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Which can only mean one thing: it is officially soup season or almost soup season, is still pretty hot here, but I did check the weather this morning and next week that weather is trending down. I think we’re going to get some cooler weather and I am excited for some soups because, as you all know, I really only started enjoying soups a couple of years ago and now I’ll take one of my very favorite cozy little things to have in the fall Winter, so I’m excited to try some new ones, and this first recipe is going to be so delicious. I’M popping in here to say a huge thank you to Mary Bruce for sponsoring today’s article. I am so excited to tell you guys about these amazing supplements that I’ve been taking here in just a little bit, so this one’s really easy. It’S kind of like a cheese, tortellini tomato soup, we’re gon na finish it off at the end, like some fresh parmesan, which is just going to be like chef’s kiss so good.

This one does not take a lot of time. It doesn’t have a ton of ingredients, but it’s going to have so much flavor okay, so we are going to get our heat onto like a low medium. Now my monkey just had like the most genius idea. I don’t know why I did not think of this, but that’s why I keep him around the recipe that we’re going off of says to just go ahead and get a can of crushed tomatoes and then chicken broth and like bring it to a boil. But to cook your Italian sausage on the side and then add it in later, but he was like why don’t we just go ahead and cook this in the Dutch oven and that way you’ll kind of have a little bit of the remnants of it and give It even more flavor and it’s only one pot, so got ta.

You got ta save those dishes, that’s right, so this simplify things. I love it. So we’re gon na go ahead and get this cooking in our Dutch oven. Now we’re using the Italian sausage, but if y’all have like ground beef or meatballs on hand or you’re feeling for first batch use, whatever y’all like, but I do think the Italian sausage is going to give it a little bit more flavor and be really good in There yeah, so we pull the Italian sausage out of here once it was cooked. We left kind of like all that good stuff behind so then, now to our Dutch oven, Bungie is going to add a is it 28 ounce, yeah 28 ounce can of crushed tomatoes, got a secret over here.

Oh okay, we’re gon na. Add our two cups of the chicken broth back into this can so they’re more than the rest of the goodies out of here smart. What is that little thing that people say like several minutes later: several minutes later: okay, so two cups of chicken broth and then I’m going to just like raise our heat just a little bit, because you want to kind of bring this to like a little simmer. So while this is heating up, I went ahead and added a little bit of Italian seasoning. I’M also going to do some salt and pepper, and then I’m gon na do some fresh garlic, because I think it’ll be really good with the fresh garlic.

But if you just have garlic powder, whatever you have it’s totally fine. I think you could even do minced garlic out of a little jar. Oh Okay, so we’ve got our like rolling simmer. But from looking at this and knowing we’re going to add in that pasta, I think it needs just a little bit more chicken broth. So I’m gon na add in probably about another cup and then we’re also going to add in some heavy whipping cream and that’s going to make this like so rich and silky, and just so so good.

So now that we have basically our like base of our soup, done we’re just going to add everything else back in, let it cook for like 10 or 15 minutes, and then it’s going to be done. That’S what I love about this soup is like very simple and just like kind of quick, so we’re going to add in our cheese tortellini a little bit of spinach. If you want to leave this out, you can, but if you want to seek it in like for kiddos and stuff, you can add your spinach in and then we’ll add back in our Italian sausage and literally that. Is it like very, very simple, so I’m just gon na do like a couple handfuls of spinach, so this is going to kind of will it down a little bit? It’S gon na disappear in there somewhat we got the family size.

Should we had it all in? Oh yeah, why not add in your tea tortellini, you sure kick one! Oh, keep going yeah! Okay! Oh!

This is looking fantastic and then. You like cooked all the way through or heat it up. So once that happens, this soup is ready to eat. So I just wanted to provide everybody with a little update on our one of our recent articles. I said something about Italian seasoning and how there was, I think, fennel in it yeah.

Apparently it’s not the fennel. That does me wrong. It’S the the marjoram. I believe. Yes um, but Italian seasoning, I like in small doses, but when there’s just too much of it, there’s something about it that that gets to me.

But I know that it’s actually not fennel that I don’t like, because I know that fennel is an Italian sausage and I, like Italian sausage, that’s true so um, there’s that and then also I don’t know if you noticed this bunk, but I bought the can of The crushed tomatoes, it was the no salt added. I did notice that and then also the um chicken broth that we used was like unsalted no salt and I feel like that’s a good thing, a lot of times, because then you can actually control how much salt you’re putting in there yeah that’s true. So it’s just look at you. Look at that buggy in the kitchen. I’Ve learned a couple of things over the years.

You have we’ll taste this and see if it needs more salt, but I put enough in oven. It’S gon na be perfect, yeah and then parmesan. I had the parmesan on top like we’re gon na, be just beautiful. We probably should add these earlier lucky and I were like why don’t we put some red pepper flakes in there because y’all know us, they want a little kick, but if you don’t want to add these in, oh that’s good, don’t feel like you have to, but I want to give it just like a teeny bit of spice yeah like I don’t want to know that it’s in there I just I just wanted to bring a little extra something something something something yes. Okay, that is so good really.

Is it too spicy from the um? Okay? Oh my gosh. It’S surprisingly not um. It’S luscious, silky silky, like the the way it looked to me.

It looked like it was going to be a little bit like thicker than like too much. You know, yeah. It’S actually still relatively thin. It is but so flavorful the cheese tortellini off I mean who doesn’t love, cheese tortellini, you know yeah, but the flavor of just the actual soup, like the base of it, is delicious, and I love the spinach in there too, and then I recommend going with the Italian sausage, because I feel like, if you did do it with ground beef, it probably would be a little bit less flavor yeah. This is fantastic on the parmesan.

On top, there’s a must. Okay, this is easy. Warm cozy, not overly heavy at all. Just like such a great suit, like you, want to keep this one in your back pocket for sure for sure now. Let’S talk about Mary Grace because I have just fallen in love with their products, and I had seen so many like people online talk about it and just like Rave about them, and then I have friends that use Mary, Bruce and funny enough.

My package got delivered to our neighbor’s house and she saw like Mary Rose on the box, and so she opened it because her family uses it as well and then she brought it over she’s like I’m. So sorry, I opened your mail but she’s like we also use the love Mary rinse, so it was just so funny, but once she told me that I was even more excited to try it so bunky and I have actually both been using it for the past.

Like I’ll say a month or so, and we have just fallen in love with it, so every single morning I take their liquid morning multivitamin and once you open this, you just like keep it in the fridge, which is nice because in the morning I’ll grab this Before I grab coffee – and I take two tablespoons of this – and I are gon na – ask what it tastes like it actually has a raspberry flavor, it tastes good. I just throw it back and I don’t mind taking things in pill form, but I much prefer liquid form it’s easier for me to swallow and it’s easier to digest and that’s kind of something that sets Mary Roots apart. It’S like a lot of their things are in liquid form.

I love liquid morning multivitamin. This is like your Powerhouse, so it’s gon na have your minerals amino acids, vitamin C D E B, vitamins in there, and so this is going to help support like your energy. If you’re looking you get a midday slump, this will help kind of combat that and then um Hair, Skin and nails, but anything that I know I can use that’s going to like support the health of my hair and scalp and growth, and all of that I Am all for so then, after that I make a cup of water. Actually I make two cups, because Bunkie does it too and we use their zinc drops and their Elderberry drops. Now these zinc drops have no flavor.

The Elderberry has very little, but I just mix a couple of drops of each of these into my glass of water, so I can have like my zinc and my Elderberry at the same time, and I’m sure a lot of you guys know. Elderberry and zinc are great for, like immune support, helping to kind of like fight off cold and things, and since we’re going into that season, I want to make sure that we are like you know, armor on with as many vitamins and things that we can take To try and not get sick um, this fall and winter, so it is just like awesome that I can take this no flavor drink it with my water, which is also good to have water before coffee. So it’s just like a part of our morning routine.

Before we have coffee and I’ll actually make my cup of water and then I just like sit there and waddle if y’all Wordle, let me know down below funky and I do it every morning, but I’ll just drink. My water do my Wordle I’m getting in my vitamins.

It’S just like the perfect start to my day, so Mary Russell found in 2014 by Mary Ruth herself she’s, a certified health educator, nutrition consultant culinary chef and a mom of four children under five, including twins. She was inspired to help. People live healthier lives, after both her father and her brother, passed away from heart conditions. She is an inspiration. We love Mary Roose and know that you guys will too so click the link in my description and use.

My code mro Jessica, o to get 20 off of all Mary Roost products and the code works on Mary Rose website and on Amazon on Amazon, just make sure you’re buying products sold by Mary Ruth Organics and not a third party now for dinner tonight we are Gon na make a Cajun Chicken Pasta soup, which sounds amazing and I’m laughing, because we actually don’t have Cajun seasoning, I told monkey. Listen. We have 55 000 different spices in this cabinet. I’M like we’re gon na we’re just gon na make up our own Cajun seasoning. So I’ve pulled out some ingredients, I’m going to show you guys how we’re gon na make it and I’m gon na go ahead and actually cook our chicken breast first.

That way we can just use one pot again. You gave me the idea yesterday with like the Italian sausage, and I was like I’m gon na – do it again with our chicken so we’ll cook that first to remove it and then kind of like build our soup and add it back in. But let me show you this Cajun seasoning. So here is our lineup. We have our garlic powder, we’re gon na add some cumin in there, some onion powder, our chili powder, some smoked paprika, the recipes that we looked up also called for um Cayenne, which somehow we’re out of.

I have no idea how we don’t have any in our pantry, but we don’t so I’m gon na add in a little bit of this Kinder’s red garlic, which is like packs, a punch so much flavor. I was honestly just gon na use this as our Cajun seasoning, but I was like well it’ll, be fun to kind of build our own and then just add this in there to give it a little extra something you got. Ta get the uh black pepper over there too, oh and black pepper. Yes, so I’m gon na go ahead and like build our little Spicer up and then we’ll get our chicken in the Dutch oven. Now you all know, I’m just gon na like make this, but if you want to follow the recipe, I’m sure there are lots of them on Pinterest, but I’m just going off what you know.

My heart feels, so tomato oven, I’m going to add in just a little bit of oil and then I’m just cutting my chicken into like bite-sized pieces that way it Cooks. You know faster and more evenly, there’s really a much easier way to do. This but I ended up just holding a piece of chicken with a fork and taking my chicken, my chicken taking my kitchen scissors to my chicken. So now we’ve got all of our chicken Cup in there. I’M gon na go ahead and sprinkle in some of our Cajun seasoning.

To get this nice and seasoned and kind of stir that around, okay, chicken is cooked and it looks amazing. It smells so good. I want to try a piece of this chicken once I get it out just to like check our um Cajun seasoning flavor here, who don’t love some cajun chicken. Yes, I might have to just make this little seasoning concoction and do us some grilled chicken, sometimes because that looks good on the Blackstone yeah. Oh yes see, and now we have all that good flavor in there.

If I remove it from the heat. Yes, it doesn’t burn, so do so to add in some diced onion. Now, of course, y’all know. I tried to leave it in bigger chunks and only doing like a quarter of an onion. But if you want to do like half or a whole, onion feel free.

We’Re gon na sweat this out a little bit and then we’ll add in our garlic,  grab you a piece all right. A Little Piece too is you know, I think it needs. Oh, I should have put in there what just a little pinch of salt, because these are salt to balance out the like yeah. But besides that, though it’s really coming through the right way, though it’s delicious it tastes. Cajuny I put the tiniest little bit of chicken broth in there to like deglaze the bottom.

Oh wow. Doesn’T that look amazing? It worked, I know. Okay, add in the garlic in here. I just want to add it at first, because I didn’t want it to burn now to this we’re going to add in a little bit more Cajun seasoning and I’m gon na do a little pinch of salt.

So now that our onions and garlic have kind of like sweat down, we removed it from the Heat and then I’m going to add in one can of diced tomatoes, then we’re gon na add in our chicken broth. You want to do about four to five cups, so I’m going to add in this entire container, it might even need a little bit more that one wasn’t quite full. So I’m gon na add about half of this one as well about one cup of heavy whipping cream foreign. Give us a stir: okay, we’re gon na put this back on the heat and bring it to like a little simmer. So we’ve got this like beautiful, rolling Bowl in there and then you can use whatever pasta.

You want to I’m just doing the mini uh, bowtie pasta go ahead and add this in that’s probably lost one we’ll start those around and then we’re just gon na. Let those cook until they’re like Al Dente, we’ll add our chicken back in add some fresh parmesan, and then this will be ready to eat. What was a quick one too, though, really just like. Besides cooking the chicken, you know, 30 minutes tops mm-hmm, it’s a nice like just for some reason, I’m having a very difficult time describing Cajun flavor, but it’s just so good. Well, okay.

This has like a little Savory a little spicy yeah. You know like a little bit blackened if that makes sense, it’s just Scott, it’s just packed with Flavor. Now you know what I was a little bit confused about as I when he told me that this is what we were having for dinner for some reason. In my mind, I didn’t really comprehend it was like, because you know how you have like Cajun Chicken Pasta yeah, but this is in suit form right, so I wasn’t putting two and two together. I actually like this a lot because sometimes I feel like Cajun Chicken Pasta can be real heavy yeah, and this is not like that at all.

Well, I think too, like how much you love like warm Tomatoes. I do so having that like tomato and onion in there. I feel like it’s just right up your alley now. What I love about this soup is that it has a little bit of like Spice in there, but it’s not like a heat where it’s like so spicy that, like you, know, you’re sweating through it. It is like the most perfect balance of like flavors in your mouth.

That makes sense yeah. I was trying to think of a way to describe it. It’S almost like the heat is kind of like at the back of your throat. It’S very mellow, though yeah so good y’all to try this one and since it is getting to be that time of year and we’re all like gon na, be making these warm cozy soups. I thought I would share a couple more of our favorite recipes with you.

Okay, so to make this soup, if you want to do it really easy, just get a rotisserie chicken and pull that chicken off and use that this is like a 30 minute soup. So it’s not going to take any time at all. We actually had a lot of chicken on hand, so I went ahead and cooked it a little bit earlier today, and that is what we’re gon na use in hours. But if you want to make it super easy get the rotisserie chicken another tip. If you want to make this a lot faster, just get a package of bacon bits and add those in, but since we have this bacon that we need to cook we’re gon na go ahead and cook this up.

First, this baby carrots. You know if I had a big tear. This would probably work a lot better, but use what you have. You know I actually look for big carrots and I couldn’t find any at Sam’s Club. They don’t sell big carrots.

I only saw baby carrots guess who’s, having a little bit of carrot right now. Daisy me, oh, if she passed on it, she’s like for Mom, she doesn’t like vegetables, funky. Yes, did you know what ? Oh, my goodness, did you just see that I just saw it monkey how cute bunny love bunny love like a monkey love so close y’all. This is the way to do some bacon because it looks so good.

There’S no mess. Oh my gosh, it looks so good. Have you this is some delicious looking bacon. It really is. This is the way to go, and you know what I’m really excited about too, what uh deglaze in the pan and getting all that bacony goodness out of there, yes and it getting into our soup.

Yes, it’s gon na be dank. I went ahead and cut up all of our chicken and honestly I did not even marinate this um. Whenever I was cooking it. I just put a little bit of like roasted garlic dressing and some blend on there, and it’s so good still has lots of flavor  just mixing up our better than bouillon, because this recipe calls for six cups of chicken broth, but we’re just gon Na use the bouillon instead [ Applause, ], okay, so now it’s go time. So basically, we just got ta put everything in this Dutch oven.

Okay, so we dumped out, like all of that bacon grease but left all the bits in there, foreign. So Bunkie made a super concentrated batch of the bullion yeah, and so it just needed more water. I made the equivalent of six cups in just two cups and then I added four more cups of just regular water. So we have six cups of chicken broth. Okay and then to this we’re gon na, add our celery and carrots and then chicken trying to reduce the splash.

Thank you and next we’re gon na add one can of this cheddar cheese, condensed: soup. Let’S talk about cheesy, goodness, that’s cheesy, goodness wow! Just I could just dip a nacho chip in that yeah, I’m gon na get it all make sure you get all of it. Don’T leave anything behind yep. Look at that!

You see that and then this could not have worked out any more perfect. It calls for one packet of the Hidden Valley, ranch seasoning, which is about a lid full and literally, that is exactly what was left in here. So I’m gon na go ahead and dump this in foreign, and then next goes one cup of milk everybody’s coming together. Now, everybody’s becoming friends, okay, so last thing was the bacon and we’re just going to give this a big stir and then bring it to a boil and then turn it down um to the lower temperature, and let it simmer for about 20 to 25 minutes. Then we’re gon na pop in some of these egg noodles and some cheddar cheese.

Let these get soft and let that cheese melt and then our soup will be done, and these will only take about five minutes. So literally, this is like a 30 minute soup yeah. Okay, so it has been 20 minutes. This is simmering away, so I’m going to go ahead and add in our egg noodles and then somehow I realized I did not have any cheddar cheese, which is very odd because y’all know I keep a lot of cheese in this house um. So I’m going to add in two slices of this Velveeta because you all know if you watched our last what’s for dinner, it’s liquid gold and makes everything creamy, so I’m gon na add those in and then we have some of this Fiesta Blends.

So I’m popping this lid back on for about five minutes just to let those noodles cook in that cheese melt, and then this soup will be ready to eat. Okay, this is picture perfect. It smells amazing, so we’ll go ahead and give it a try and then tell you guys what we think, but I cannot tell you how warm it literally makes my heart to have a cozy soup tonight. Did your heart grow three sizes? It grew three sizes babe here this might be like the best soup.

You’Ve ever had yeah it’s hot. That is good, that’s so good wow! I want to taste just the liquid part. Oh, the liquid is like where it’s at. I want to like soft that up with some bread, that’s what I was gon na say.

Okay, first of all, I feel like I never even really started eating soups. Until probably last year, y’all know I used to be a very picky eater, but I’ve come a really long way and the only soup I ever eat is like a little potato soup. That’S my absolute favorite. You eat a broccoli cheddar, oh Mommy, said our soup too, but I’ve never had chicken noodle soup. I know that it’s gon na be very hard to believe, but I never have so.

This to me is incredible, like just so flavorful, so warm and like rich, but in the best way just makes you feel good and cozy, and it’s delicious y’all will have to try this recipe. Okay. Now it is time to get started on this soup. Monkey is very excited because he said he’s so hungry he’s been waiting all day for this pretty much a perturbed. Here’S kind of an overview of everything: buggy has our water bullying, because we are gon na make lasagna noodles we’re gon na break them up into like smaller pieces cook them about one minute less than what the box says and then set them aside and we’ll get Start on the rest of the soup and we are going to use ground beef you’re gon na use a breakfast sausage, so I just have the Jimmy Dean’s regular sausage.

That’S going to give it so much yummy, flavor and y’all, there’s onions in here, but what I’m gon na do is start out by sauteing the onions take them out, set them aside for bunky and then I’ll. Add everything else in see see that’s how you’re gon na do it? That’S how I’m gon na do it, but aren’t you guys, proud of me for even putting them in the same pot as everything else? Okay, so we’ll saute that saute, the garlic there’s thyme basil, parmesan, crushed tomato paste and then at the end, we’re gon na make a little like ricotta balls, I guess, or maybe like ricotta parmesan and basil and then drop those in. Oh, my goodness, it’s gon na be so good, but first things.

First, we got ta get these in the pot so and start cooking start Burling, Berlin. Now I got a question for you monkey while we’re while we’re this is going. Can we go ahead and start cooking, the other stuff too sure perfect, because I’m hungry, I know monkey’s over here hangry at me today you said this is gon na be ready. Like three hours ago, I got really busy monkey foreign mince I’m going for, like a mixture of both they’re going for whatever this turns out like. Are we going for a dice or a slice?

I feel like you just like, would like uh yeah. I would actually so let’s do it like that. Is that fine yeah? Is that enough? I think so.

By the way y’all our house is a mess because we just got back from camping yesterday and like we threw everything in the floor so 10 to 12 minutes, so we’re gon na do 10 minutes. Okay, we’ll just use the Old Timer here. Let me turn this back burner on and you pop this back there right right, okay, so with these onions and garlic, it says to um cook them with a little bit of oregano and Tom, so I’m gon na go ahead and do that for Both like I’ll add some time to the onions and then I’ll add some thyme and a regular note to the garlic as well. We’Re gon na start with the onions yeah and see at least the um flavor of the oil still gon na have that onion flavor in it. I’M trying you know, baby steps, yeah, okay!

I can’t do this. I’M clearly I think you’re supposed to like it, has to hold this down and then just be able to pull, but I’m pulling and I’m pulling it apart. I think I’m pulling too hard. No, I smelled it gosh, it smells so good like there is nothing better than like the smell of like Thyme and basil rosemary. So I think I already said this, but just to say it again as long as you’re, not a crazy person like me and you really like onions, leave those in there and saute them with the garlic.

If you don’t like onions – and you are like me first of all, I’m so glad to know that I’m not alone and second of all, you can just take them out and then pop them into whoever soup. That wants the onions. Okay. So to this I’ll, take garlic the time and then we’re gon na we’re gon na go ahead and add in both the ground beef, as well as the breakfast sausage. Okay.

So our meat is pretty much Brown. We’Re gon na go ahead and drain about half of this grease, so I kind of have it push over to the side here. So bungee’s gon na get half that grease out and then once we do, that we’ll add in like our tomato paste, tomatoes, chicken stock, all the rest of our ingredients and then it’ll simmer for about 20 minutes. Oh – and we did add salt and pepper to this too, by the way I just forgot to show you guys, okay, so we got most of that grease out and I’m just going to add about three tablespoons of tomato paste stir this in and let it cook For about a minute and then we’re going to deglaze the bottom of it with some wine, it calls for white wine. I forgot to get some.

We only have red wine so we’re using the red wine you use whatever you have we’ll, let you know I think it’s gon na be just fine yeah. Given that we’re cooking with red stuff, I think red wine will be fun. I agree, okay, so this is to add the wine to the glaze, but you can see there’s not really anything stuck to the bottom of our pan, but I am going to go ahead and add this a little bit so I’m just going to pour in a Splash of this red wine, I’m gon na give anything. That’S just gon na give like a deeper, richer flavor, just drop a little bit more okay, I’ll drop a little more. Are you trying to save the recipe I might want to have a glass of dinner?

Okay? So the recipe called for one can of whole tomatoes and to dump it in with their juice. I just got a big can of crushed tomatoes, so that’s what I’m gon na use, because I think it’ll be just fine and then to this we’re now going to add in four cups of chicken broth. So it’s just one container of it, okay and next we’re going to add in our parsley and then we’re gon na bring this to a boil and then reduce the heat to low. And let it simmer for about 20 minutes and then add salt and pepper.

If you need and then we will pour in our cream, our noodles, all the goodness Ricotta – and this will be done – it’s actually very simple: okay, we’re gon na turn it up. Let it start simmering and then we’ll cut it back down to low and cover. Let’S say it cover it just says: let it simmer on the left for 20 minutes. Okay. So now this has been simmering for about 20 minutes.

We’Re going to go ahead and add in about half a cup of heavy cream and then we’re gon na add in those cooked lasagna noodles, and let this keep cooking for about five to ten more minutes and then it’ll be ready, go ahead and pour this in Uh-Huh foreign, you can put your onions into your own Bowl. This looks heavenly pretty interesting. While that finishes, I’m going to go ahead and make our little ricotta mixture and this you’re just going to kind of form into little balls and drop it on top of your soup and it’ll kind of melt in and give you that, like creamy cheesiness. So I’m gon na add ricotta to my bowl and then it calls for Basil the only basil we had is kind of old. So I’m not going to add ours in there, but it also calls for parsley so I’ll.

Go ahead and add that in it’s going to kind of pull it apart, my fingers we’ll do some salt and pepper and then Parmesan, cheese and then you’ll just kind of form. It into little balls like that and we’ll just drop this right. On top of the soup  and that my friend is lasagna soup and it looks incredible okay, I want to try a little bite of it with this ricotta because I think that’s gon na just make it over the top. Oh you got ta. Add your onions to yours.

Meanwhile, what you’re the one that’s been hanging, I’m the one eating, it’s gon na be hot in it. It is already burned my mouth. What does it taste like lasagna in soup form the better. You know what it is. What is it the sausage, the sausage it gives it so much flavor?

Oh my gosh, this is so delicious and honestly it took a little while, but it’s just all throwing in a pot. So it’s very simple to make yeah. Oh my gosh monkey. This is like better than like author and Panera soup. Okay, I’m just saying I’m gon na tell you.

I feel extremely Italian. Whenever I was cooking this whole meal by the way, it’s amazing yeah, okay, I’ll. Let you take a bite. Okay, I can’t stop giant ball game. I like that very much.

It is amazing yeah it is. You guys have to try this. It is absolutely so good, so warm and cozy and Hearty and just like a great alternative to like having to make spaghetti, I mean make lasagna, it’s a lot less trouble. You have to do all that Larry and whatnot, it’s so delicious. So there you have it all kinds of yummy soups.

I hope this gave you some inspiration. You guys will try some of these. Let me know what you think I’ll have them typed out or linked down below. I love you so much. Thank you for hanging out with us, don’t forget to check out Mary ruse down below as well give this one a thumbs up, and I will see you in the next one: bye,

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