Australia Covid news live update: NSW facing hundreds of deaths in western Sydney, regional Victoria awaits lockdown decision

It’s a question we have been grappling with since the pandemic started. We need a nationally consistent approach to assist the 23,000 students and their families across the country who are boarding in state-run, Catholic and independent boarding schools with an efficient, effective and COVID-safe way to get home.

We know the school holidays aren’t far away and sitting on my desk, sitting on other Education Ministers’ desks and Health Ministers’ desks across the country are hundreds of traumatic cases of students who cannot get home or who are being sent from a Covid-safe boarding house to a farm that’s Covid-safe, but having to travel through capital cities like Melbourne or Sydney to get there…

Now we have got the Delta strain, we’re not just seeing those hard borders added at interstate level, local LGAs are being locked down as well which is causing intrastate issues for boarding students and their families.

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