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Greetings and welcome back to another installment of what I eat in a week. These articles are super casual they’re, designed to just give you a more realistic look at how I eat day to day and hopefully give you some inspiration, and I have so much fun filming these articles, so I hope you enjoy. I wanted to kick this article off with the protein smoothie that I’ve been making almost every single day since the weather has been warm and beautiful. I think it’s like 21 grams of protein, but there’s no protein powder in it key ingredient frozen banana. I thought for the longest time that I didn’t like bananas and then I realized it’s because when I first went vegan and the high carb low fat thing was trendy, everyone was saying you have to eat the bananas when they’re like super super spotty and brown, because That’S when, like there’s the most available sugar or something I don’t like how they taste when they start tasting too much like the banana flavored candy yeah, it’s just two banana.

I don’t know why. I never questioned. I feel like they’re just so much better when they’re, yellow, so one frozen banana, and then you can use your favorite plant. Milk, soy, milk and ripple are our favorite because they’re high in protein, it’s a little over the one cup wine for some healthy fats and some protein hemp seeds. You could use chia seeds too, or flax seeds.

I guess I just like how the texture of the hemp seeds makes the Smoothie, nice and and creamy set a tablespoon. This is where you get to choose your own adventure, depending on my mood I’ll either do peanut butter or almond butter. So I do a combination of real peanut butter or almond butter for the creaminess powdered, peanut, butter or almond butter for the extra flavor and protein content. Let’S do a heaping tablespoon. We also have cocoa powdered peanut butter, sometimes I’ll, add cocoa powder to these smoothies too.

Two tablespoons, sometimes, if I want an extra sweet treat, I will Blitz in a tablespoon of non-dairy chocolate chips. I don’t know if they still have this. It’S been so long since I went to Starbucks, but they used to make a Java Chip Frappuccino and I freaking love those when I was in high school and when I worked at Starbucks for a brief period of time, which I don’t like to think about, then We’Re just gon na blend. She is thick well hold on hold on. I feel like I’m on a talk show and I prepared all the different like steps of the recipe we have one we already prepared with the almond butter.

I want the almond butter one today. I think, because it hit one through ten, it’s so good, I’m never buying protein powder. Again, don’t quote me on that. I’M gon na take a quick pause to give a big shout out to Ocea for partnering with us on today’s article. Specifically, I want to chat about their undaria collagen body lotion.

This has become an absolute staple in my skincare routine, as of late since the weather’s been warming up, I’ve been spending as much time as possible outside which makes my skin kind of dry. So I absolutely love how this lotion keeps my skin hydrated and looking glowy and smooth. It’S got a combination of super high quality ingredients like vegan, collagen, hyaluronic, acid turmeric for brighter looking skin and and Darius seaweed, which replenishes the Skin’s moisture barrier. This lotion applies like a dream: it’s super lightweight, it’s not heavy or greasy at all, making it perfect for the summer time and it’s clinically proven to Visibly Firm skin in just four hours. It smells absolutely amazing, it’s scented with essential oils.

So it’s a really light and natural fragrance, but they also offer a fragrance free option. I love that OC as a female founded and family operated brand and that all their products are clean in cruelty. Free and vegan so definitely check out osea’s andaria collagen body lotion. If you’re looking for something to keep your skin looking glowy and smooth all summer long and check out the rest of their amazing body and skincare line for a limited time, OC is offering 10 off with my code. Sarah ucbl and you can use the link in the description box or the QR code on the screen, so it’s Wednesday and I’m going to make a batch of homemade vegan deli meat.

This is like one of our most popular recipes on our blog Eric specifically requested a ham style deli slice this week, so I’m gon na try and take a shot at that. No guarantees! Sorry hey! I said if you want to do Buffalo Chicken Buffalo turkey instead, because that’s like, I feel like an easier add-on to the regular recipe and she said we got ta tackle the ham hashtag tackle the ham. This is actually a really easy recipe, so it’s seitan, but it has tofu in it as well, and I’m gon na crumble this into our food processor where’s, the lid fetch me the lid.

Thank you all right here. We go like to add in a little bit of oil, because sometimes seitan can be a little bit dry. Some liquid smoke, I kind of just eyeball this nutritional yeast to make it Savory onion powder, garlic powder paprika. I use soy sauce in the original recipe, but I’m going to try using some beef style, Boolean cubes in this two cubes. If you have like the better than bouillon beef style paste, you could use that too.

A quarter cup of cats up and I’m going to add in some Dijon mustard. I’Ve got a little bit of cloves nutmeg and what’s the other one, is it just cloves and Nutmeg? I think those aren’t really too big. I’M gon na be conservative with this, because Eric has like a cloves aversion, but I do think you need a little bit for the ham flavor. I think we’re out of cornstarch, so I’m going to use tapioca starch.

Instead, it gives the seitan like a kind of chewy springy texture, then the last flavoring I want to try out. I’Ve never used this before it’s like a specialty ingredient. It’S hickory smoked, dried Turley yeast, and this just has like I don’t know how to pronounce it. Glutamic acid, you know like in MSG glutamates, so it gives you that Umami sensation on your tongue just smelling it. It smells like ham in a bag, I’m raising my hand behind the camera, because I smell it.

Does that not smell hammy yeah? It does smell good. Well, when we did the hot dog taste test with Jasmine and Chris is one of the ingredients in one of the hot dogs, it’s probably in all of them. I like I said I’ve done never used this before. So I’m really not sure how much to add one teaspoon.

So, let’s blend this smelling really good. Now we just have to add in the vital wheat gluten and the food processor is going to do all of the kneading for us until it comes together in one big old ham ball. That is looking good to me. I have two sets of cooking instructions on the blog post, there’s one for baking it I prefer to use the instant pot and pressure cook it, and I have some of this reusable cheese cloth. If it’s dry, it will stick to the dough.

So you want the cloth to be wet and then you want to generously uh, don’t say it Lube up. You want to generously oil, the seitan log with so you’ve been calling it seitan, but I don’t really think of it as seitan. It’S like a new. It’S a hybrid yeah, it’s like a 2023 RAV4 yeah. I exactly like that which brings us to our sponsor they’re, paying us one million dollars.

I would settle for a free product in that case gone ahead and bound our ham. I have the field Rose cookbook, and this is how they recommend wrapping your seitan before you cook it. I got a cup of water at the bottom of the instant pot, we’re gon na lower our Ham on using the rack and we’re gon na pressure cook it for 45 minutes on high pressure, and then, when it’s done, I let it natural release for about 15 Minutes before I take it out and then after that, you want to let it cool before, excuse us, let it cool before you slice into it, because stay tuned firms up a lot as it cools it’s a little. While later the seitan is cooked and I unwrapped it and it’s cooling – I prepped ingredients for dinner and we’re gon na make our first salad rolls of the warm season. So I prepped a bunch of veggies.

We got lettuce, carrots cucumber avocado, we got some fresh basil. Have our noodles? These are technically pad thai noodles. These are just the only ones we had in our pantry, so hopefully they’re fine. This is an almond butter sauce with some maple syrup soy sauce, a little bit of red curry, paste for some Heat, lime, juice and sesame oil.

I think that’s everything yep looking good and then Eric made some tofu. This is a classic Eric, tofu situation. I just pan fried it. I put a butt ton of the Trader Joe’s mushroom, Umami powder, seasoning, garlic powder, onion powder, white, pepper, salt, and that’s it it’s nicely seasoned. But it’s not not like two seasons.

It’Ll mix right in we’re making dinner early because we’re gon na go play basketball with a few friends, including um. How do you say his name conscious Chris? Is that what it is it’s conscious Chris, it’s Chris, but we thought it was a better idea to make these beforehand roll them up, set them aside, and then we can come home and eat and not have to cook at like 8 30 Let’S bounce all right we’re at the park playing basketball, but Chris is watching the end of the Yankees game, so we haven’t really started playing yet priorities. It’S very crisp! Okay.

I was only over 19 before that for lunch. I freshened up some of our leftovers. We have the rice noodles, I added more ingredients to the almond butter sauce. So now it’s like an almond butter, peanut butter, sauce fried up some more tofu. We had some leftover as well and then the leftover veggies some shredded cabbage and some green onions.

So this looks good. Thank you, I’m so hungry I’m trying to ham. This is the moment. I’Ve been waiting for you like it. It’S incredible the glacier’s really nice.

It’S sweet, it’s mustardy Smoky. Does it taste like ham? It really does. I don’t feel ready to be on camera, but I’ll uh, so furkey ham, you watched our um holiday roast taste test. You know that the furkey hand is like one of our favorite things.

It’S exactly what I wanted:  we’re outside. Where there are cars, it’s gon na be a little loud. We don’t have a grill currently, but it’s so nice out and we love cooking outside. So we’re pretending. We’Ve got our camping, stove Grill up some Beyond sausages.

You can prep some veggies earlier and I got some potatoes going in the air fryer. It’S just smells like summer, 2018. Remember when these first came out, like you, couldn’t find them anywhere, remember you drive from Boulder to Longmont to the Whole Foods, the other Whole Foods you’d be like. Oh, they got them today and now we have to. We have to keep pretending like it’s a novelty.

You know what I mean not have them like too often xevia, who have rebranded apparently, but they have this new vanilla Cola flavor and I have a sucker for Vanilla Coke. That’S good that just tastes like tastes like how do you feel? I think these are done. Yeah we’re not cleaning this out, we’re just using the sausage drippings. It’S just coconut oil, I think usually I’m a big seasoner, but for these salt and pepper.

So I need to stop that it’s Friday and we’re gon na do a fun drink Friday. I usually do these on Instagram in my stories, but the back story is, I used to be addicted to energy drinks, specifically the Aulani new ones, and I still love them, but I wanted to stop like spending so much money on them and consuming so much caffeine. So I made a rule: I can have one energy drink or another fun sugary beverage. Every week on Fridays, only balance for this week I picked up one that I’ve already tried before it’s the LA colombe oat milk, vanilla, latte. It’S really good!

This drink makes me really nostalgic because we were drinking a lot of these the last time we moved out of Colorado and we were packing, and this was like the ray of light. In my day, it was like just a thing. I looked forward to all the time so brings me back and we didn’t want to make coffee every day, because we were trying to put everything away. We’Re like, let’s just buy a bunch of LA colomes and print those until we leave yeah and we did and they’re so good. What’S yours, I also uh.

Oh my God. I look so short, oh you’re, sitting on your leg. That’S why I also our couch is just like sinking in the middle. All right, my fun drink is kombucha Town Cascadian hop kombucha. I’Ve had this one before too, it’s like a local, it’s a local Washington kombucha, but this flavor is brewed with hops like beer, and it’s really good cheers baby it.

Basically, it just tastes like a nice neutral kombucha with a little bit of beer flavor. It’S not very Beary, it’s very mild. It’S not overwhelming it’s like my favorite kombucha I’ve ever had. I actually really like it yeah. Also on the topic of fun, drink Friday.

I kind of came up with the theme song because I’m kind of a theme song guy and by that we mean he literally makes theme songs as his job. I literally get paid to make theme songs for podcasts and YouTube channels. If you need a theme song hit me up anyway, the theme song for fun drink Friday is fun. Drink Friday, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah definitely follow us over on Instagram. If you want to see future installments a fun drink Friday, I want to make some jerky good segue all right folks, we are making Eric’s original vegan jerky as it’s called on sarahspeakingkitchen.

om. I think I made this for the first time in 2020 because I was just absolutely crushing the Louisville vegan jerky, which is a great product, and I love it, but it’s really expensive and you can make it at home for pretty cheap. The base ingredient is soy. Curls, if you’ve seen these and you’re like, I don’t know what to do with these, I’m too scared to buy them. You should buy them because they’re, really cool and awesome and fun to play around with.

I have a whole bag here that I’ve been rehydrating with boiling water they’ve just been chilling in here for like 10 minutes, I’m going to drain them and I’m going to squeeze them out. We just you rehydrate them just to take more water out, but that’s how it works. I’M gon na make our marinade so far. I have the wet ingredients in here. It’S just olive oil, soy, sauce, white, vinegar and liquid smoke.

Here I have all the dry seasonings. There’S a lot of stuff in here garlic powder, a little MSG onion powder Cayenne for heat Trader, Joe’s mushroom Umami, because it’s the best paprika and ground mustard powder and black pepper. Most of these things are in the blog I added MSG and the mushroom Umami. Just because I wanted to see how it how it went, the soy girls have been drained as well as I can. I’M just gon na mix the dry with the wet.

We always use the phrase Umami bomb. It’S just. Can you smell that from there wild sniff? Isn’T it so good, and now we pour you just want to mix it until obviously everything is roughly the same amount of coated and it goes out onto a baking tray. So we’re just going to spread it out on here and then we’re going to cook it in the oven at 250 degrees, which is not that hot and we’re basically just gon na every 20 minutes, pull it out, toss them around and we’re like drying them out.

More than cooking them, like I said we rehydrate them, and then we squeeze them out and then we dehydrate them again in the oven. So 250 degree oven works the best and I swear it’s the easiest recipe in the world and, as you see, it makes a huge batch and it’s cost effective and the best hiking snack lunch. I made some unigiri some rice balls, so I steamed up some rice folded in some rice, vinegar, toasted, sesame oil, scallions, some of the Trader Joe’s foodikake and then the filling is the tofu crab, salad that I made in my previous article, which is essentially just grated. Super firm high protein tofu that I mixed with some vegan Mayo, some Sriracha, what else some soy sauce? I think that’s it.

I use this cute little onigiri mold that my sister gave me to make these adorable little rice balls. You can do it by hand, and then I pan fried them to make them crispy. I fried them in a little bit of vegan butter. I feel like I need to leave the big one for Eric. That’S good.

She whipped up a few of these after she made the crab salad in the last article, and I demolished them off camera. They were literally, I was giving myself heartburn because I was eating them way too fast, they’re, so good. So we mentioned a few articles back that we have not been able to find the OG Sriracha like anywhere near us, so we’ve been going through different brands. We really like the Trader Joe’s one, but it doesn’t really taste like the original. It’S a lot sweeter and more garlicky.

I would say this is the next one we’re trying – and I really like this one – I don’t know if it’s spicier, but it’s way spicier than the Trader Joe’s one. We really like it kind of expensive, though that brand makes just really good hot sauce. So I’m not surprised that the scratch is good, it’s different, but it Stacks up. It’S really good. All right, our jerky is finito, so it’s obviously still warm and I’m just gon na.

Let it fully cool on here. I’M going to transfer it to a tupperware container. You can leave it at room temperature. Just make sure it’s fully cool before you try to put it away because it will steam in the Tupperware and since it doesn’t go in the fridge, it’ll get moldy. I’Ve definitely made that mistake before you can eat this right now, as is, but it’s better.

If you wait until the next day, because once it cools off and dries out completely, it becomes more Jerky like and it becomes chewier and tougher, but not like a not too tough. It’S just if you eat it now, you’ll be like it doesn’t taste, it doesn’t feel like jerky wait a day and it will. That being said, it is fire. That’S the whole thing. The link for the recipe will be in the description box.

I’M really proud of it leave a comment down below which flavor should we develop next Korean barbecue, some sort of like Smoky Chipotle situation. Louisville has Buffalo Dill. I think I want to make that this stuff is literally addictive. I remember Chris and Jasmine made it at some point and Chris was texting me like dude. I ate the entire thing in one day: go get some.

I’M almost certainly looking super rough right now, but it’s 11 o’clock. No, we got drinks with friends and we got home. I took a shower. What is this Annie’s? This is Annie’s gluten-free vegan, Mac and Sarah wanted a hash brown, and then I made some Morning Star popcorn chicken.

We were originally Gon na Leave the brewery earlier and get Taco Bell, but then we ended up staying so late. So that’s why we’re having a super late dinner very like seven hours, late mm-hmm? How was it I made it with ripple? I don’t know if we’ve ever made mac and cheese with ripple before always hits okay fast forward to the next day we went on a really long walk, and then I made a big batch of sushi using the leftover tofu crab salad. I also made a few avocado cucumber rolls and some peanut avocado rolls using the chili crunch, peanuts from Trader Joe’s and it was really good and then a little later on, I made another of my favorite smoothies and this time I added in some cocoa powder, and I made Erica fruit smoothie and we sat and drank those in the sun on our balcony.

We didn’t really have a clear plan for dinner, so we kind of improvised. I made some sticky tofu with it’s like a sauce with scallions, garlic, ginger and vegan oyster sauce, and then Eric made his famous fried rice. We have a recipe for that on the blog. If you want to make it yourself, I’ve been raspy testing. This morning, so I did a couple batches of my vegan oatmeal pancakes and I think I finally perfected them.

So they should be up on the blog by the time you’re, seeing this I’ll have it linked in the description box and so for breakfast kind of a late breakfast. I’Ve got our oatmeal pancakes, I’m a classic vegan butter, maple syrup girl, Eric fried up some of the ham that we made the other day to kind of make like vegan bacon yeah. So I just took the sliced ham and I just olive oil in a pan, and that’s literally it I just cranked the Heat and tried to get them crispy on both sides a little bit. It smells so good. I already ate one.

It really is good and I think that’s what Canadian bacon is. I think it’s just like circular pieces of ham that are pan fried and then I have the blackest pancake, because I like everything well done so I think this one was the one where Sarah was like, maybe a little bit too long, but I’m gon na, like It do you want to acknowledge your shirt. Yes, I bought CBD Gummies at a dispensary in Colorado a few years ago. Yeah and it happened to be off work. I was like oh, it’s.

4. 20 I didn’t even realize not a weed guy anymore, but I was just getting like pure CBD gummies and I was like oh yeah, it’s 420 and they gave me a bag full of like swag, and it was the shirt was in it and they only had xl’s And it’s huge and Sarah just cut the sleeves off and it’s like my peachy shirt. I love stealing that one. It’S really. It really is nice.

It’S kind of okay: let’s eat breakfast all right, Taco, Bell the Taco Bell that we were gon na get earlier this week. We finally got. I had all these big plans for dinner. I was gon na make either bang bang cauliflower for the blog or um barbecue Jackfruit nachos, and then it just didn’t happen. The Taco Bell it is, we went on a walk.

We got the rest of our steps. It’S 7 500 Listen folks, I have a 19 day step. Streak. 7. 500 steps.

Basically, all we got is a bunch of tacos with beans in them and a bunch of burritos or two burritos with beans, some with potatoes, some with potatoes and listen. We weren’t gon na get drinks, but we always get free stuff when we go to fast food restaurants, so we were sitting there and this employee came over and she was asking people. Are you doing pickup, okay and then she walked over she’s. Like you didn’t pick up we’re like yeah, we put the order in she was like. Do you guys get drinks, we’re like no?

She was like you didn’t get drinks. She was like you’re getting drinks and she handed us two cups and we’re like okay. But every time like in Colorado, I would always go to Wendy’s and be like I’ll swing by Wendy’s and get like fries for us right most of the time they would just be like don’t worry, I’d handle my card. Don’T worry about it. We’Re like what it always happens to us.

I think Eric’s, my good luck, charm people just always talk to him. Randomly too people at stores and parking lots. We’Re gon na play more Legend of Zelda tears of the kingdom and consume this and we’ll talk to you in the next day. Yeah. I have a second from now, ready it’s filming, ready.

Okay, you better put those dance moves in I’ve been dealing with some Cravings. Today, I’ve had some junk food. Today I wanted to make a nice healthy dinner, so we’re gon na make my kale crunch salad. So, a little while ago I massaged some kale with a maple Dijon vinaigrette then I added in some thinly shrite thinly shredded cabbage. This recipe is on the blog.

By the way we were eating it all winter. You can just add, like anything, you want to it roasted vegetables, grains, any kind of nuts dried fruit. Eric really likes apples in it, so I chopped them up for him. You do like oranges, dried fruit, wait. You said dried fruit, yeah, dried cranberries, so good in this vegan feta.

It’S like a harvest salad base. I have some toasted almonds to add to that, to make it more of a like balanced meal and a more satisfying meal. I pan fried up a bunch of tofu. I don’t know if you can tell from this article, but I’m like obsessed with my cast iron pan I’ve had it for years. Did you get this for me in, like 2018 It’S when you got me the Jacob degrom Jersey 2018.

It was a Christmas present and I just have not given it the love it deserves up. Until this point, I think I was just like intimidated to use it, but it is so well seasoned now and I use it like almost every day. Eric wants me to show you the bottom of these pans because he bought these for me in a set but they’re like their Lodge brand. But they’re, like I don’t know if they’re limited edition, but they have these cool designs on the bottom and this one’s a mousse. What’S this one, I think it’s some sort of beer, yeah or elk um yeah they’re cute.

I love these they’re so good, and I love the idea that we will have these literally forever as long as we keep taking care of them they’ll last forever. It’S amazing yeah, the last component to make this a full satisfying meal is just some sweet potato that I roasted up with some vegan butter. I feel like sweet potato and either coconut oil or vegan butter go really well together, flavor-wise, so yeah I’ll show you the assembled salad in a second here’s, the completed salad, it’s funny that I’m the one presenting it because I didn’t have anything to do with making It, but here we are, I didn’t put Apple in my I’m, not in an apple mood right now, if you were a fan of honey mustard. This is a great salad for you, because the maple Dijon, like really hits in the same way I just love it. I love Variety in my food and there are just so many things happening in this salad and in between shots.

I ate a piece of the kale and I had completely forgotten how good it actually is. It’S really good and you should go make it it’s addictive. I was just eating it out of the bowl after I massage the kale. It’S can we stop filming, so I can eat foreign. We have been spring cleaning like deep spring cleaning all morning, we’re like tearing everything apart in the house.

We have a huge donation, pile going, but I’m finally taking a break – and I made us breakfast – this was gon na, be breakfast burritos, but I think our tortillas are a little too small. I made a little tofu scramble just with some seasonings and some scallions, some seasoned black beans, some field roast Chow cheese and then some air fryer hash, browns, all crispy, I’m adding the sauce that we’ve been addicted to because I can’t stop eating it. I was going to use Valentina, which is like a Mexican hot sauce, but this is just so good for me. It’S gon na be ketchup and hot sauce got ta have both later on. I made another one of my banana almond butter, smoothies and then, later later on for dinner, I made some leftover Falafel that we had Frozen.

This is from our previous article. We used the recipe from the Mediterranean dish. I wasn’t the biggest fan of how they came out when we tried to bake them, so the stem around I just bit the bullet and fried them and of course they were so delicious and we serve those in a wrap just using a tortilla. We didn’t have any pita bread with some fresh veggies and some tahini sauce and a side of roasted veggies, and that concludes this installment of what I eat in a week. I hope that you enjoyed.

I know these are really long but, like I said I have a lot of fun making these. So if you watch to the end, I really appreciate you. As always, I would love for you to subscribe. If you haven’t already for more vegan recipes and I’ll, see you in my next one bye, thank you.

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