Tuscan Chicken Quick and Easy Recipe by Chef Jean-Pierre

creamy tuscan chicken

Well, hello, there friends, a fantastic chicken dish today, tuscan chicken fantastic, the way my mom used to make it remember thumbs up. If you liked the article subscribe to the channel and ring that bell stay tuned friends, tuscan chicken coming in right now we’re doing it together. well hello, there friends, another chicken today – and this is uh one of my mom’s favorite chicken to prepare tuscan chicken. So i want to make it the way she made it. It’s delicious and i added last night, i’m making it for you today, because it’s so wonderful.

I want to share the recipe with you. It’S really really nice very simple recipe. I mean it’s a little prep, it’s always prep, you know, so i got some onion in there folks and uh and they are uh cut in in in in julian and then in half, okay and and one of these days. I said i’m going to finish that article and show you how to cut everything uh i i will do it, i’m still working on it friends, so we got the onion right there. We don’t want them to be too long.

Otherwise, when you eat them, you got a long piece of onion, not so good, so we’re going to caramelize the onion. I got it in regular butter, the onion. I got a regular butter because i don’t care if the milk protein burns a little bit in the bottle. It’S going to give me some nice caramelization chicken. I got chicken breast boneless chicken, less every chicken mess chicken chicken less yeah.

I promise you, i didn’t drink. Any of it yet uh, boneless and skinless breasts. You can do with thighs with a bone in my mom used to use, thighs and and and leg with a bone in but skinless you don’t need the skin because we’re going to make a little skin here. We’Re going to flavor it we’re going to put some paprika, i got a tablespoon and a half of paprika. Let me check the onion to make sure they’re.

Okay. Now there you go, i don’t want to go too fast here, um and then i got some uh onion powder. This is 100 dried, onion ground together and then i do the same thing with the garlic. It’S not garlic, sauce, it’s garlic, powder, right and and then i’m going to put a little bit of cayenne very little. This is just a little heat.

Okay! That’S where my mom used to do it, i’m doing it the way she died. Oh there’s a little heat right there and then we’re going to put some herb de provence. I have time uh rosemary uh, oregano, basil, dried and um. You can put whatever dry dry herbs.

You want my friends, i you know it’s up to you. Whatever herbs you want to put in here is perfectly fine and then i’m gon na make it a little bit where it comes out. A little more like this, then i’m gon na take a fork check on my onion. What i’m doing is i’m taking a spoon. I’M gon na take a fork and mix this up, really good, really quick, you see and then we’re gon na dress your chicken in there friends and the paprika you put as much or as little as you want.

It’S really up to you, friends. It’S always up to you, friends, it’s not like it’s got to be written in stone, okay, so on the fry pan i have butter, but it’s clarified butter because otherwise it’ll burn you see and i don’t want it to burn and i’m looking at uh 350 degrees Before i put it in there, so i got my breasts right there, i’m going to put them in there and i’m going to dust them with the flour and then we’re going to put them in a fry pan when they dust. That’S all there is to it. It’S not complicated friends, nothing i do is complicated. Okay and then we got the spices in there and that’s gon na give it a really nice spice and then we’re gon na take him.

We don’t want it to be too too much dust in here. I mean too much dust too much flour in there and we’re going to take them and we’re going to make sure we got the right heat, we’re almost there and we’re going to let them seal beautiful. That’S all we’re going to do. Oh here we go put them right in there. You know what i just realized, i’m forgetting the salt, i’m always forgetting something.

So this guy right, there didn’t get any salt, so here we go make up for it right there. My friend, you know it wouldn’t be. My channel, if i didn’t forget something, but it’s okay, that’s what we do at home. We don’t always remember everything right unless you guys remember everything, then you’re better than me after 50 years. I still forget things.

What are you going to do? This is gon na. Be a nice easy recipe. Friends, i promise you’re gon na love it now, i’m gon na make it the way my mama make it which was um, putting some um some uh canelini bean in there put your white beans, whatever beans you want to put in there look at the mess. I got everywhere friends i’ll tell you about all the mison plus in a minute, i’m just cleaning up my mess a little bit.

It’s always nice to put a flower in your salt container. There you go so now. I can see better. You know i have an issue if i’m not organized or clean eh, so here we go. I think we are as cooks.

Friends turn this on turn this off. I think that’s cooks, i don’t know about you, but we do better when um we’re nice and clean and organized that’s me anyway. I got flour in my hand. I got to wash them talking about being clean. I cook much better.

If i’m organized i’m organized, i like to be organized, what can i tell you in my desk, i’m organized in my thing i like to be organized. If there is a mess, i can’t concentrate the mess disturbs me, so i like to be organized. Let’S see what we got here, we’re gon na get them beautiful golden brown and then we’re gon na put them on a tray and we’re gon na cook them in the oven. With the onion friends, i got red bell peppers. I got green bell peppers.

Then i’m going to saute it, but remember the onion is always number first, don’t forget now all right, let me see what we got here, we’re getting there getting there. We want to get a beautiful crust on this friends all right, so we got the peppers doing. Quite well and then we’re going to put the rest of the ingredients and the rest of the ingredients are sundried tomatoes. I got sun-dried tomato cut, very, very small, very small pieces. If you can’t find sun-dried tomatoes, don’t worry about them.

Those are dry, sun-dried tomatoes, then that means they’re not in oil and they’re, very moisture chicken. Looking good, very simple recipe right. You have to admit that it’s gon na be smoky in here friends. So now what else do we put in here? Well, we’re gon na put some garlic.

We’Ve got a little bit of garlic in here. I still had a tablespoon of chopped garlic that i just dropped, and then we got a uh some fresh oregano. You can use sage. Also, my mom usually say sometimes delicious me sage, okay, so now that we put the garlic, that means we’re going to need some wet. Remember the minute you put the garlic, you got to put wet moisture.

Otherwise, you burn the garlic right and we don’t want to do that. So now we’re going to put some wine in there measure carefully and now, when you put wine friends, remember wine or vinegar. If you want to put vinegar vinegar, go first, you put wine one go. Second, you got ta, let it reduce. You got ta, let the wine reduce.

That means you got ta. Let the wine, the alcohol come out. It’S very important, because what does that? Do? It’S?

Not because we want the alcohol out because we kind of like the alcohol, actually i mean i don’t know about you, but that’s why i drink wine yeah. I don’t drink wine because there’s no alcohol in it. I always might as well doing grape juice right. I mean the reason why you’re drinking wine is because the alcohol, so why do you want to die? Because why, if mamma mia, let me take this out of there um when you bring it to boil it, that’s terrible!

You want to get rid of that alcohol because you bruised it okay, so that’s why you want to get rid of it you’re going to get the wine you want to get the wine to evaporate, guys i’m going to move over here! Okay watch out for the camera i’m going to take the um, the chicken i’m going to pop it in the oven, 375 degrees they’re going to take about 12 minutes 13 minutes. I don’t know we’ll have to check it. We’Ll have to check it. So i’m going to move this right over here.

Folks, it’ll be oh mamma mia, so i can continue doing the whole thing. So remember, wine needs to be reduced unless we’re using a 44 fortified wine, because some people say oh. What do you mean? It doesn’t need to be reduced. Forty-Five wine like paul’s madeira masala, because those are fortified wines.

They are already sweet, they’re already reduced, they sweet, they don’t need to be reduced. You don’t need to get the alcohol out. You can even put them at the end. It doesn’t need to be reduced, you’re, reducing wine to make it sweeter. So it’s not better, because wine does come as 150 80 degrees.

Trust me, i don’t that’s good! Okay, that’s why you wanted to reduce it. So it’s smooth again! Well, fortified wine is already smooth and when it so, if you put at the end you’re not going to prove that and it’s going to be perfect all right. So that’s just for the fortified wine questions that i get got a lot of questions on that all right, so we got the wine reduced and how do you know if it’s reduced?

That’S why they made spoonful folks, so we can test it and see if it’s nice, if it tastes good, i mean it’s reduced if it’s still alcoholic and not pleasant, reduce it more eventually, it will now remember. Also, you got to cook with the wine you’re willing to drink if you’re not willing to drink and don’t cook with it. It’S not going to get any better. If you cook 15 minutes, okay, very important friends, we’re going to put some tomato puree, i got about a cup of tomato puree in here, a cup of tomato puree right and some people say you can caramelize. You use a good tomato puree.

You don’t really need to caramelize it. I promise you it’s gon na, be like nice like this and then we’re gon na put some chicken stock chicken stock, i’m gon na put about a cup, a cup and a half of chicken stock and i’m gon na. Let that cook for a minute friends and then at the last minute we’re gon na put spinach beans like you can skip the beans if you want to cream, but you know you serve it with beans, you serve it with potatoes or you serve it with um. Some kind of noodles or mashed potatoes, mashed potatoes, delicious also, but the beans gon na give you a nice starch. Now i use the goya beans.

I like them, yeah they’re already done you know years ago. You could never buy a bean in a can. They were mushy, they were not very good today. They really know how to do it. Otherwise, if you want to use dry bean, you can let them soak overnight, you rehydrate them, and then you can boil them now, there’s a lot of uh that starchy water, that comes out of it, it’s not bad to use.

First of all, it tastes good. You should try it, it does pretty good, but also it gives you a nice little thickness, thickness thickness to your sauce. So try: okay, i’m going to use a little bit of the beans because i love them. I love beans, you know i’m not putting them at all in there. That’S a big kind of beans.

I was using other kind of bean, then we’re going to put a little bit of the uh a little bit of the. Let’S put the whole thing. Let’S put the whole thing: yeah, it’s with the whole thing in there friends and then we’re gon na. Let this cook okay! So then, after that, we’re gon na put a little cream and a little bit of parmigiano vagina, but take my words for it.

You don’t want to put the parmigiano-reggiano now because then you’re going to have a heck of a time cleaning your pot, because parmigiano-reggiano is going to find his way in the bottom of the pot and it’s going to go in there. So the chicken is cooking. We’Re going to let it go we’re going to clean up. This is cooking. In the meantime, it’s going to come to boil i’m going to let it cook, while this is cooking and then toward the end, we’re going to put the spinach in there friends and then we’ll put the cream in the parmesan.

But we’ll come back and we’ll show you how to do all that all right, we’ll be back in a few minutes. Okay, friends, we are back uh, we’re not completely chicken is still in there uh. It’S not not gon na be quite ready yet, but i wanted to show you a couple of things: one it’s a little liquid little liquid, uh and uh, and and remember if, for those of you that have watched my uh uh rue article . This is my cooked roux for those of you that have not watched the the uh, the um uh rue article . I highly recommend you watch it.

Jackie’S gon na put a link right there for you, so you can check it out. If you don’t have a cooked roux already, then you can’t use a roof because you’d have to cook it, and this is still at the end of the dish or just a little bit to thicken, um and uh. Otherwise, you can use it on cornstarch, diluted in water, a little arrowroot diluted in water, but don’t put raw flour here, because it won’t have time to cook okay, so then we’re going to put a little bit of cream. This is a. I got a whole cup in here and i think a half a cup is going to be sufficient.

You see, half a cup is more than enough heavy whipping cream. You got to use the real stuff here. Okay, we’re going to let this cook and then we’re going to add a spinach. There were big leaves of speed and just chop them up roughly like this. No, you don’t have to chop them up with a knife.

I think it looks more uh rustic if we just put them in like this, and then you just check your seasoning and and we’re done my friends we’re going to wait for the chicken to cook and at the last minute, we’re going to put the parmigiano with Jano and i’m going to wait just the last minute to do it because uh all i wanted to do is melt it and uh, and i don’t need to uh to have it stick in the bottom of the pot, all right so we’ll be back in a Second, when the chicken is out of the oven, okay, friends, i’m gon na take out the breast out of the oven and let them rest for a second and we’re going to finish the sauce. So now we’re going to take a parmigiano-reggiano, it’s got to be parmigiano-reggiano and now you’ll see how it’s going to thicken. The cheese is going to thicken and that’s part of the deal. You don’t need to put it in earlier. Okay, because i promise you and then the minute you put it in you’ll, see your uh, your um banana malapata is going to stick and parmigiano vagina is going to melt really fast.

You see and look how beautiful that looks. Friends you see, i love it. Just like that, so now that oh at the last minute, what my mom would do is i take some uh parsley leaves and uh and just give it a rough chop, nothing fancy! So you nothing fancy at all, just a rough chop. That’S it just like that!

Right and then what she would do she would take the um, the sauce with that chicken stock right there you see, if you take that salsa, you can put it in a on top of it. You can put it on the side of it. What she would do to make a nice, he would take a platter, you see and get a little. So i got a serving platter right i mean, of course you can uh last night. What i did is i put this sauce right there.

On top of the mashed potato, but i didn’t have the beans in it once you have the beans, you don’t really need it, but it is really up to you friends. You know this is cooking, not rocket science, you do it the way you want it. Well, i got, i got a lot of sauce right there, that’s okay! I rather have extra than not enough right right, just simple like that, and then we take our chicken right there and you just put them right on there. My friends, you see, oh put them right on there like this right, just right on there just like that, and then you take your uh, your uh little chopped chicken, a chick chopped chicken, you got ta, say sure you went drinking chef.

I promise you. I wasn’t right rough and then take a couple of leaves of uh of parsley, nut chopped and my friends right there. You have yourself a platter that you can serve at the table and i’m gon na need a plate. I forgot i’m gon na make myself a quick little place, so i can test it. Can i get a little plate?

Please there you go place, arrive magically, and here we go just simple as a very simple serving. I just got ta test it friends, because i love it. Taking my chicken right there and all we’re gon na do now. We’Re gon na forget this and then we’re gon na slice. It.

Let me get himself a knife and a fork and we’re gon na try. It and it’s gon na be perfect. You see beautiful, see nice and i, like it nice and juicy friends. You see beautiful and be careful not to burn yourself every time. I say that you know.

What’s gon na happen, i’m gon na burn myself. It is hot, but it is delicious friends. I hope you make this recipe remember thumbs up. If you like, the recipe don’t forget to subscribe to the channel ring that bell. Another question and jack was asking many minute earlier said: how come you didn’t cook them in a sauce instead of cooking them in the oven?

You can certainly do that, especially if you’re going to have bone-in, thighs and and and and leg with a bone in, you should cook them in a sauce. Thank you for reading, we’ll see you in the next couple of days with another fantastic article, see you…

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