**REALISTIC** $60 Extreme Grocery Budget | 100 MEALS FOR $60 | Cheap & Frugal Meals

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Okay, so here is my 60 emergency budget challenge. You guys, I am so excited about this haul. These are all going to be amazing, amazing, meals, and you know what guys they are going to be fast and easy meals. So I am just absolutely loving that um. So yeah, let me get started on what all I got in this haul, so we have some broccoli.

I did want to say that most of this stuff is from Aldi’s um, of course, the rotisserie chickens. I got from Sam’s I I definitely prefer Sam’s rotisserie chickens over Costco any day of the week. It just tastes better and then some rice – they don’t have like small bags of rice there. So I grab that from Walmart this cheddar cheese from Walmart and the broccoli is also from um press, our local grocery store. I think that’s it.

I think everything else is from Aldi’s, so, let’s oh and this cheese, that’s right. So we have a small thing of broccoli. We have a one can of corn one can of cream of chicken soup. One can of Rotel a small thing, a quick oats. We have some pasta sauce, some peanut butter, they have those no stir creamy one or they have just like the regular one they’re, both the same price.

So I went ahead and got that one um, some um. What is this called? This is called Mayo. It’S been a long day, you guys, okay and then we have some barbecue sauce. We have ranch, seasoning, uh, ranch, salad dressing and seasoning mix.

Thank you. That is how we say that and then, of course we have our two rotisserie chickens. We have half a gallon of milk and we have four dozen eggs one small thing of strawberries. I think that was like a dollar sixty, something like that. Um a box of rotini noodles.

We have some bananas, so one pound of pork sausage, and then we have. Let’S see here about two pounds of chicken look at that. I love that 50 off. You know I got a score on those sticker deals, so it says 918. I got it for about what 460 something like that we have some mixed vegetables, cheddar cheese.

I was looking for parmesan cheese, but they had this blend of Italian style cheese, so I’m just gon na make do with this because yeah I’m not. I don’t want to make another grocery trip just for some cheese that I mainly just went to all these, and then I had some of this other stuff in my fridge anyway. So I’m just making do with what I have and then we have um one pound of rice. We have one apple, one, a green bell, pepper one onion. We have some ham deli meat, some cheddar cheese, some cream cheese.

I have two things of these tortillas and then I have some spinach and Herb wraps and yeah. I think that is it for this haul, so I am planning on making four of everything. So four breakfast four lunch four dinner and it should last us actually six days, um, that’s kind of what I’m planning on making. It should last last us about six days, six to seven, we’ll see how far it’s gon na stretch and how much leftovers I’m gon na have throughout the week so uh, let’s get started on breakfast. The first breakfast I plan on making is some omelettes.

So I am going to do some ham and cheese omelettes. I have green bell peppers and I kind of intended to use some of it for this meal, but I’m making this on a day where my husband’s not home for breakfast, and so me and my kids. We really don’t like green bell peppers in our omelets, so I’m just gon na make it with ham, cheese and eggs and call it good okay. So I have about this much ham that I’m going to start off with just gon na cut these up and we’ll see how far this takes us all right. There’S that I’m gon na set this to the side, I’m going to use at least 12 eggs, at least a dozen eggs, I’m gon na mix it with some milk.

I just want you guys to know. I am not the best at making omelettes, I actually don’t make them too terribly often. I really do love them. It’S just I’m not good at the flipping process. Never have mastered that, and I’m just gon na do like a pretty thin layer for my kids, because they don’t need big ones.

This is just how I do my omelettes. Don’T be judging me, you guys foreign pepper, this and give it some salt. I’M going to try and flip this the best that I can. That’S how I do it: okay, okay, then I’m gon na put some ham here on one side. This ham, I did already kind of worn okay, and then we have some cheese.

I’M gon na sprinkle. This is sharp cheddar, so I don’t really feel like. I need a whole lot. It’s really powerful stuff there I’m gon na, let that fold over and then I’m going to let that just set for like maybe 30 seconds and then we’re done round two. Okay, this is number three and then I still have a little bit left for number four.

So four omelettes this morning makes about 12. Our size omelettes crazy face. Omelets were a hit. Do you like your omelette yeah? Yes, so yummy huh did you eat it all yeah, almost You drama, and this is what I have left of my cheddar cheese and then I have quite a bit of ham still left over yeah.

I didn’t really make a dent in it, so I think I’m making two other meals out of this ham, so that should be great um but yeah. I’M kind of worried about my cheese, not having enough cheese but we’ll see we’ll see how it goes. The first thing that I’m gon na do for lunch today is I’m gon na get started on making some homemade ranch dressing. Now I guess I didn’t realize that it calls for milk and mayonnaise. So, honestly, I don’t think I’m saving a whole lot of money by making it myself, I mean, like the craft ranch dressing.

Isn’T that like two bucks, so I don’t know but we’re gon na try it out see how it tastes. I’Ve never made my own ranch dressing, but I heard that your own dressings are so much easier. I’M gon na put in the ranch seasoning one cup of milk, and then we have our Mayo. So I’m going to add in one cup of mayo, okay and that’s it. I’M gon na give this a good stir.

It looks clumpy, I don’t know guys. I don’t know about this. Okay, so it says to get it all stirred in and then let it sit in the fridge for about 30 minutes. So I’m gon na let this sit in the fridge until I am done assembling or almost done assembling our sandwiches, because I need to shred up our chicken okay, so I’m gon na go ahead and let that sit in the fridge for just a minute. Okay.

So I have my chicken that we bought from Sam’s and I’m going to shred all this up and we’re just going to put it in a bowl and because we’re gon na be making lots and lots of meals out of this rotisserie chicken. That’S why I bought two of them. It’S because I have lots of meals that I’m planning on making out of this rotisserie chicken and it’s Gon na Save Us money. So I’m I’m interested to see how long? How much is this gon na spread?

So I’m gon na go ahead and get this shredded up. Okay, guys! Do you see this kind of a big bowl? If I can, I don’t want to dump it, but yeah quite a bit, and this is only from one chicken. I’M gon na go ahead and assemble our chicken ranch wrap, so we’re going to have usually it’s called chicken bacon ranch, but we’re not putting bacon in it today.

We’Re just gon na be putting this some lettuce and some ranch dressing over it and it’s gon na be phenomenal. The kids are gon na like it and we’re gon na take our we have these spinach and Herb tortillas. These are so good. Okay, I’m gon na put our lettuce down next. Okay, I’m gon na take a little bit of some chicken put it right on top of that.

Okay and then we have some cheddar cheese. I just shredded it up and then put the rest in a baggie and then here is our ranch dressing, it’s kind of hard to tell, but it’s a lot thicker now, so I’m just going to go ahead and layer, some ranch dressing, just on top like that. Okay and then I’m going to fold it like a burrito, so I ended up making two boo-boos. When I did the very intro of this article um. I did not set out the lettuce and I did not set out some pizza dough.

I had some refrigerated pizza dough that I was going to make some barbecue chicken pizza on and I totally forgot to put it out into the budget. So I’m going to factor in those two things, and so I’m gon na go ahead and just take out the broccoli that I showed you guys and the green bell pepper. The green bell, pepper, was going to be for like omelettes, but I don’t really like them in my omelets and it’s just my husband and he wasn’t there when I made the Omelette anyways. So I’m going to take those two things out: um of the budget and replace it with um, refrigerated pizza, dough or you guys can do bread, it’s probably about the same price um but yeah. I’M just gon na.

Do some pizza, dough um so that I can make some barbecue chicken pizza for dinner tonight? So yes, there is that um, but you guys know that everything’s going to be in my description box um, you know what we all mess up. So please don’t hit me hard on all the comments. Okay, I uh, you know it’s, it’s a lot of work, getting all these um like budgets together and I’m a forgetful person so anyways, so I’m actually gon na make some homemade pizza dough for our barbecue chicken pizza right now. So I have my flour.

This is what I’m gon na need. I’M gon na need only like three cups of flour and then some oil, some water and some yeast. So that’s that that’s all I’m gon na need. I have pizza dough in my fridge, but my husband likes it better homemade, but just so you know, that’s an option also like the naan Pizza like the Nan flatbreads are so good and those are so good for barbecue chicken pizza. So you can kind of just get rid of all those things all together and just do Nan um yeah, that’s always an option as well.

So let me show you, I’m not really going to show you exactly how I’m making the pizza dough, just because I’ve done doughs so many other times in the past um, but I’ll kind of walk through a little bit of the process with you guys. So let’s get started on some pizza, though okay, so I have one and a half tablespoon of yeast and then I’m going to pour in one and a half cup of warm water. Also, one tablespoon of sugar wait five minutes! Okay! So it’s been about five minutes.

I’M gon na go ahead and add in a fourth a cup of oil and then I’m going to add in about four cups of flour. I had to stop it because I always forget about the salt, a teaspoon of salt, y’all, okay and I’m gon na. Let it sit out for 45 minutes. Okay, and here is all of our chicken that’s it. This is two containers of the rotisserie chicken minus what we had for lunch, our chicken, our chicken ranch wraps.

So that’s a lot of chicken. I’M really hoping it’s going to go as far as I’m thinking in my mind, so we shall see, but this is um a lot of rotisserie chicken for 10 bucks awesome awesome deal. She is rising so beautifully. It’S huge. It’S like the biggest dough I’ve ever seen.

It’S I’m camping my whole hand, so I have some barbecue sauce, I’m just going to put that as the bottom, as if it’s the base, instead of like how we would normally do pizza sauce. We’Re just gon na spread that around okay and my daughter is going to help me by spreading this out, so just make sure it doesn’t touch like the very edge here I go, get it all nice and even seems like we need more. Let me put some more down: oh you blush. I can’t get that off. No, not the very end.

That’S the crust! You know what I mean: yeah yeah, there you go there, we go okay, and out of here is gon na. Take the chicken spreading it out stupid fly all over our pizza, good job. I mean probably just like a little bit more there. You go.

That’S probably a good amount yep and then we’re just gon na take what we have here and just spread it out. A little bit more, very, very good. Okay, I’m just gon na put just a little bit more on top, I wan na, just like a a drizzle and then I’m gon na put some mozzarella or the cheese. I guess it’s more like an Italian style, cheese yeah, we’re gon na go ahead and put this Italian style cheese on Bobby. You want to do that.

One for me. Good deal all right here we go! I’M looking pretty. Oh three, my helpers here, probably just like a little bit more because we don’t want. We want to be able to spread that cheese out for another meal as well, so we’re gon na call that maybe just a little bit more on this side right here.

It’S gon na go from this to this there we go look at this, so pretty okay for breakfast, we got our oatmeal going. I just put some cinnamon brown sugar, one cup of milk with three cups of water. In here I just like a little bit of milk just so it has a little bit of that creamy texture and then here we’re getting ready to put some apples in here kind of saute them up with some butter and cinnamon, and then we’re gon na throw Them into our oatmeal just to give it a little bit of some yummy deliciousness this morning and that’s all we’re gon na have for breakfast today, just some oatmeal, okay, I this is pretty much done. I just put in three tablespoons of butter in with some cinnamon. Sorry, my kids are allowed and then we’re just going to butt it into our oatmeal.

All right give this a good stir that looks so good. It’S like literally my favorite type of oatmeal and you can always put in Honey or peanut butter, actually to give it that natural sweetener um. I can’t do the peanut butter because my son’s allergic to peanut butter, otherwise I would um so I just did brown sugar to give it some sweetness, and I think this is good, so I still have a little bit of these wraps left use the rest of These I’m making some ham and cheese wraps okay, so I have our Mayo, I’m gon na do that on the very bottom still have some lettuce left over. I just like this over, like a regular sandwich. I think this tastes, like a million times better.

I love sandwiches they’re like they’re my favorite, okay and then I have our cheese now this has been in the freezer for a little while, so it may be, crumbly yep definitely crumbly we’ll work with it, though. Ah, it’s not terrible, not terrible, but I needed it out of my freezer. It’S been in our wall, okay, I think. That’S it and then whoa it’s okay and then we’re just gon na fold it in lots of mayo and there we go. We have games today.

So I’m actually gon na be putting these in baggies and we will eat them later. So there’s one of them. Foreign ER, is probably my favorite meal of all time. I love chicken fried rice or teriyaki, chicken and rice. Anything like that.

I absolutely adore. I don’t make it too terribly often because it’s um, I don’t usually like to have to make the chicken and then make the rice, but I already have rotisserie chicken. You all know I’m making most of the meals from that rotisserie chicken. So I am so excited because I’m using rotisserie chicken, which is already absolutely amazing – and so it’s gon na be so simple. I’M just gon na throw some rice in my instant pot and then I’m gon na get like a large pan and cook up some eggs and then um some seasonings.

Some sesame oil and whatnot throw my rice in there. Boom dinner is going to be on the table in less than 15 minutes. Love love love this dinner. Let’S get started: okay, I’m gon na get started on my rice. First, I’m gon na spray that I need three cups of rice, okay, one two three four, so I have four cups of rice and then I’m going to do six cups of water and there we go.

Okay, put the lid on put on the rice function. There. You go, these are the ingredients I have in my fridge. I need to get rid of these things. Um, I’m literally just gon na wing it.

I have some sesame oil, not very much love to get that out liquid amino some soy sauce Teriyaki. Now the soy sauce, I always want my fridge um, not so much these two but yeah. I I figured. I have these four things: I’m just gon na wing it and, and just add some of these and hopefully get some stuff rid of you know. Out of my fridge, okay, I’m gon na start off with some sesame oil um.

I need oil or some type of butter, so I’m gon na put sesame oil in anyways may as well. Just do that and forget about the butter. Here’S my whole onion and I need to let that soak in the oil. okay, I’m gon na – let this cook for about five minutes with those onions tender. Okay, I would say this is almost soft. I’M gon na go ahead and add in just a tablespoon of garlic, okay, and then we have our mixed of veggies.

I was gon na do just peas and carrots because I feel like that’s normal for um chicken fried rice, but they didn’t have any at all these, so it’ll be fine. I’M gon na go ahead and add in the whole bag. Let that kind of cook through a little bit. Okay. I would say that this is, for the most part good.

For now, I’m going to set everything to the side, because I’m gon na cook up some eggs, see how good my talent is here. That’S my rice. My rice is officially done and we’re just gon na cook some eggs, I’m not the best at this park, like I’m, always halfway tempted just to do it in like a separate saucepan um, because yeah I’m not the best. I need like a wok and I don’t have one all right, so these eggs are done. I’M gon na go ahead and add some chicken to the mix here.

Stir all this together, Mama make it a mess again. What else is new okay and then I’m gon na go ahead and add. My rice in my rice is a little bit on the moist side. I had a filling it with you, but we’re gon na make do with what we got. Okay, kind of stir all that in usually I make this with chicken broth, but I didn’t feel like I should, since I’m doing chicken fried rice, I don’t know it would have added a lot more flavor, but it’s I don’t feel like it was the flavor.

I was wanting or looking for so and any extra rice that I have that I don’t use. I have another meal that I’m going to be using some rice, some cooked rice. So that’s kind of why I made a bigger pot of it this time and I always like to have leftover rice, because any type of meal like if you just have like a meat left over you can just throw some rice with it. And then my husband can take it that to work or we can have that as leftovers. So I always really try to like to have some leftovers whenever I’m making rice – and I got some liquid aminos going on here – Teriyaki sauces would be good in this.

Let’S see what else I got some more sesame oil whoa slippery: okay, let’s stir that together, okay, I’m gon na add some more rice and then some more chicken, because I’m afraid that what I have right now is not going to be enough for us, but I Feel like now, that’s a really good amount. I think I did three eggs. I didn’t say that earlier, but I did three eggs kind of feel like I should have done. Four I feel like one more would have been really good, maybe even two more okay. Okay, I’m also gon na put some pepper in here, so I’m gon na put some pepper in and I got this cute little container.

This is from peppermate, and you put your Peppercorns in here and you grind it like this and it’s so much easier than using the regular pepper grinders. I like how small they are, and you can store a lot. You can store tons of Peppercorns in here whoops and you can store tons of Peppercorns in here. So I really like this um a little gift that I got from peppermint. If you guys are interested in this product, it’s not very expensive and I will leave a link down below for it.

I absolutely am loving it all right and I would say that dinner is ready here. I think I’m just gon na taste it just to make sure I have enough flavor in my chicken fried rice here is our dinner tonight, so so easy. So good dinner on the table in less than 15 20 minutes tops here are all the ingredients I have for this breakfast half of my family does not like bananas me and my son do not like bananas and Addie is kind of iffy, so I’m either going To be making like a fruit, breakfast wrap or I’m going to be, making like an egg and ham breakfast wrap. This is we have quite a bit of ham left over. So that’s what I’m going to be making this morning for our fruit one, it’s gon na be um and four.

Well, I guess three parts, so one part peanut butter, one part banana, sorry, strawberries and then one part bananas. So let me show you how I’m going to assemble them and then I’m just going to grill them up on this griddle. So I’m going to start off with my tortilla and I’m going to kind of cut a little opening right there until it goes to the Half Point and I’m going to put peanut butter on one side, I’m gon na do strawberries. I like that and then I’m gon na do bananas. You do want to make sure that your strawberries and bananas are are sliced a little bit on the thin side.

Okay and then all I’m gon na do is fold fold. I’M going to take my griddle, I’m going to scoot it over and then I’m just going to fry it. I just want it kind of nice and toasty. You can use some olive oil. I might get some spray for that.

Actually, I think I’m just going to spray that a little bit maybe move that over okay and then I’m gon na do another one and I’m just going to do an egg one. I might do cheese over here. looks like, and then here is the cheese and egg one looks pretty good we’re gon na dip, I’m gon na dip mine in salsa and the crock pot. So I am going to need a block of cream cheese. I’M gon na need a can of black beans.

I need one can of Rotel with the juice in and then one can of corn, one packet of a ranch dressing or seasoning. Here you want to say: I’m gon na do about two cups of chicken. There we go. I need one teaspoon of onion powder, one teaspoon of pepper, okay, I’m gon na do about half a teaspoon of cumin one teaspoon of chili powder. Okay, all right!

I want to pour in about half a cup of water, okay, I’m gon na – let this cook all low for about four hours. I don’t need to cook it very long, since this is already pre-cooked chicken. I just really need it to get warm, so I just got to cook it on low for about three to four hours and that’s it okay, so it has been cooking on low for about four hours and I have just stirred it all together. Look at it, isn’t she pretty okay and then here is what it looks like and we’re just gon na put this over some rice. I have some leftover rice that we have from last night’s at dinner.

You guys yum yum, okay, so here is our lunch. For today, so so yummy it looks so creamy and cheesy, and I just cannot wait to eat this okay. This is our lunch today. Oh, it looks so good and you could put like cheese on top some salsa on top such a great and easy meal. Hi, do you like it?

Yes, but it’s spicy, it’s not spicy yeah, it is she’s. Weird daddy is so spicy, just like not even a hint of spiciness, don’t even spicy, because I put this in there. What do you have to say for yourself? This is what I have going on. We have, I put some chicken in a bowl and I’m just gon na warm this up, we’re gon na be making some barbecue chicken quesadillas.

This is what I have leftover for my tortillas to work with. I think there’s eight here so that’ll make four quesadillas there’s five of us here today. I think that’ll be fine. I mean my children are not gon na eat a whole one, so that should be about the right amount, and then I have just a little bit. It’S about half a bag of some Italian style cheese that I’m going to use.

I don’t think I need any more cheese for no, I do. I do need a little bit of cheese for tonight’s meal too, so I’m hoping that I can um use this spring link because I don’t have any cheese left and then I have some barbecue sauce that I will be using um yeah. This is all that we’re gon na need for lunch today, and so I’m just gon na be making some barbecue chicken quesadillas. I’M gon na warm this up first and then I will assemble our quesadillas okay, so here’s my chicken I warmed it up and now I’m just gon na put in the barbecue sauce. Okay, I’m gon na go ahead and give my pan a good spray with some olive oil and then I’m just gon na put my tortilla down put down my chicken try to spread it out just a little bit.

There we go and then we’re going to sprinkle. Some cheese on top just like so and put a lid on it. Okay, I should be ready for a good Flippy there we go. Oh, it’s perfect, all right guys! Look at this!

I’Ve got basically four ingredients for this meal. It’S gon na be delicious, I’m so excited for it. So I just need a box of rotini. I need some pasta sauce. I got my rotisserie chicken and then we have.

This is all that’s left and this is all what we need and um some Italian seasoning. Look at this guys – and you know what you can do I didn’t put in the budget and I’m not gon na – do it, but you can use the panko crumbs some bread crumbs. Is that what that’s called Pinko crumbs? I think it’s just called panko. I don’t know: anyways use some bread crumbs and some butter and put it on the top of this casserole so and I’ll tell you more about it when we get closer to it.

But, first of all, I am just going to cook up these rotini noodles in a pot, get it Al Dente and then we’re gon na put this all together in a casserole dish. Okay, here is my whole box of protein noodles. I just picked up and then I’m gon na add in half of this chicken, because I still need the chicken for one more meal, so that was thicker that looks good and then I’m gon na add in my jar of pasta, sauce. Okay, then, I have some Italian seasoning. That’S a pretty generous amount right there.

Okay mix this together, put some cheese on top and put it in the oven. I want to put this in the oven at 350 for about 20 to 30 minutes, and then I will be ready. Okay, here is our dinner tonight. It looks so yummy. I’M super excited about it good morning.

It is the last morning of this Challenge and for me it’s a Monday morning, which means crazy, crazy, craziness Mondays are always like my busiest day of the week yeah. My house is just a disaster after the weekend, so it’s kind of cleanup day today, I’m going to be making some breakfast bowls and it’s just going to be sausage egg and cheese breakfast bowls, I’m gon na use up the rest of the eggs. I did. Let’S see 12 eggs for the omelets and I did three eggs for some chicken fried rice, three eggs for the breakfast wraps that I have made so I have 18 eggs left. So I’m just gon na cook.

All these up and we’re gon na make some breakfast burrito bowls out of it and yeah that’s all of the eggs. We have plenty of eggs, so I’m glad that I budgeted for four dozen, because I think that was like a really good amount. So I am just whipping up some eggs right now and I’m gon na sorry. My kids are being crazy, the back they’re getting ready for the morning um. So I have some eggs, but just like maybe a quarter cup of milk in there and I’m gon na season it with some salt and pepper and then we’re gon na fry up some sausage and have some burritables all right.

I’M gon na get started on my sausage first. Okay, now I’m gon na get started on some eggs. I put the sausage back there and I have just a couple: tablespoons of butter, foreign  in there. So I just dumped it, it should be fine and then some salt give this a good stir. I’M gon na turn off the heat.

Now, since it’s almost done okay, this is all the cheese I have left. So I’m actually just gon na put this in here, because I don’t need this for anything else. That way, I’m using up what I bought and it’s super crumbly anyways so may as well be good for shredded cheese. So I’m going to use a little bit of bacon grease. That should be plenty: okay, some flour, okay and then I have some milk, I’m gon na add in.

Hopefully I don’t Scorch it. Oh my word: okay, it should be fine, but I’m just gon na kind of wing. It eyeball it if it needs more milk. I’Ll, add in more milk, okay, uh, just like a little bit of seasoned salt, we’re gon na add a little bit of pepper, this pepper, is pretty strong, so you really don’t need like a whole lot.

That’S what I love about that pepper, I’m going to sprinkle in a tiny bit of paprika, give them that a good mixer, roux and boom. We have some bacon grease gravy. The most flavorful gravy there is, oh, ah, okay, guys here is the finished product. We have our eggs sausage and some a little bit of gravy. On top.

I love adding the gravy such a good, add, and then you can put some cheese on top of that. If you haven’t, but the eggs are already cheesy, so you really don’t need it, but here’s our breakfast bowls. The first thing that I’m gon na need to do for tonight’s dinner is get some rice going. I have three cups of rice. I have four and a half cups of water and I’m mixing a little bit of chicken boy on and a little bit of Tony’s, because that makes everything better.

That’S it you guys! That’S it rice function, see you in 12 minutes, okay, so this is done. Hopefully it’s perfect yeah it is. Is it is okay, so now what I’m going to do? I definitely want to get this a little bit more stirred up.

What I’m going to do is we are going to add in our chicken to the mix here shred that one up a little bit more yeah buddy. Okay, that’s my oven, telling me that it’s ready, because I’m gon na put this in a casserole dish. Put it in the oven, okay, I’m also going to be putting in a can of cream of chicken soup. All right, I’m gon na put in the rest of this cheese. We don’t have a lot, but hey we’re gon na make this delicious.

You guys, and then I have a half a cup of milk, I’m gon na add to the mix, give this a good stir hope for the best totally just Wing in this meal. I don’t have a whole lot of chicken left. So that’s the only downfall like I used all of my chicken all two rotisserie chickens. Oh that’s! Looking good!

You guys see that that’s looking good, I’m gon na put this to the side um. I got my 9 by 13 dish, I’m gon na spray. It I wanted to do three cups of rice, because I wanted to make sure it was enough for everyone. I think I probably could have got by with two cups of rice, especially since I don’t have a lot of chicken is that yeah? This is a lot.

That’S a lot still quite a bit of chicken, though so I’m pretty, I’m pretty happy with the outcome, but I was looking for some type of topping that maybe I could do and I was kind of hoping I had some onions um like soup mix, I’m gon Na just put this on top, I had just one left in here. I was like what can I put on top that would taste better I’ve done something like this in the past, and it’s and it’s really good. So I’m just gon na put this on top and then I’m just going to put this in the oven for I’m thinking nowhere, no more than like 20 minutes. It should be good and then we’ll have dinner ready to go. Here’S our dinner tonight, it’s looking lovely!

So look, it smells amazing all right, let’s see what she looks like. Oh ah, she’s Purdy, I like it. Well that’s the end of this emergency budget challenge. I hope that you guys liked it. I was able to feed my family practically all week for 60 dollars.

That’S a lot, that’s a lot of meals for not that much money. I was able to like prep at the beginning of the the week, and I was able to have tons of like convenience Foods the rest of the week. It wasn’t really hard all the meals. All the rest of the meals that I made like throughout the week were super simple. As long as I like, prepped my chicken ahead of time, I made things so nice.

I was able to feed my family, a hundred meals for 60 bucks awesome. That is awesome that is, living truly y’all. So I hope that you guys like this article and um. I did want to say that the biggest thing for me was the oatmeal. The oatmeal and eating like certain things for breakfast is what’s going to stretch your budget.

So much or if you are not like a big breakfast person, just skip it in in its entirety and just go to lunch and have lunch and dinner because that’s what’s going to save you some money there too, I usually just do like intermittent fasting. So I don’t usually have breakfast a whole lot um. I do sometimes like on the weekends, but the oatmeal is what kind of stretched our budget eggs right now is so so cheap right now. So that’s going to help stretch your budget as well and buying the rotisserie chicken. I loved that I did that that actually made tons and tons of meals.

There are tons of meals that are um like you can do chicken. You can do shredded chicken rotisserie chicken. Whatever so, there are tons of outlets out there to help you build on this rotisserie chicken, so I hope that you guys liked it. Please give me a thumbs up. Please share this article out.

If you guys found it to be a blessing to you and your family and I’ll see you guys in the next one bye, guys.

A strong hope can make your dreams come true

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