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12.50pm BST

The head of the union that represents Scottish ambulance staff has said the Army should be drafted in and “pop-up wards” erected at Accident and Emergency departments, after patients in Scotland have been waiting hours to be admitted.

Unite’s Jamie McNamee said crews were waiting up to three hours in Glasgow and Aberdeen to hand over patients.

Our first option would be to initiate internal national risk and resilience procedures. That would entail building or producing pop-up wards outside the A&E departments that are unable to cope with demand, allow the crews to hand over the patients to these trained clinicians and free up that mobile asset to respond to treble-nine calls.

I believe the Army would have similar facilities that could come in helpful. I’m sure they’re busy themselves, however I think we find ourselves in a bit of a national crisis at the moment.

Despite the pressure coronavirus has brought upon our ambulance service, which serves some of the most rural areas in the UK, in 2020-21 crews responded to over 70% of highest priority calls in under 10 minutes and more than 99% in under 30 minutes.

12.06pm BST

Foreign travellers from Wales can use a wider choice of Covid testing firms from 21 September, the Welsh government has said.

At the moment Welsh residents can only use NHS tests except in exceptional circumstances. The stance has been criticised previously, as the tests are more expensive.

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