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If you can flip it better than me, well not much of an accomplishment, but have us vegans been telling you this entire time, hi, guys it’s Rose and welcome back to cheap lazy, vegan and another article. Today’S article, I’m going to show you guys three budget-friendly plant-based recipes that will help you live longer, because these are inspired by the Blue Zone.

Diet guys, have you guys been watching that documentary on Netflix I haven’t finished it. I think I only watched one episode, but it is about blue zones which are places in the world where people live uh the longest okay, and not only do they live long, but they also like live healthy, vibrant lives, and I find that very intriguing and very Fascinating every single one of these places they say, follow a predominantly plant-based diet, not fully plant-based, but they eat most of their food from Whole Food plant-based sources. So I thought hey, why not do a article with some delicious plant-based recipes inspired by the Blue Zone?

Diet? So here we go all right guys, so the first meal we’re gon na make is going to be a Buddha bowl, so I’m gon na be making a really delicious simple bootable. Now the thing about bootables that I love is that you can just kind of pick and choose the ingredients that you want and then make your own sort of bowl. So the things that I like to add is basically a main carb source and then a main plant-based protein source and some sort of veggies of your choosing, okay and then usually like a delicious sauce to put on top. So you can choose whatever combination that you want so for this carb Source, I am actually going to be using soba noodles.

These are buckwheat noodles. These are some of my favorite types of noodles. I eat soap and noodles like three times a week, if not more because they cook really fast they’re, really delicious, and I just love them so much. Okay, I think they are like kind of healthy. I think they’re healthy yeah.

So love me some soba noodles. So I’m gon na cook this up instead of noodles, you could also use rice, you could use buckwheat quinoa whatever or any other type of noodle as well would work okay. So I’m just going to cook up the noodles once this is a boy link and while we’re waiting for that, we can prepare the veggies you could choose whatever veggies you want. I’M gon na do some bell pepper. So I’m just going to slice the bell pepper Into Thin slices.

There we go and then I’m also going to add some carrots again. You can pick and choose whatever you’d. Like my friends, you don’t have to eat these exact vegetables. You choose the vegetables that you want just put this away and I’m also going to use a cucumber just like to slice everything thinly. You can choose whatever shape you want.

This is your Bowl, so basically people in the Blue Zone apparently have, I think, the highest number of what do they call them centurions, which are people that live up to a hundred or more, and the crazy thing is they’re, not just living to 100 they’re, like Literally kind of healthy until they get to a really really old age, so it’s not like they’re, just like old and not living their lives. You know what I mean, so it’s really fascinating to watch. I need to actually keep watching it. I’M also going to add some purple, cabbage or red cabbage. I like to call it purple cabbage, because it’s purple, I don’t understand anyways, I love having colorful veggies in My Buddha Bowls.

It makes it look really pretty and um. I don’t know. I just feel like it’s healthier, to have a variety of color. Look at the rainbow all right. So now the water is boiling.

We can cook our soap and noodles and again the beauty of it is that it takes just five minutes to cook and it’s ready to go so now when our noodles are boiling, we can make some sort of a sauce. Now I’m gon na make a big portion of this sauce because you can use it, for you know anything, okay and if you want to make bootables in the future, it’s better to just make a big portion of the sauce and then keep it in the fridge And then just pour it on top of whatever it’ll just make your life easier. Okay, so first things: first peanut butter, we’re gon na make a peanut butter dressing. This is gon na be delicious, so we have some natural peanut butter here here we go. You can also use like tahini almond butter.

You know whatever you want, so I’m using peanut butter because it’s delicious and there we go and then you can add either rice, vinegar or apple cider, vinegar or you could even do like a juice. If you want, but then we have some sort of a sweetener, this is agave nectar. You can also use maple syrup and we have a little bit of soy sauce. Next we have garlic powder and ginger. There you go and then we’re just going to mix this up, and then you can like give this a taste and see.

If maybe you want to adjust certain things, maybe you want to make it sweeter, you know whatever you want all right. Let me give it a little taste: oh it’s so good! This will go with so many different things, guys so delicious. Look at this lovely and smooth and then, when you put it in the fridge, it might kind of thicken up a little bit um. After a couple days, so, if that, if it does that, you can either add a little bit of water, just thin it out – or you could just add a little bit more, like apple cider, vinegar or rice, vinegar, a little bit more sweetener whatever you want.

It’S so good all right, there’s our sauce and they should be done very soon. So once the noodles are done, I’m just going to drain it in cold water. You can eat this cold or hot. It’S up to you. Let’S open noodles.

I usually prefer it cold. So we’re gon na drain it and rinse it in cold water all right guys. So this part is optional, but I wanted to add in some tofu into the bowl as well to make it like even higher in protein. So I’m actually going to cook up some tofu again. You can use whatever protein source of your choice.

So today I’m choosing beans. These are going to be my two protein sources. Again, you can choose one or the other. I choose both. Let’S cook it up, I’m just going to add a little bit of oil onto the pan.

There we go just put in our tofu now. If you want to make your tofu more crispy, you could toss it in some cornstarch before you start cooking it with oil, but I don’t really care. I love tofu in all shapes and sizes. So I’m just going to cook this up until it’s kind of like nice and golden on each side. It’S already cooking up pretty nicely come on turn I get too nervous.

You can’t do it all right, you guys, so the tofu is cooked. To my liking, I think, as you can see nice and golden, so I’m just going to make a really really simple, like sauce for the tofu just to flavor it just a little bit. It’S just gon na be a little bit of soy, sauce a little bit of sweetener, either Agave or maple syrup and then a little bit of vinegar. So again, I’m using either apple cider or rice vinegar. I’M gon na give this a little mix, okay and because it doesn’t need too much flavoring, because we still have that you know delicious peanut sauce as well, but feel free to play around with it so good.

So what’s the tofu is basically cooked. I’M just going to turn the heat like either off or like basically very low, and I’m just going to pour this sauce on top I’m just gon na pop this. Look at that and it should start caramelizing pretty soon. So just like watch out for that so cool. If you can flip it better than me, well not much of an accomplishment.

So there we go so now. The tofu is going to be nice and seasoned and you might want to give this a taste, and maybe you want to add some more of something up to you all right guys. So now we have this bowl of soba noodle lovely and we can just assemble okay. Now, if you want, you can add a little bit of that sauce already on the noodle itself. So, let’s add in our lovely bell, pepper, we’re gon na add in our cucumber we’re gon na add in our purple cabbage, then our carrots, oh looks so good already.

I love bowls like this. Just feels so healthy, but it’s so good at the same time, and then we got our first protein source, which is edamame beans, lovely and by the way, the Blue Zone Diet. They recommend eating beans every single day. I wonder why? What have us vegans been telling you this entire time?

Beans are where it’s at okay, so anyways. It means, and now let’s make room for our tofu, so you can cool this down. If you want, I don’t really care there. We go. Oh look at that.

That looks bomb and the last little thing that I want to add is some cashews or any sort of nuts of your choice. You can also add, like pumpkin seeds, some kind of seed – this is another element of the Blue Zone. Diet is that they recommend adding in nuts into your diet kind of on a regular, if not daily basis, so just a few little cashews or you can use again whatever else you want, and I’m also gon na add a little bit of cilantro because I love It part is optional, I know some people don’t like it, but I like a little bit of chopped cilantro and now, finally, we’re gon na add, obviously the sauce on top. I did thin out the sauce a bit with a little bit of water, and now it looks very nice and creamy and Saucy. So here we go just kind of drizzle it all over.

You can add, however much you want. Okay, I mean look at that. Look at that that looks so good and, of course, my final touch, as always, is sesame seeds. Guys here we go here is a really delicious, simple bootable. This is something you could also prep in advance.

You can make all of these little ingredients in advance and then just put it all together whenever you’re hungry and it just oh, it’s the perfect Bowl. You guys. I hope you try this out. The recipe will be linked below so definitely check it out and let’s give it a taste. All right, you guys.

I know this is gon na be delicious, but let’s try it um. Oh it’s gon na be so good with soba noodles. You want to eat it right away because it gets like kind of soggy. I’M gon na get as much as I can in one bite. So that’s the lunch row, some of that where’s, the tofu cheers Buddha bowl, soba, noodle Style, um, guys it’s so good that dressing um.

That dressing is to die for, and everything in this bowl it is fresh. It tastes. Amazing like this is the best. Okay, definitely make this again. You can make it, however, way you want um, but you got ta make that dressing it is.

It is the bomb it is the bomb.com it is so healthy, it’s so delicious. Let’S do one more and the cashews go really well with this as well: oh, all right guys, so the next recipe is going to be a very simple and delicious healthy salad, we’re gon na make a Mediterranean black bean salad and then I’m going To tell you guys how I would probably enjoy this, because I don’t usually just eat like a salad, okay, like a standardized salad, I eat it with something else or you know I make it into a bulkier meal anyway, but we’re gon na make a very delicious And very healthy Mediterranean black bean salad, so first I’m starting with some arugula. Okay, we want some nice Greens in there. That is another one of those blue Zone principles, lots of leafy greens.

You know you want to get them healthy vegetables. You can use whatever greens you want, I’m using arugula, you can use lettuce kale whatever you want, okay and then in here we can add in black beans we’re making a Mediterranean black bean salad we’re gon na make the black beans we’re gon na.

Add that in there that’s gon na be one of our protein sources, again, beans very healthy for you and then I’m gon na add in some Tomatoes I have some grape tomatoes cut in half with that in there, and I love some red onion or purple onion. Whatever you want to call it in my salad, so we’re definitely gon na. Add that in there too and cucumber yes, cucumber just cut up into nice slices into little pieces and the most important thing here.

I have something I just made this morning. This is tofu feta guys this stuff is delicious. Okay, let me just um it’s so crazy, because it really reminds me of feta okay, but it’s made of tofu. It’S just been marinating, I’m going to show you how I made it right now and come back to me!

That is how you make the tofu feta. It is so good. It’S high in protein and it’s healthy, it’s delicious and I think it’s gon na go so well with this beautiful Mediterranean salad.

So I’m going to add in, however much you want to add. Okay, I’m going to add in a pretty generous amount spill. It everywhere A Generous amount of this delicious feta and, last but not least, this part is optional, but I’m also going to add in some roasted pepper. I just bought this in the store. You know like pre-roasted Peppers.

You can also roast your own pepper. You could also omit this. It’S up to you. You can also add artichokes. If you want, you know olives.

You know these are all optional things, um yeah, but I love roasted Peppers so good. So we’re going to add some of that in here as well. So now that we have our salad ingredients, we need to make the very simple and easy dressing so to make a dressing. First, I’m going to get a lemon okay, we need a lemon and I’m going to juice the lemon you can use store-bought lemon juice. If you want, but I do think for a salad like this fresh lemon juice is probably better, but it’s up to you whatever you want to do.

Okay, oh I’m just gon na juice. It make sure you get all that juice, don’t waste any of it. One more okay: oh that’s a workout! Okay! We got the lovely lemon juice right here, I’m just going to put it into a bowl into this, we’re gon na add some olive oil and some red wine vinegar.

There we go. I think one of the blue zones is somewhere in Greece, so I’m sure they eat lots of olive oil. I don’t know this is Italian seasoning because I’m out of oregano, but you could do Italian, seasoning or oregano. We have some garlic powder, some Dijon, Dijon, mustard and a little bit of salt. That’S simple guys!

Let’S mix this up, give this a little! It’S so good, it’s so good! So delicious! Okay and now all we have to do is pour it in simple. How easy is that now we just mix it?

Oh my gosh, it looks so good now. I would also love to add some quinoa into this or I don’t know like couscous, some sort of a grain I feel like for me. It would be a lot more fiddling that way or I would eat it with like pita bread or something you know like stuff this with pita bread, maybe some hummus. Oh, that’s how I would eat it. We can just eat it like this.

It’S full of protein lots of protein here from the black beans and then the tofu. I mean that looks so good. Let’S just give it a try right now: okay, I’m just gon na get a little bit of everything. Oh wait! Let’S just use this as a spoon a little bit of that a little bit of this.

Let’S give it a try. That’S so good! It’S perfection, Sorry! This is perfect for, like a potluck, it’s delicious, simple, healthy, it’ll help.

You live to a hundred. Give it a try, I would definitely eat it with like pita bread, all right guys. So last but not least, we are going to be making now a vegan taco bowl, so another one of these really fun bowls. I mean you could even classify this as a bootable as well a form of bootable and we’re just gon na put it all together. First thing: I’m gon na do is make a taco meat sort of thing very simple out of toast guys.

Tofu is one of the best ingredients of all time. Okay, it is my favorite, so we’re gon na take a pan here and just heat it up nicely. I’M gon na add a bit of oil not too too much, and then I’m just gon na crumble up the tofu, I’m just using firm, tofu air folder and I just crumble it with my fingers. So it doesn’t Splash too too much. Oh just like that.

We’Re just gon na cook this down a little bit and while you’re cooking this you can prepare the other ingredients. You can chop things up whatever you got to do so. To this all, I do is add a bit of taco seasoning, but I want to cook this a bit first, just to let some of that excess moisture get out. Okay, beautiful and I didn’t even clean my pan from the last recipe. So it’s nice and seasoned already, okay, extra flavor – and this is my little hack because I’m lazy – all I do is take some store-bought taco seasoning.

You can find taco seasoning, basically anywhere, it’s very cheap and it’s already just a nice little pre-made mixture for you. So I just add that in here, oh okay, see why complicate things when you don’t have to mm-hmm, so I’m just gon na mix this up all right, I’m just gon na, add a little bit more because I want it to be a little bit more darker. Is that like so all right, let’s give it a taste delicious. I don’t think I need to add any more there we go. You can also add some crushed up walnuts in here as well.

Whatever you want really so, there’s our really simple and easy taco meat situation. This is probably the most difficult part of this whole thing. All right, I’m just gon na set that aside now I’m going to take some cooked rice, it’s already nice and cooked and again guys no need to complicate things, no need to make things more difficult. All I do is take some store-bought salsa, we’re gon na. Add it to the rice.

That’S how we’re gon na make our seasoned rice you can make. You know Mexican style rice. I actually did a recipe on this I’ll link that below, if you want to make that, but since we’re already, you know putting together a bunch of different things, just want to make it simple right. We just want to make it simple: okay, so we’re just going to mix that lovely there. You go.

There’S our rice, I know so easy now. I think we can put it together all right guys so now that we have our Rice Ready our taco meat ready. I’M gon na make a really simple dressing using tahini. Okay, you can do whatever dressing you want. Tahini is fantastic, it is a sesame paste super healthy and it works really well in a lot of different types of dressings.

So I’m just gon na add some tahini in here. It’S nice and thick, it’s high fat, but it’s good fat. You know it’s healthy fat, so in here we’re also going to add in some lemon juice. So we have tahini here and then we have some lemon juice. I’M just going to give this a quick little mix just to break down the tahini just a bit, because some, as you can see it gets kind of like thick okay, I might need to add a little more lemon juice.

Let me think about it when in doubt add more stuff, I’m gon na add a little more lemon juice just to thin this out a bit more break it up, break it up and then, let’s add in some spices, I have here some garlic powder, onion powder And smoked paprika, you could just add in regular paprika if you want I’m gon na, add that in and then I’ll probably will need more liquid. Let’S see yes, I definitely will need more lovely. It’S a nice paste and I want to give it a taste to see if I want to add more lemon juice or water add in some vegan Mayo. Let’S give it a try. I think it tastes great like this.

You could put once you put it on top of everything. I think it would be delicious. This is optional. You don’t have to add this it’ll make it more creamy. That’S for sure.

You could also add some sweetener in here too. If you want to give it a try, looks nice and creamy okay, very good, okay at the vegan Mayo, guys all right guys. So now it is time to put it all together. So I have here a bowl with some lettuce use. Whatever lettuce you want, I just have Romaine so I’m using that you can use Iceberg, but ever okay and then I’m gon na add the rice.

Okay, next, I’m gon na add some corn, then we’re gon na add black beans. You guys again. Beans are in every recipe and it is not an accident. You could also use whatever types of beans. You want to use okay and then, of course, we’re gon na add in our lovely taco meat situation.

Oh good, there we go and then I have some chopped tomatoes which I will add here and then you can just add. Avocado slices or I just have some guacamole – I was trying to buy avocado and there was no ripe avocados, so store-bought guac. For me all right. Let’S add some guac again, you can just add sliced avocados. Whatever you want delicious and then, of course, some cilantro.

You can skip this if you don’t like cilantro, but I love cilantro. I got that in and I’m gon na serve it with a lime wedge and of course we can’t forget the sauce, so I’m just gon na drizzle it on top guys yet another delicious. Looking dish, that is not only delicious but will help you live longer, full of veggies full of delicious healthy plant-based protein ooh guys there it is. This – is the vegan taco bowl before I eat this. I would probably squeeze lime everywhere and then just mix it all up, but that looks really good and uh yeah.

Look at this guys, all right guys. So all of these delicious high protein Whole Foods plant-based recipes will be available for you. On my blog and all of the blog posts will be linked down below make sure you check those out, and I hope you guys enjoyed these if you did enjoy this article make sure you give it a big thumbs up make sure you subscribe. If you haven’t already – and let me know down below which one you are going to try first because they’re all delicious – and I don’t know which one I would choose so anyway hope you guys enjoyed this article make sure you subscribe to my channel. If you haven’t already and I’ll see you guys in my next article bye, thank you.

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