow cooker. I also have a frozen bag of chopped onions, just gon na eyeball about a half a cup next, we’re gon na add in three cups of chicken broth and then you’re gon na need one can of cream of chicken soup.

Of course, you can do whatever seasonings. You want I’m just going to sprinkle some in a good, be it because really, this is almost everything in this soup. Y’All are gon na, be so shocked at how this comes out at the end. So I’m gon na give this a good stir – and I cook mine, on high for about three to four hours, but about 30 minutes before we’re ready to eat when those potatoes are tender. We’Re also going to add in one block of cream cheese, and that is it I’ll see, y’all in a little bit to add that cream, cheese and y’all.

I can’t wait to show you how creamy and just good this comes out alrighty. So I didn’t film adding in that cream cheese, but that’s pretty self-explanatory. I just kind of cubed mine up added it in it only took about 30 minutes to melt, I kind of whisked it around a little bit to kind of help it and look how smooth and velvety this potato soup is. I think this is the perfect even just a base for potato soup. You can kind of customize it to whatever your family likes, so we’re just gon na plate it up Bowl it up.

I should say, and then whatever toppings you want, we added some cheese bacon bits. I happen to love croutons in my potato soup. If you’ve never tried that. I promise you should it’s so good, but this was delicious and this is definitely my new go-to potato recipe. Potato soup recipe just because it’s so easy to throw together with minimal ingredients, alrighty y’all got an easy one for you today, so we’re going to start with two pounds of of stew meat.

I’M just gon na get this into the slow cooker. Next. On top of that, we’re gon na add one packet of brown gravy mix. Next, we’re also going to add in one of these packets of the beefy onion soup mix, we’re gon na, add one can of cream and mushroom. We want lots of gravy in there because when we get home, we’re just gon na do some mashed potatoes, some fried okra and dinner will be ready to go.

So I have my crock pot on low and I’m just going to let it cook anywhere from about six to eight hours. Alrighty y’all, our beef tips have been cooking all day. They look delicious plenty of that gravy down there and I just made up some quick mashed, potatoes, AKA and Bob Evans feel free to make your own, if you so choose, but that’s gon na be dinner and it’s going to be delicious. Some of those mashed potatoes. Some of those yummy beef tips – and these were so easy there you go easy as that beef tips and mashed potatoes is what’s for dinner tonight.

Y’All give this one a try all right. Next up we have chicken alfredo and I have to say this might be the easiest one in this whole article. So I just have my 9×13 here and I’m just gon na dump in a whole box of rotini. You can use whatever kind of pasta you want. You don’t even have to cook it first, just dump it in the pan.

Next I have about one to two cups of cooked and shredded chicken, I’m gon na dump that in and then you’re just gon na dump in one jar of your favorite alfredo sauce. I’M actually using some homemade Alfredo, just because I prefer it. I will have that article with the recipe link down below. If you want to check that out, but either way dumping your alfredo sauce and then also some chicken broth and all you’re going to do is give that a quick little mix, and this is going to be covered and baked in the oven. Now I did pull mine out after about 30 minutes and checked a noodle.

I went and added a little bit more chicken broth gave it another stir and popped it back in the oven. Once your noodles are cooked to Al Dente. I just sprinkled on some mozzarella cheese, some that I had left over in a little bag along with some Parmesan cheese, and I stuck it back into the oven just for about five minutes until that cheese got all melty. I also topped it with a little bit of fresh parsley just to make it all cute, and then it was time to serve and y’all. I think I might do my Alfredo, like this all the time, especially when we’re busy just because it can kind of keep warm in the oven.

Your noodles don’t dry out and people can just come and get their supper whenever they’re ready. I served Iris with these little Texas, toast breadsticks, which we absolutely loved. This dinner was delicious all right. First up today we have chicken and stuffing and sticker butter Rice, so I’m just gon na have y’all cooking alone kind of a whole dinner with me for this recipe. First, I just have my 9×13 here and I had about three chicken breasts that I just cubed up into kind of bite-sized pieces and got the got those all evenly spread out in there and then to a separate Bowl.

We’Re going to take two cans of cream of chicken. I really like the ones with the cream of chicken with herbs. I think that’s really good get that into a bowl, we’re gon na mix that with some heavy cream and some milk, then I’m just gon na bring over that soup mixture and just pour that all over top of our cubed chicken breast and then next you’re going To take one box of stovetop stuffing mix, I just like to use the chicken because I’m using chicken just kind of sprinkle that all over top – and then I didn’t film this part, but I’m adding a little bit of chicken broth over top as well. And now. I’M just going to cover it really tightly with some tin foil and that’s going into our oven, and while that is baking, let’s go ahead and get that Rice working.

So I have my baking dish. I’M just dumping in some white rice then also we’re gon. Na add one can of french onion soup, or this is actually a french onion soup packet, just mixed with water, and then we’re going to dump in one can of beef consomme and then lastly, you add a stick of butter, like the name says, and this Believe It or Not, soaks up all this liquid. I honestly can’t believe I’ve never made this before, because I will definitely be baking be making this again, so I’m also going to cover it tightly with full and it’s going into the oven as well there. I am just adding the butter I’m going to kind of give it a little stir.

This could not be any easier to make y’all. Let me know if you’ve ever tried this. I know it can go by a few different names, but stick of butter Rice. That’S pretty fitting to me, and here in just a second, when I pull out, you will see how fluffy this rice is. I didn’t even stir it at all, while it was in the oven.

This is the first time here. It just comes right up. It’S super fluffy super moist and, oh, my goodness, so flavorful so now we’re just gon na plate up that chicken and stuffing, I will say it was really good that chicken was nice and tender. Obviously super creamy and it went perfectly with that. Stick of butter Rice.

I just served it with a with an easy bag of steamable green beans, and it was so good definitely a delicious meal for a day when you don’t really feel like cooking. This is an easy chicken fried rice, and I have to tell you: this was Darren’s. Favorite so first we’re just gon na again start with our Skillet and some butter. We’Re gon na add a little bit of garlic this time and then this time I did dice a whole medium onion and we’re just gon na let that saute until it starts to soften up a little bit. Next, I’m bringing over three cups of already cooked rice.

That’S something if you have some leftover rice from another dinner from the night before this is gon na, be absolutely perfect with that rotisserie chicken we’re just going to stir in that rice. Next, we’re going to bring over about two cups of that rotisserie chicken, and I did chop the chicken a little bit more for this recipe and then also we’re going to use some more of those frozen, peas and carrots.

Again, however, much you want just add those right in and we’re just going to give everything a nice stir all right, so here’s the secret to making this dish taste like a restaurant. You do not want to skip this part you’re going to add a little small, tiny drizzle of toasted sesame oil. This sends this over the top, so good, and then also I had this fried rice seasoning.

You don’t have to use this. The seasoning is optional, but that sesame oil is not. If you don’t have the seasoning just add a little salt and pepper. You can add garlic onion, whatever you want, but we’re just going to stir those all together. Once I have everything really combined you’re, just going to kind of scoot everything over in your Skillet and then we’re going to add two eggs and we’re gon na scramble those up over on the side and then we’re just gon na mix it in just like they Do in the Japanese restaurants, good, the last thing we’re going to add to this dish is just a few splashes of soy sauce.

This could not be any easier to throw together and if you already have your rotisserie chicken and rice made ahead of time seriously, I mean it takes 10-15 minutes and it is so good as well. My husband said it tastes just like the Japanese restaurant that we always do when we’re feeling to go, but you don’t even have to do that with this recipe, and let’s just talk about the price of it, it is so cheap to make sweet topped ours with Just a little bit of green onion and then some store-bought yum, yum, sauce or shrimp sauce and this seriously hit the spot so delicious.

First up we have a creamy tomato tortellini soup, so we’re going to start with just a large pot we’re going to do a few tablespoons of oil in there and then we’re going to saute one medium chopped, onion we’re just going to saute that for about five Minutes or so until you get some good color on there and your onion starts to soften up a little bit and then we’re also going to add in about a good, a good tablespoon of minced garlic. We just add that in at the last minute, so it doesn’t burn but give it just a few seconds to kind of open up its flavor and make this dish delicious. Next, we’re going to add in about four cups of chicken broth by the way.

All of my recipes are always in my description box. Next, we’re going to add one can of petite diced tomatoes and one can of tomato sauce foreign. Next, I’m just adding a good sprinkle of salt, pepper and then also about a tablespoon and a half of Italian seasoning. We’Re also going to add some heavy cream in here. Give this a nice stir and we’re just going to bring this up to a simmer.

So once our sauce has been kind of simmering for about 15 minutes, you want to give it a taste, and I actually went back and added about two tablespoons of sugar just to kind of balance out that acidity of all those Tomatoes, then we’re going to add In one bag of cheese tortellini and we’re just gon na, let that cook about five to seven minutes. They don’t really take long at all to get done, and then I added one cup of cheese, I’m just using this five blend Italian style cheese. You could use parmesan or whatever you like, and I cannot get over how quick and easy this meal was to throw together. I literally had it done from start to finish within 30 minutes so time to Plate it up. I just serve mine with some bread sticks Chopped with a little more cheese and fresh basil, and all of those flavors together was just so good.

We all love this meal and I think y’all will too all right so to the bottom of our slow cooker. I’M gon na try to add half this can of Rotel just spread that around as best you can alright. So now I have one onion sliced and three bell peppers sliced, so I’m gon na Place half of each of these in the next layer. Next, we’re gon na just sprinkle on about four cloves of minced garlic. Next, on top of that, we’re just gon na lay three chicken breasts, we’re gon na add two and a half teaspoons of chili powder, two teaspoons of ground cumin, one teaspoon paprika and 3 4.

A teaspoon of ground coriander we’re just gon na mix. Everything together also, I forgot to add a little pepper and salt, now we’re just gon na sprinkle on that seasoning mixture right over the chicken next we’re gon na. Add the remaining Tomatoes, a Rotel and then the remaining peppers and onions, all right and I’m going to cook mine on high for about two or three hours until that chicken is cooked through all right, so everything’s been cooking about four hours. So I’m just gon na shred up this chicken and the instructions on the original recipe say to Ladle out some of this liquid. I guess it’s more than you need it’s a little out about a cup, I’m just discard it, and now you can either slice up your chicken.

You can take it out or just shred it up, but I think we’ll be fine with just shredding it up, because we’re going to put ours into tortillas anyway, and lastly, to a small little bowl. We’Re just going to mix together about two tablespoons of honey and then two tablespoons of lime, juice, all right and then we’re just gon na pour that mixture over the chicken I’m gon na toss it around a little bit. We are ready to eat like I said, we’re gon na serve ours with some tortillas, but you could just put it over some chips and do it like nachos. We do that kind of thing. A lot of time.

All right, y’all here are those chicken fajitas all plated up. They look delicious. We like two top ours with just a little bit of shredded cheese, sour cream. You can also do lettuce cilantro. I have a little bit of guacamole on the side.

You could do black olives, basically whatever you want on your fajitas or tacos. I think these are going to be so good. I love all the fresh ingredients that this recipe uses so yeah. Let’S dig right into these chicken fajitas. Next up we have this Paula, Deen chicken casserole – that surprisingly, I had never made before.

I saw this all over Pinterest, so I knew I wanted to try it so. First you’re just going to cook up one 16 ounce box of penne pasta, just according to the Box directions and then over on the side we’re going to make this cheesy sauce. That’S going to go in it, so I have some butter, some minced garlic, some diced onion and I’m going to saute it out for a few minutes and then we’re going to add about two or three tablespoons of flour and that’s just going to help thicken our Sauce a little bit next, we’re going to add some milk, we’re gon na whisk, all that together to make sure all those clumps and everything are nice and smooth, we’re also going to add some sour cream and then just your seasoning of choice. Again, I went with the Kinders. I don’t know why I was just filling the Kinders today for this article.

I guess and then also we’re going to add about two cups of shredded cheese. You can use any kind that you like. I chose to straight up some colby jack cheese and that worked really nicely in this chicken casserole foreign. I’Ve just drained my pasta, noodles and then over here I have a 9×13 baking dish, we’re just going to go ahead and pour the penne noodles in there and next I’m going to add about two cups of cooked chicken. Now, since we are doing Pantry meals, I actually use canned chicken.

I think canned chicken works perfectly in recipes like this and then next, I’m just going to bring over that cheesy sauce, pour that right over our chicken and noodles give everything a stir to combine really well, and then you want to top with another half a cup To a cup of cheese and again you can use any cheese that you like. I actually went with some pepper jack. I thought that would just be really good. On top add a tiny bit of spice, and it was, it was so perfect. This just bakes in the oven for about 30 minutes on 350 Again I’ll have all these recipes typed out below for you, and this was just the most perfect weeknight Pantry meal.

Most of these things I always have in my pantry or my fridge. How many times do we have a little bit of cheese? A little bit of this kind, a little bit of that kind. This is the perfect way to just use that up whatever kind of pasta. You have also would work really well in this recipe.

We just served ours up with a little side, salad and you cannot get any easier, but it was just perfect. The perfect little dinner first up, I made a french onion beef casserole. So of course we’re going to start with one pound of ground beef. I’M just gon na Brown that up and then we’re gon na add in one packet of the Lipton Onion Soup mix. I think this was the beef flavor, but just the regular or the beef flavor will be just fine.

So I’m going to sprinkle that on and also we’re gon na, add one cup of sour cream and then one can of cream of mushroom soup. I’M just going to give everything a good stir to combine. Thank you, we’re also going to add in just a few splashes of Worcestershire sauce, that’s going to help deepen these flavors a little bit and honestly, this sauce at this point is done. You could just serve it just like this over noodles or rice. Even mashed potatoes and it would be delicious, but we are going to take it up just another notch.

I think y’all are really going to enjoy that so over on the side, I do have one bag of just regular egg noodles and I’m just gon na cook. These, according to the package, directions, maybe minus about a minute because we are going to put this into the oven, so they’ll continue to bake along with all of the liquid from the sauce and everything. So I just let my sauce continue to kind of simmer on low on the side, actually just popped, a lid on there and just let it sit there. While our noodles are finishing up cooking and when they’re done. Of course, I drain them and then just Sprout those right over and stir those into the sauce just gave everything.

A really good mix got all those noodles all nice and coated. Also at this point, if your sauce and noodle mixture seems a little bit thick, you can add just a little splash of milk in here and also at this point, I went ahead and gave it a little taste to make sure I didn’t want to add any Extra seasonings or any extra liquid, like I said, but this time it actually turned out perfect next, I just have a greased baking dish over here. I’M gon na bring over our French onion noodle mixture and just add that right in and then get that all spread out. Also I topped ours with a little bit of cheese. You could use colby jack.

I had some mozzarella, so that’s what I used. I’M just gon na sprinkle on probably a cup or so which, by the way, all the full recipes are always typed out down below in my description box, so make sure you check down there and then, on top of the cheese we got. Ta have some of those crispy fried onions, so I’m just going to add on probably a cup or so of those, like, I always say just measure with your heart on this. We love that crunchy topping. So I probably added a good bit once we have all those yummy toppings on there.

We are going to bake this in the oven at 350, but it only needs to bake 15 or 20 minutes. All we’re really doing is melting that cheese. Everything else is already cooked in there, and this is so good, y’all, so easy and so quick to make those noodles are nice and soft. We have that creamy ooey gooey cheese and then that salty crunch from our little crispy fried onions on Top. If You Love French onion flavors, this is going to be a must: try foreign, and this is the perfect meal to make at the end of a busy day, all the flavors of traditional chicken pot pie with a tater tot crust.

What’S not to love so we’re going to start with a skillet. Of course I have a couple tablespoons of butter and then another little shortcut is. I use some of these frozen diced onions. I only needed a little bit that way. I don’t have to chop an entire onion.

I just poured some of those into my Skillet and they will saute up just like a fresh onion. Would at this point I’m also going to add a couple tablespoons of flour and a little bit of salt and pepper to season it up. I’M just going to cook that three or four minutes to cook down that flour and the butter – and this is going to be the perfect flavorful base for that chicken pot pie filling next, I’m going to whisk in some milk and also some chicken broth. I’M just going to kind of slowly pour it in and can genuinely whisk all that it’s going to be smooth and it will start to thicken up foreign next, we’re going to add our veggies to our filling. You can add whatever veggies you prefer in your pot pie or no veggies at all.

If you don’t want any, but these frozen, peas and carrots make this so easy and again just come together so easily and so quickly. We’Re also going to bring back over that rotisserie chicken, and I have left this rotisserie chicken and kind of bigger pieces, and that way it doesn’t dry out as quick until you go to use it if you’re not using it. You know for a day or two, but for this recipe I did go ahead and break it up into more bite-sized pieces. Once we have everything combined we’re just going to bring over a baking dish and by the way I actually have this recipe, and it was perfect for our family of four and we had a little bit of leftovers. So just saying this recipe it does make quite a bit, but we’re gon na get that filling in our baking dish and then we’re going to top with tater tots, and I just like to put mine on and one even layer.

If you want to line your tater tots up and make it all pretty, you can do that as well, but this is going into the oven for about 45 minutes and then we’re just gon na pull it out and this part is optional, but the recipe I Was following topped with a little bit of sharp cheddar cheese and we love cheese, so I thought we would try it and it was so good. The tater tots actually got very crispy even with the cheese on top it only bakes about five more minutes. After you add the cheese once that cheese is completely melted, you want to serve it up nice and hot. This one actually surprised us a little bit. I knew that we would enjoy it, but even the flavor was a lot more than even I anticipated.

So this is a perfect weeknight super easy meal to add to your rotation, we’re just going to start by Browning up one pound of ground beef, [ Applause ]. Well, our ground. Beef is Browning up, I’m also cooking up one bag of the refrigerated tortellini. You can usually find this around your Deli area in your grocery store and you just want to get the cheese version and the directions in this recipe, I’m following say to cook it one last minute, then the directions they own, the back of the bag. I guess because we are going to bake it, so it’s going to continue to cook our ground.

Beef is browned up. So now I’m just going to add one jar of marinara sauce. Of course we love Rayos. It’S the best. We’Re just gon na.

Add that right in with the ground, beef get just a little bit of water to get all that out of my jar, go ahead and turn that burner off and then we’re just gon na stir this all together and that pasta. Y’All is only going to cook about three minutes. We don’t want it to get too mushy and really you’re supposed to use a large, Skillet and add the pasta in along with this. But I’m just going to combine out in a large bowl, because my large Skillet is being used by something else all right. Our tortellini is done.

I’M just going to dump that in I’m just going to toss everything a little bit already looks so good and I just had a thought as well. This could totally be a meatless option. Of course it’s not vegan we’re going to add some cheese and the tortellini has cheese, but if you wanted a meatless option, I think this would make a great one all right. So let’s go make our second little layer all right. So I just have a separate Bowl here and I have one block of softened cream cheese in there.

You can let it come to room temperature. I just pop mine in the microwave for a few seconds to that. I’M just going to add about half a cup of ricotta cheese. You could also use cottage cheese if you have that on hand, we’re also going to add a teaspoon of garlic powder, a teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of onion powder and we’re just going to mix all that together. So next I just have my 9×13.

You need to spray your dish put on a spray, so when all it smells butter, it’s only a little bit. It looks like a lot, but I’m going to spread it all out on this dish. So first going in is about half of our tortellini and meat. Sauce, I’m just gon na get that all squared out. My audience is over here: eyeballing, it hey, hey, y’all, okay, follow me: hey y’all, hey y’all, I’m Paul Levine.

Next, we’re going to bring over that Ricotta and cream cheese mixture and we’re gon na add the whole mixture for our middle layer and just kind of spread it out the best we can how’s that freshly shredded mozzarella. It’S delicious it’s better than already shredded right out that layer, then next we’re just coming back on top with the other half of our tortellini. This definitely reminds me of a different take on lasagna same flavors, a little bit different super easy to throw together too. Now it’s time for that mozzarella way, shredded up we’re just gon na add about a cup on top or, however much you won’t measure with your heart honey, get it all the way to the sides or almost y’all. Does it bug you when anybody makes pizza and they put all the toppings like in the center of the pizza, and you have like four inch crust?

That’S one of those things it just bugs me. It’S got to be even you got to give everybody the same amount. It’S got to be fair next. On top of that, we’re also going to add about a half a cup of shredded parmesan and we are ready for the oven. I’M gon na get this covered with some foil and it’s going into the oven at 350 for only about 30 minutes all right y’all.

Here it is out of the oven. It looks and smells delicious we’re just gon na top it with a little bit of parsley to make it Purdy all right. Let’S get this plated up, all right, y’all, we’re just serving ours up with a little side, salad and some little non-bread bites that we toasted up like garlic, bread looks so good all right. Let’S give it a try. Hmm, that is delicious, really creamy!

Perfect flavors in there that tortellini is just cooked perfectly. It’S not too too soft, nice and cheesy came together. Super quick, great for weeknight, perfect y’all, give it a try, so tonight we’re gon na make Swiss chicken. You may have made this recipe before it’s really good, but if you haven’t, you need to try it. So, in my slow cooker, I’ve just got three chicken breasts that I cleaned and trimmed up.

The original recipe calls for six, but for our family of four three good sized chicken breasts. It’S plenty six will be way too much way too much. So just keep that in mind, but anyways I have my chicken in there now we’re gon na mix. Half a cup of milk and one can of cream of chicken next right. On top of that, we’re gon na add about six slices of Swiss cheese or, however much cheese, your heart desires, although your heart might disagree in a few years, but we ain’t gon na talk about that.

This is good. Okay, I’m not claiming it’s healthy! Next. What we’re going to do is we’re going to take the packet from stove top uh stuffing mix, and I, like the chicken flavor, we’re just going to sprinkle that all on top of the cheese and my camera’s going dead, we better hurry. Okay, I’m just gon na kinda move that around to get those seasonings mixed up evenly all right and lastly, you’re gon na take a fourth of a cup of melted butter or half a stick and pour it over your stuffing mix.

And you want to kind of get it as moist as possible. I actually melted a whole stick of butter. Oh Lord call the food place because I like it to be like I said, to be driving a little dry pieces in here, but you can also add a little chicken broth if you would rather not add butter. But, like I said I said it was delicious. Not healthy we’re gon na pop the lid on this is gon na cook, either on low for five to six hours.

I’M gon na do mine on high about two to three hours. All right, y’all here is the Swiss chicken cooked on high for three hours and then I turn it down to low, probably for another hour, but right now it’s on warm and it smells so good in here it smells like a little mini Thanksgiving and it’s looking Good and cheesy and all golden so I’m just gon na make us some rice to put this over top and we’re gon na have dinner all right. It’S time to eat. I got my rice right here. We’Re gon na put this Swiss chicken right on top.

Let me bring y’all closer, so you can see how yummy chicken is nice and tender down there. we go Swiss chicken. Like I said it’s like Thanksgiving mini Thanksgiving in a bowl. If you haven’t tried this crock pot recipe, you need to try. Next up, we have a Dorito casserole.

This one is so good and first, I’m actually going to start by sauteing up some frozen onions. I just like to get some color and some flavor on those and then, of course, we’re going to add in our pound of ground beef and just get that pretty much browned up. If your ground beef has a good bit of fat on it, you’ll want to drain it, but this one didn’t have too much just a little bit, so I’m just taking a paper towel and just getting out some of that fat. Next, we’re going to add in one packet of your favorite taco seasoning and I’ve mentioned to y’all before the Taco Bell, one I don’t know we can just tell a difference. I think the Taco Bell – one is just the best, so we’re going to add that in also one can of mild Rotel, I didn’t add quite the whole – can and then a little bit of frozen corn just gon na pour that right in Frozen and everything, I did also add in some minced garlic in here, not sure what happened to that little clip but added in mint garlic and then also we’re gon na add in a little bit of sour cream and some shredded cheese just add everything in and give It a nice little stir, and you just want to let this simmer just about five minutes, just to kind of let everything come together, foreign just like the other recipe.

If your mixture seems a little bit too thick, you can just add a splash of milk. So that’s what I ended up doing to this and now we’re ready to get it in our baking dish so over on the side. First, we’re going to add a crust to the bottom and we’re just going to be using a crescent sheet for that. So you just want to roll it out and just kind of press it down gently in your baking dish and then next, on top of that, we’re just going to take some of the regular nacho cheese Doritos and Crush that on top of our Crescent sheet. You really won’t know it’s down here.

It just basically adds a little bit of flavor, I’m using my gloves, y’all, because I didn’t want to get all that orange dust all over my hands and then next we’re going to bring over our ground beef mixture and just spread that all over top of our Doritos and our Crescent sheet next, on top of the ground, beef, we’re gon na, add some shredded cheese, just a little bit more, probably a cup or so actually had Darren come add my cheese on here, because in just a second we’re going to add just a Little bit more of that Dorito topping on top of the cheese and there’s me pointing that he missed a spot, I’m so particular I want my casseroles. I’Ve told you all this everybody has to have an even amount. So anyway, once we got the cheese on there, just how I wanted it, we’re gon na add another little layer of those crunchy Doritos, and this is going into the oven at 350. Again, only for 10 15 minutes just to melt that cheese and get everything combined. This was so good y’all.

This is the perfect little switch up for taco night. I love that crunchy topping and that little crescent dough crust on the bottom just adds a hint of sweetness. Thank you and, of course you can chop this with all of your favorite Taco toppings. We added a little bit of sour cream. Some green onion for some color.

You can also do some lettuce and then just a little bit of chopped tomatoes. Y’All have to give this one a try, and let me know how you like it all right. Next up we have a garlic and herb pork tenderloin with veggies, and this one has a semi homemade shortcut in here as well. So I’m just going to start by getting our potatoes onion and carrot all washed up and chopped up. We’Re just gon na.

Add that to a large bowl we’re going to drizzle just a little bit of olive oil in there and then whatever seasonings. You like, I added salt, pepper and I think probably yes, a little bit of garlic in there as well. Then next I’m going to bring over a 9×13 I’m just using this Smithfield roasted garlic and herb pork tenderloin. That’S the little semi-homemade item. I was talking about get that right in the center then place all of those delicious veggies all around that pork tenderloin.

I’M also going to go in with some fresh herbs. I believe I had some Rosemary and some thyme and just kind of stick those in around your pork tenderloin, and this is just going to bake in your oven until our pork tenderloin reaches its perfect internal temperature and those potatoes and veggies are soft. I will have the full recipe for this down below in the description box, so make sure y’all check that out, but this is perfect that pork tenderloin is so moist and juicy and all those veggies just add to the flavor. This is the perfect fall weeknight meal. So tonight for dinner, I’m gon na go ahead and get started with this marinade chicken.

It’S a super popular recipe, I’m not sure if I’ve ever made. It though I know I’ve wanted to, I just had never done it, but we’re obviously going to do a slow cooker version. So, first, I’m just gon na get some chicken breast. In my slow cooker, I have about four chicken breasts. I’M gon na use all right.

Next, we’re gon na add our seasonings. You can really season this with lots of different things, but I’m gon na use some onion powder. Let’S give it a little sprinkle of that. Also gon na do a little bit of garlic powder. We’Re gon na put some fresh garlic in here too, so just a little bit of that.

Let’S do some Italian seasoning, the good bit of that in there and then I’ve seen a few people use some crushed red pepper flakes. I thought that sounded really good. Am I going to put too many? I want to get too spicy for the kids, but I do think that would be really good in there and, like I said we are going to add some minced garlic in here as well sprinkle, some on all right. Next, we’re gon na do about one cup of chicken broth just pour that all around, and I know some of y’all are gon na, say you’re washing the seasoning off, but it’s not gon na matter, because it’s all going to cook in here together anyway.

It’Ll be perfectly seasoned, we’re also going to add about a cup of heavy cream, I’m just kind of eyeballing it here all in there and then the last ingredient for now are just some sun-dried tomatoes. These are the ones that come in the olive oil. I have used the dried sun-dried tomatoes in other recipes and it seems to work fine, especially in crock pot recipes where they have time to kind of rehydrate go ahead and just get some of these in try not to get too much of that oil in there. But it’s not gon na hurt it. If you do I’m realizing, maybe I should chop these or slice them or just buy the julienne ones, but this is all my store had.

So I think it’ll be fine, get those in there and that is pretty much it. Let me grab my lid and I’m gon na cook mine on high for probably about four hours. We’Re gon na serve this with some angel hair pasta. So I’m gon na let this cook all day and I’ll check back in with y’all here in just a little bit all right, y’all we’ve been going about two and a half hours, but I like to just come in and kind of flip my chicken breast over Anytime, I’m doing something like this in the slow cooker. I guess just kind of gently stir everything around making sure those flavors you know get all over all the chicken breasts evenly and everything like that.

So obviously we still have a little bit of time to go. So that all stirred up and get the lid popped back on and I’ll see, y’all in probably about another hour hour and a half alrighty, so our chicken has continued cooking. It’S been almost four hours. I believe yes, it’s on warm already, so I’m just gon na take my little tool, my little mixing chop and I’m just going to shred up my chicken with this tool. It is super tender, I’m barely putting any pressure on it at all and I was hoping it would kind of break up the little Tomatoes too.

I think it’s going to since I didn’t get the julienne sun-dried tomatoes, so I’m just going to get everything broken up. It’S already looking and smelling really good. Let’S [ __ ] bring y’all up a little bit closer and kind of see what it’s looking like I’ll just make sure I get the Julienne Tomatoes next time, but I think it’ll be fine. They did break up a little bit. I don’t know if y’all can tell that or not smells so good, all right, one more thing.

So, lastly, we’re just going to add in some cheese I’m just going to be using this five cheese Italian blend. You can use just Parmesan, really, whatever kind that you want. I think I’m gon na stir in maybe a cup. Sorry, if y’all hear my dishwasher going in the background, I want to give this a stir, get all that cheese, nice and melted, and then over on the side I told y’all. I was going to serve it with some angel hair angel hair pasta.

Of course, any pasta that you prefer will be great and my serving of angel hair pasta over here and now. Let’S just get to this marry me Chicken on here it looks good yeah. This is for one of my kids. They are going off to another activity tonight, so they’re eating a little bit earlier. You get the what we call the show plate a little bit of Parmesan cheese on top, which I know you love.

We call these plates that I showed the show plate no picture plate and the other picture plate because the rest of us eat on paper plates. So, if you do that, don’t feel bad. Neither do we. We do too all right y’all. This one is so easy.

It smelled so good only took four hours to cook here. Y’All, this one’s super easy Happy Wheel, give it a try. I’M just gon na be using my big Iron Skillet, just adding a little bit of avocado oil, and I have some chopped onions. I’M just gon na get that sauteing up a couple minutes. This recipe says to Brown up your ground, beef and your onion just together, but anytime.

It calls for chopped onion in something like this. I like to saute mine just a few minutes before I add in my ground, beef or whatever it is. I like just a little bit of caramelization going on with my onions. Also, while that’s working, I have another pot over here on the side, I’m just gon na boil up some of these egg noodles the whole package, just according to the package directions all right. My onions are starting to get a little bit of good color on those.

Let’S go ahead and add one pound of ground beef, we’re gon na add about 1 4 teaspoon of paprika. So I’m also going to go in with that Auntie, no nose everything seasoning just sprinkle some on all right. So I went ahead and drained my meat and, like I said, I’m just gon na re-season just a little bit, I’m sure I didn’t pour off too much of that, but just in case I poured off a lot of that seasoning. I’M also going to add just a few little splashes of Worcestershire sauce, I’m also adding one cup of sour cream and then one can of cream of mushroom soup. Now we’re just gon na stir everything together all right, I’m just gon na bring this back up.

Let this simmer to get all nice and warm through, while our egg noodles are finished and cooking up and they’ll be ready to put all this together all right, so you can totally just serve this over top of egg noodles, but I think I’m gon na pour Mine in there today – and I can tell you just for making beef stroganoff in the past – this makes perfect leftovers, and also this is a really good make ahead meal, I’m actually making mine earlier than dinner time today.

So I know when I’m ready to heat this back up. It’Ll still be perfect, but I can’t wait so let’s go ahead and fix up a plate, give it a little bit of parsley just for some color. On top there we go delicious dinner in only about 30 minutes, and this would be a one Skillet meal if it wasn’t for just cooking the pasta on the side, all right, that is 20 dinner ideas. I hope that if you’ve made it this far in the article you found a recipe to try tonight also feel free to save this article and kind of go back to it as a reference point.

Whenever you find yourself in that dinner time rut, I hope you’re all doing great. Please hit that subscribe button before you go and I’ll see you guys real soon. In my next article bye,

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