Meals So Easy A College Student Could Make It

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Look everyone could use a cheap and easy meal. Even me, it’s okay, if you’re a brok and busy college student is that you or you’re ordering too much Uber Eats you need to reel it in it doesn’t matter. Sometimes you just need bang for your buck and I don’t just mean money. I mean time too. That’S why we’re making the easiest most affordable quality shf like meals, that anyone can make even a college student one big problem.

I’Ve always made sure that I had a stocked kitchen, but some people don’t so we’re using the prime example a place that I never went to we’re going to three college dorms SL apartment to see what they’re working with and we will limit ourselves to only that To create the easiest meals that we can real, quick before we move on, don’t forget my cookbook comes out in a couple of days. You can get it in the link in the description to pre-order, but, more importantly than that, I’m going on tour to come, see you and I want to see you there there’s a link in the description with all the details.

The majority of these events are completely free, so if you’ve already pre-ordered a book or you want to pre-order one now and then bring it totally fine, just click the link in the description find out the details in there now moving on okay, so we’re at our First, stop of the day, I’m Josh pleasure, I’m here to uh to inspect oh hell, yeah skateboard rack I like that and the cat yeah, that’s John. We got some work to do here. Man give me, give me the tour.

We got this half deep sink cat box under here. That’S actually very uncommon for most kitchens there’s definitely a musk going on here that I don’t think I’ve ever smelled in my entire life, no AC in four Dudes. What does this mean to you? What? Why is this here?

It’S just deor make it roomy in here. It looks like you cook, aing lot, so my buddy he’s like a he’s. A bulker eats like a pound of beef eat. Protein put dish in sink, go poop, classic College bodybuilder. You got some pans in here bro, you have a tomago pan.

Do you know what this is yeah SL eggs in that, but like do you know how to make tomago uh? No, I don’t even know what tomago is. Is there someone showering right now, yeah my buddy Deuces? We probably just look them up bro, it’s 10:00. What’S up dude!

Are you all right, yeah? No sorry, I was just confused. I can tell go back to sleep you’re! Fine! You have a stainless steel has seen better days.

The organization could be better. No, the fridge, there’s not even anything in here. It’S the B V dude he’s a Savage so, but you at least have a stove which is good. Okay. This is actually a legit knife.

Bu’S dad got for him for Christmas or something shout out to bulker Dad what is going on? What is that pure carbon? Is that b or something got this like big bag of race? Bu’S girlfriend got it from him, but he’s like killed a lot of it. I will be calling CPS after this visit in support of you we’re going to get everybody out of here.

Thank you, yeah, no problem, no problem, it’s reallying hot! So, let’s move on hello, hello, we’re at izy place come on in it’s clean. How often does it look like this at least once a week? First, Impressions actually very well put together. Look at this fun little.

I think it’s supposed to be a cutting board. I don’t know, have you ever pulled it out this much? No, I’ve never used it. I wouldn’t use it either. Honestly, it’s kind of sketchy, I’m not going to lie all right.

Last college Meal, big problem with knives in the drawer, but you did it right. The sleeve put put one of these on. Can I get a fridge tour? Let’S see? What’S going on what I’m going to do, is I’m going to start looking at labels yeah?

How long has this milk been in here? Let’S see, oh, it is a month expired! I’M like do you want me to put that back in there all right. She has a kitchen aid which I love. I did steal that from my mother, the first Kitchen Aid that I had in one of my very first articles I stole from my mom as well.

I love this single egg right. You get a little circular egg. How much was this I took it from a cousin, so if you’re a college student – and you can’t afford it – just steal it also known as hand me downs. This is the ideal specimen if you’re a college student, but what’s one thing that you can do that. Doesn’T require any money organize?

What are you cooking and what does it usually look like chicken rice bowls? Don’T have rice cooker from the audience to you, we’ll get you a rice cooker, we’ll get you a good one, one rice cooker down and then we’re on hey. Welcome come on in oh air conditioning, thank God the [ __ ] is going on here, uh yeah. We got a little bit of a climbing wall going on here. Did you ask the landlord about this uh?

The landlord does not know about this okay. So this is in the way uh when we turn it on you’ll notice. It that’s good yeah, the staircase actually just doesn’t go anywhere. I you know, there’s just a wall here now Dope Sick. We call her mommy.

I can tell this kitchen’s going to be great. All right we’re in the kitchen I’m a little disappointed, because it’s actually quite nice, you guys have a kombucha thing going. You don’t want to open that. How long have they been in there? Maybe a year and a half?

My question is: why is it still in here? It does kind of have a chaotic aesthetic. You have a rice cooker, so we do have a rice cooker, we’re in a good place. Bang robot long, sticky, delicious, pink flesh party y’all are disgusting. Okay, we have rice, you guys are highly organized with that rock climbing wall, but not in here we have a knife.

What is going on here, all right, we’re skipping over this cutting board Tupperware bowls. You got all your cleaning products down here, Diamond kosher, boys, big fan. This is the same salt. I use all right fridge check it’s not too bad. I can see there’s like some organization going on up there.

I like it, find the freezer rats. Yet what there are rats that were recently discovered in our freezer holy [ __ ], there was like a tiny little bag that we found. I was like, oh what’s in this and then L and behold there’s two little freezer rats in there. I knew there was going to be something up about this place. I was like this is going way too well.

Well, I’m glad you guys are so chill about it cuz. I would not be all right. I got the info I needed, but I couldn’t leave without trying out the wall. How do you grab onto this? Oh, my God, mommy help yeah.

I think I got my all these three kitchens had one thing in common: a stove, some pots and pans and some basic cooking ingredients, and that’s all you’re going to need today. So let’s begin now, you’ll notice, most of the recipes within each category coincide with each other sure you can make a single breakfast item or you can make both and have a whole meal. All is possible. First, breakfast breakfast number one be fast, Sando, that’s a short for breakfast cuz. I didn’t want to say breakfast so many times breakfast breakfast breakfast, this kind of only comes around every once in a while to keep the SE your cheap, we used Burger, buns homemade are great.

You know I have recipes for them, but whatever store bot works too. Obviously, split them in half, trim off a/4 inch off the top part of the bun and then invert them. So the split side that’s on the inside is now on the outside trust me here. He large pan over medium high lightly greased with cooking oil of your choice. Literally anything you have on hand once hot you’re going to add about two large slices of Mortadella.

You can get this slice of deli literally per slice. If you don’t want to pay for a ton of it hell, you could even use balone here and it would be fire anyways hear that bad boy for about 1 to 2 minutes per side. Yes, it will cup up like this. You can either weigh it down or you could snip the edges like. So the choice is yours, but weighing it down is easiest once it’s light and brown and crisp on both sides, pull it out and set it the side now in a small bowl crack two whole eggs season, your eggs lately with salt, begin to whisk.

I don’t want to see any comments about how Gordon Ramsey said not to season your eggs yet look I love that man beyond belief, but that is just not applicable to this technique. Now heat a nonstick pan over medium heat, ideally the same pan if it was non-stick. If there’s no oil in your pan, please add about a tablespoon of oil or butter once hot add your eggs swirl around the pan, so It Coats fully and then just let that cook bringing in the cooked egg yolks letting the uncooked fill the now empty pocket And once it’s about 90 % of the way cooked through and you have a discus of cooked egg – add a slice of provolone in the center fold. The edges around that from all four corners to create a nice Square remove from the pan, butter or oil. The inverted cut sides of your burger buns toast in that same pan over medium heat until golden brown like this, then on one of your toasting buns, add a slice of American cheese.

Add the egg at your Mortadella. You know lightly folded, Crown your king remove from the pin, but not before a quick cheese. Mod moment. Yes, that’s very nice, and now we taste test. This is three different things in one Anthony Bourdain’s, favorite Mortadella sandwich a breakfast sandwich, the grilled cheeseburger from Five Guys because they cut the top and the bottom off bu know, listen if you are looking to turn a new Leaf in the experience of a breakfast sandwich.

It’S right in front of you right here. The fried Mortadella is like crispy, but it’s also succulent. At the same time, it’s fatty, it’s Rich, it’s salty! It’S just like bacon is out, I’m done with it, the eggs and the cheese. We know what that’s like, but somehow it becomes a new experience with that moradel and the beautifully soft grilled bread.

It’S like a grilled cheese combined with everything I mean. We could just stop the article here, but we’re not going to on to breakfast number two churro. French toast sticks literally, you just need a loaf of bread. Any loaf, ideally unsliced but hey slice is fine too. If it’s unsliced slice, half of your bread loaf into 1in thick slices, keep the other half, I’m sure you could find a use for it now cut that into 1 in batons.

If your bread is already sliced, then that’s totally fine they’ll just be a bit more flat: small mixing bowl, add 1/2 cup or 100 G of white sugar, 2 tasps or 4 G of ground, cinnamon, 1 taspo or 2 G of finely ground black pepper. What wait a minute pepper, it’s not mandatory, but listen, cinnamon, spice and pepper. They go beautifully together. Brother trust me separate, Bowl, add two whole eggs: 1 and/, 12 TPO or 5 G of ground, cinnamon, 1 tbsp or 12 g of sugar whis it together till homogeneous. Then whisk in 1, thir cup or 80 M of milk.

Listen, don’t try and be smart here all right. I know you’re thinking Josh, I’m just going to whisk all this together. If you do that, you’ll be left with cinnamon floating on top of your dip and that’s very sad and embarrassing. Now heat a medium non-stick pan over medium heat, add about a t, spoon of unsalted butter to your pan and once melted and bubbling dip. Your breed batons into your egg mixture, coating all sides and then place in your pan and cook for 1 minute per side.

Until all sides are beautifully browned immediately remove from the pan toss in your cinnamon sugar and pop on a plate and serve with syrup or honestly, you could just enjoy them, as is onto the taste test. This is the mixture of a french toast: stick a churro and well, I guess: that’s it good God, the crunch from the cinnamon sugar. It gives that churro Vibe, but it’s like custardy and soft and creamy on the inside crispy on the outside cinnnamon meat, cinnam Min. I mean this is better than any other French toast that I’ve had because cutting it. This way allows the custard to really get in forget it being low effort.

You should just make this period end of story and you’re going to save money and time doing it pause. This is Kevin. He was in our last college meals. article three years ago, we raided his dorm when I was in Kevin’s apartment. He had French toast sticks, and I thought oh what’s that I’ve never seen that before I hate that tried them.

They were all right, but this is like the upgraded adult version and now that you’re an upgraded adult. I think it’s time that you put this in your mouth, I’m ready for it. Just bringing you back. This is amazing. It was soft, flavorful I’ll, just take the rest.

Moving on now it’s lunch time. Look I’m not going to lie. I skip lunch and I know a lot of other people skip lunch, especially when it comes to making it. You could eat this for dinner or a snack, but guess what these are. Also.

The two easiest recipes in this entire thing, so uh less excuses for no lunch. Lunch number one spicy, chili, garlic, noodles literally any cooked noodle – will work. I would avoid any type of pasta, though that’s whack, think a nice Chinese, wheat, noodle or even ramen noodles. Without the spice packet would work, work first, heat a/, thir cup or 80 M of vegetable oil over medium heat until very hot, around 350 F, if you have a thermometer, you could just guess it’s fine in a metal Bowl. Please don’t use plastic needs to be something extremely heat: resistant plastic, melts, glass, explodes so yeah anyway.

Add 3 tbsps of 25 G of chili flakes of choice. It could be Sichuan, red pepper, flakes or goou garu, four cloves of grated garlic, half a teaspoon or 3 g of sugar, half a teaspoon or 3 G of MSG optional. But is it really, though, two green onions? Finally, chopped 2 and 1/2 tbsp or 22 G of soy, sauce, 1 tbsp or 15 G of white, distilled, vinegar, optionally, 2, taspo or 10 G of lightly ground sesame seeds whis. It together, then, pour your hot oil over your spice mixture and please be careful because it will sputter and pop violently.

We risk it for the flavor boil your noodles according to package directions. Most of the Chinese wheat noodles literally take like 2 to 4 minutes. That’S it drain them toss them in your chili oil pop into a bowl garnish with green onion. This is one of my favorite recipes of all time and truly it takes 10 to 15 minutes max. Now we taste test.

This is the perfect College meal. In my opinion, if you tired of ramen, you go this way any chili onion little shallot, maybe your local market only has chives, that’s fine rough chop it and put it in there call it a day. It’S going to be good. Everything you want in a noodle is in this noodle. It’S got rich Umami, it’s salty, it’s spicy a little sweet.

Little crunch. You want to throw tofu chicken. I don’t care, put something on this or have it by itself. This will never disappoint. Moving on on to lunch option: two: if you really want to complete meal you’ll, make this pork stir fry or just make it in general.

Look I need you to venture out. I know emotions can be high. Fear Can consume your whole thought process when it comes to something new in life. Thankfully, that doesn’t apply to stir fry beef and chicken have had their moment. First you’ll need the cheapest and most underrated protein Cuts in the game.

One pound or 450 G of boneless Boston, Butt Roast slice that bad boy as thinly as possible, the thinner, the better, sometimes freezing for an hour can help. But that’s not mandatory. Now, please! This next part I know Uncle Roger and his nieces and nephews are watching. Yes, this should be done in a walk, but we’re using a pan to make it more accessible.

Literally any large pan on any heat surface will do heat over very high heat, with a couple tablespoons of vegetable oil in the pan. Once it’s nearly smoking toss, your sliced pork in cornstarch to coat all sides shake off the excess and in batches here for 2 minutes per side, then add half a yellow, onion thinly sliced and one jalapeno thinly sliced toss that constantly until the vegetables begin to soften. About 1 minute, then add 1 tablespoon or 12 g of sugar, 2 tbsp or 30 G of soy, sauce, 1 tbsp or 15 G of white distilled vinegar toss constantly. Until the sauce reduces into a glossy beautiful syrup, coating all pieces cut off the heat add in four cloves of finely chopped garlic and toss it until evenly distributed serve immediately with thinly sliced jalapeno as garnish. If you wish and let’s see if pork can defeat beef and chicken look at Pork, surtir fry, we did not use a walk.

I know that it’s wrong, but I’m trying to help people who don’t have a walk. I get it if you don’t don’t use one. If you do you better use that walk holy, I’m not going to lie, I kind of half-ass this recipe. When I wrote it, it did not half ass in flavor, the jalapeno and the onion met in an Airbnb and fell in love and they got married and then their CH that in here here, but it’s also balanced out by the acidity a little bit of sweetness. The Umami from the soy sauce when the pork is like crispy from the cornstarch, which also helps turn the sauce into a nice glossy thick, almost Teriyaki like glaze, solid and probably the lowest effort and lowest cost Savory option.

We have now moving on Snack Time Pal. The amount of time I see request for snacks is immeasurable and, to be honest with you, I don’t snack, but we’re doing this for you snack one ramen flavored, Nori chips, literally any Nory sheets will work, find the cheapest pack. You can or get a big one and it’ll last. You forever cut these into 3 to 4 in squares, which these were half cut. So I just cut these in half again lightly, brush each side with vegetable oil or olive oil lightly sprinkle, with Ramen powder from a pack of ramen, see.

If you made the chili garlic noodles, you would have used the noodles and had the pack left to make this dude look at that brother now, once both sides are seasoned pop into a 350 F or 150 Celsius, oven and bake for 4 to 5 minutes or Until very crisp remove and cool completely and serve them, however, you like they do, keep well in a bag once it’s cool taste, test time, here’s the catch. This is just a guideline you can put put whatever you want on this cheers. Damn I was going to say that this is better than popcorn, but we have a popcorn in this article, so that feels like a conflict of interest. But this is essentially a seafood, Ramen crunchy little bite and you can make this at home in a few minutes. Very little prep minimal cost.

Moving on snack number two popcorn. I have a problem with popcorn. By that I mean I eat too much of it when I watch a movie and somehow it’s never satisfying enough, so I have to eat four quarts of it to feel anything. This one is properly satisfying large pot around 6 to seven quarts in size. Add one tblspoon or 15 G of vegetable oil heat over medium high and add half a cup or 95 G of popcorn kernels cover with the lid and start shaking the pot constantly.

Until you start hearing popping continue shaking the pan Non-Stop and once the popping subsides she’s done turn off the heat. Oh look at that magic wow! It’S not magic. This is what happens now in a small saucepan, add 1/4 cup or 57 G of salted butter heat. It for medium heat swirling, often until lightly brown, cut off the heat and add three cloves of finally chopped garlic continue to swirl around until the garlic is slightly toasted.

Pour that immediately over your popcorn season. It tastes with fine sea salt or ideally popcorn salt, which is just ultra fine salt and toss until fully coated, see it’s all done and it can be served in the same pot. Now, let’s taste test, I get it. I popped it in a pot. Oh, my God, maybe you don’t have a microwave if you have a microwave, just use the [ __ ] bag.

I don’t care it’s the seasoning that matters. Toasted brown butter, solids, toasted, garlic, God. I Love Popcorn. This is going to be very dependent on the quality of your butter. Any butter is going to taste great, but if you have like really nice butter – and I know this is like cheap blah blah blah – it’s nuts immediately – The Nutty quality, the brown butter – it’s salty as a popcorn – should be, but then the toasted garlic is like hey.

I’M here too pal: this is a solid popcorn. I think I would definitely make this again moving on snack number three, which is honestly a huge sleeper hummus Mez. Now real quick, oh you can’t make hummus without one of these or these quite literally, you can make it with anything that smashes like this andula heate or border and pestle hell. You can put in a ziplock and sit on it and roll around until you have hummus. So here’s your example.

You can get Crea from here pop two cups or 275 G of canned chickpeas into a large Mah or mortar imp. Pestle begin smashing those as fine as you can: optionally, add4 cup or 60 mL of extra virgin olive oils and a half a cup or 125 G of teini seasoned to taste with salt and the juice of 1 Lemon keep mashing until it’s as fine as possible. You know adjust salt levels as needed, and well that’s actually it to serve it. You just pour it into a nice shallow bowl, give it a little swirl optionally, add a little glug of extra virgin olive oil. Maybe some flaky salt, maybe a light sprinkling of paprika.

For color and serve with quartered P sliced cucumber quartered, radish, sliced carrots or any vegetables really and you’re done, your friends will think you’re a badass for making your own hummus like this assuming you’re an adult. This is an adult thing to be proud of. Let’S taste test, I think most store-bought hummuses are absolute and they always have been they’ve been too acidic, not creamy enough, not salted enough. This is all of those good things and more without a blender, without a food processor already better than the store by one. It’S not even about it being mind being better, it’s just paying attention when you’re, making it creamy and smooth, and yet there’s like a little nice soft chew to it here and there it feels fresh.

It feels good going down and if you want it to feel even better put it on some veggies moving on, we finally made it to dinner time dinner. One Palm roasty think hash brown, but on steroids first, you need 1 and2 lb or 680 G of rusted potatoes, peel those you can either grate them on a course grater or you can slice them into 1/8 in thick slices on a mandolin and then cut against Those slices to create a fine mattick, it’s really going to change the look and the crunch of the roasty, but pick your own adventure now place this in a bowl of water to wash off the starch toss, toss toss, drain them and place them in a towel Season with salt and ring out as much moisture as you possibly can place those in a bowl and toss with 5 tbsp or 65 G of melted, unsalted butter.

Now on a small 8 in non-stick pan lightly greased with oil heat over medium heat. Once hot add your potatoes press them down to form a tight disc cook with a lid for 5 to 8 minutes flip and place that in an oven, preheated at 350, fhe for 10 minutes, pull from the oven transfer to a plate and, of course enjoy. As is or if you want, you could dll it up with really anything.

You want a loaded baked potato Vibe, maybe some crem fresh bacon bit sliced chives, maybe some flaky salt, black pepper as well. Let’S taste test you don’t need to do all this stuff. You could literally just do the potato and call it a day in the pan and the oven done. You know it really doesn’t even need all this sure. It’S a vehicle of flavor anything you put on.

It is going to make it taste great, but even by itself it’s beautiful. This is beyond any hash brown. You think you’ve ever had I’ll. Tell you that, right now, and as long as you have a stove, a pan in an oven, you can do this and it’s cheap. Moving on okay dinner number: two, it’s really the main event, my favorite chicken picata.

This is a beautiful example of how technique makes great food not excessive thy get yourself. One boneless chicken breast cut that bad boy in half lengthwise leaving one side attached. So it opens like a book of chicken place between two sheet: a plastic wrap or literally two cutting boards. Whatever you got and smack that thing until it’s 1/3 of an inch thick and evenly thick, I use a saut pan because well you don’t need a meat mallet. If you don’t have one season, your chicken generously with salt, then in a large pan, set of a medium heat, add just enough vegetable oil to coat the bottom of the Pan about 2 and2, tbps or 30 g once that’s hot and lightly smoking.

Dad your chicken breast in allpurpose flour shake the excess off and sear for 2 to 3 minutes, flip and sear for another 2 to 3 minutes or until nicely Brown on both sides and cooked through set that on your serving plate. And you see that in the pan that pan is coated in all sorts of of brown. Goodness that’s about to be our sauce! So leave that brother on high heat and add half a cup or 120 ml of chicken stock and the juice of two lemons scrape. The bottom of the pan, with a wooden or plastic spoon, to get the brown bits dislodged, bring that to a boil and Reduce by half, then optionally, add 1 tbspoon or 15 G of spicy brown or Dijon mustard.

Bring that back up to a boil then immediately cut off the heat and add 1/4 cup or 56 G of cold unsalted butter constantly swirl that around the pan until melted and emulsified into the sauce. It should be velvety smooth, then add two thinly sliced garlic cloves. A nice generous handful of Capers and a handful of finely chopped parsley, salt and pepper, to taste, stir together and pour that sauce directly over your chicken and let’s taste, test this.

One isn’t the easiest in the sense of technique, but the time that this takes almost none everything’s done in one pan and is finished on one plate. God it’s a perfect chicken dish, the acidity from the lemon, the brininess from the Capers, and then that garlic is just like coating your whole mouth and, of course the butter helps turn this into a beautiful velvety voloptuous sauce.

You should add chicken picata to any menu, but you could even do it it in a college dorm moving on all right, we saved the best for last. This has to be one of the most weird looking, but oddly satisfying desserts, I’ve ever made it’s result of trying to make a dessert that eats like it took days, but it really was made last minute. First, you need one sheet of puff pastry, ideally homemade right right. Look, I so desperately want to tell you to make your own DM pastry, but I also understand this is a guide for anyone to make just go, buy some at the store, pull it out, cut it into 4×4 in squares pop those onto a baking sheet line. With parchment Bake at 400, F or 200 CI for 15 to 18 minutes or until golden brown and and puffed, let those cool for a minute or two then split them in half get yourself, some whipped cream.

Add two fat dollops under the bottom half of your puff grab yourself a frozen strawberry. You can buy prezen or freeze them yourself, create that using a fine grater or a microplane drizzle with sweet and condensed milk top with your other half your pastry. Another do of whipped cream, fresh sliced strawberries, drizzle of sweet and condensed milk and finally, a touch more grated frozen strawberry. Now that all that’s done here is the official price breakdown of every ingredient across these eight meals. Many of these ingredients.

You can reuse time and time again in other recipes, but that being said, that is your spread pick and choose wisely FAL, taste, test and moral. The story of easy cooking happens now. I’Ll be honest. This Strawberry Shortcake inspired dish could have probably turned out a little prettier, but you know what I’m going to try it anyway hold on damn. You know what this is really good yeah.

This is insane that, like heavy cream, sweetness is brought in by the sweet, anded, condensed milk, but then the whipped cream brings it all together. The fresh strawberries come all together and it’s like wait a minute. This is a strawberry short kick. This is a stuffed croissant. This is a what am I eating a beautiful dessert that requires minimal effort.

The thread of recipes that you can make that make your life easier are Limitless. It comes down to how creative you can be. How willing you are to make the changes. How much you know about technique, but we’re here to help you with that? Hopefully you found this useful and if you didn’t don’t tell me, but with all that being said, if you enjoyed this article or you learned something, leave a like subscribe and we’ll see you next.

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