21 Cheap & EASY Sheet Pan Dinners | ONE PAN MEALS MARATHON

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Do you ever hear those words what what what’s for dinner? What’S for dinner from your family, your partner, your kids and you are completely sick of it. I have the solution for you in today’s article. We are doing a sheet pan meal Marathon article. This is gon na go on all day, okay, not all day, but you get the point.

This is a really really long article. I am here to give you endless dinner, inspo, utilizing our favorite sheet, pan meals as many other recipes as I can find. I will link down in the description box for you. So if you love sheet pan meals hook me up with a thumbs up share this article with a friend of yours that might also enjoy a little dinner inspo. Let’S get going oh hello, empty sheet pan, it looks like he is about ready for some deliciousness now this is going to be.

I keep saying this. This is gon na, be so dang easy. This is like. Why do we make dinner complicated? That’S what I want to know because it doesn’t have to be check it out.

You’Re gon na die potatoes. My good friend the Brussels look at this. Doesn’T this look amazing already we’re gon na go with some Earl, so I remind you that song, The Dixie Chicks wait. Did they change their name? The chicks is that what they’re called that song Earl?

Do you know what I’m talking about? If you know what I’m talking about, give this article a thumbs up on to this, you are going to add uh your favorite seasoning blend. I am using the 21 salute. Wait. 21 seasoning salute from Trader Joe’s, I’m not kidding.

You could literally use salt and pepper, and that’s all I believe this one has salt in it: onion, spices, no okay! This one does not have salt in it, so I’m gon na do this one and salt, so I’m gon na go pretty heavy on this because we want our food to taste good. You know what I’m saying where’s my salt, I’m telling you living with other people. They take all my stuff and I can’t find it ever. Okay, generous heaping of salt, because these are potatoes potatoes can handle a good bit of salt, do not be afraid of the pep of my friends.

Give this. You know a nice massage, ask it how it’s how it’s doing, maybe we can go on a date later, ask it out for drinks. You just want to get all that oil and seasoning like covered, especially especially in these Brussels. You want it to get in all of those little grooves. Here’S the annoying part is to make these Uber crispy.

You want to put all the cut sides down. That’S Brussels sprout and potato just go through it, real quick make sure all those potato sides are down. The Brussels sprouts are down and that’ll give you a super, delicious crispy cut side me personally, I’m a huge fan of crispy food. You give me crispy food and I am going to be happy. I’M so happy did I get all of it.

Okay, next, the crowning Jewel my favorite cut of meat sausage. This is an andouille sausage and I’m just sprinkling it on top. It’S gon na be amazing. All that Fat’s gon na render out and the potatoes are gon na cook in it and the Brussels sprouts are going to cook in it and it’s gon na be so good. That’S just one pound of sausage, and now we’re gon na go in a 425 degree.

Oven, for I don’t know like 20 minutes, and then we will check it, get it gon na check it check it. Are you looking at this? I can’t, even if you have a bigger family, you might need to do um two pans of this as it is. I would imagine it would feed approximately four people now. You can obviously bump up the volume of this this meal by adding a side, salad, adding some bread or something on the side, or maybe just a whole, another pan of taters, but definitely a family of four right here.

Now this one I’m actually sharing with my mom, because my mom says it’s really like just not fun to cook for one. You know what I mean, so I have like half the plate with all of this stuff and then I do have a bagged. Salad, I’m gon na take over to her, so she can have a little bit more veggies, but I wish you could smell this: the smell of the sausage with the salty potatoes. It’S just Heavenly, hey friends, sorry to interrupt the cooking article , but I wanted to tell you about today’s sponsor seed and why it matters to me. So, a few months ago I had some health issues.

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You should have to use the code Christine at checkout to get 20 off of your first subscription of seeds, ds01 daily symbiotic uh. One more time: that’s just the code, Christine it’s gon na, be the first link down the doobly-doo below to go check that out for yourselves. Thank you so much to seed for sponsoring today’s article. Let’S get back to more sheet pan meals, we are making a sheet pan dish, I’m very excited about because it’s easy and it’s Cajun, so I’ve started with six ears of corn they’ve been shucked, obviously and cut into quarters, and this is big enough to feed six People definitely so you’re gon na need two sheet pans for this. I have my oven preheating at 400 25 degrees.

If you have convection go ahead and do that now I have one pound of the mini sweet peppers and you could cut these in half and take the seeds out, but I find that there’s so few seeds anyway. That I mean this is all about easy speed. Look how beautiful these are already. I absolutely love looking at vegetables, sometimes because of the gorgeous colors. Look how amazing this looks.

Tell me you’re not already excited about this dinner right here. Next up, I have some fresh thymine. What fresh thyme, if you get your hands on some of this, I usually like to keep it in my freezer. It does turn a little brown that way, but it’s okay, I’m just going to kind of pull some of the seeds like this and then just sprinkle. The whole thing over that this is definitely not fancy we’ll call that what Persnickety this is just like, get it on the pan right next up a little sprinkly dinkle of olive oil.

Is that a weird sprinkly dinkle? Well, you know a healthy drizzle of olive oil. Here mostly because this uh this bottle does not have a small spout, so it just kind of Globs out and your favorite Cajun seasoning. Now this is not my favorite one. My favorite is Uncle Tony’s, but I did pick this one up on clearance a little bit ago because I love Cajun seasoning.

So let’s just use this one up, we’re gon na get it a generous teaspoon sprinkle on each pan, maybe a teaspoon and a half. You know whatever get in there and mix it all together. Now we’re gon na add our chicken. I have six pieces of boneless skinless chicken breasts, so I’m gon na kind of like spread out my veggies, so they can kind of come in the middle here now. I’M doing three pieces for each sheet pan here the chicken will also have a little drizzle of olive oil and our Cajun seasoning.

Now, depending on the brand that you use, you might have to add, salt and pepper mine has salt in it already. So I will not add any salt here, make sure you give it a little flip a roux get both signs if you’re not familiar with Cajun food, they spice their Foods heavily time to throw it into our oven for about 20 to 25 minutes or until everything’s. About done you uh so beautiful! Oh, do you hear that Sizzle? I love that it’s like they’re excited to go to dinner.

Are you ready for what we are going to do to these veggies? It’S gon na be epic gon na be legendary, just finished, watching How I Met Your Mother, so the legit legendary things on my mind, so I’m taking the chicken out you know we have all this delicious sauce and everything, but we’re gon na add another one. I’M gon na top the veggies with your favorite hot sauce. Now since this is Cajun Tabasco would have been the way to go, but I don’t have any right now. I have Cholula.

So that is what I will use. So just a little sprinkly sprinkle like this and then toss toss all your veggies in that juice, the hot sauce, and now we can start plating. You could even dump all of this on a platter and let everyone just kind of pick their own. Oh, I might do that now that I’m thinking about it. That sounds like a good plan.

So I’m just gon na do this big mixing bowl and here comes all of my delicious veggies with the hot sauce, and I mean you guys, like onions, throw some onions in there. You, like cook, celery, throw some celery in there you can put in whatever veggies you want sprinkle a little more Cholula. On top of that I mean you could do Sriracha, you could do whatever and if you’ve got a lot of kids that don’t want to dig into that kind of stuff, just serve it at the table and let people do their own. I hope you like shrimp, because this is a delicious about four ingredient – shrimp sheet, pan dinner, so we’re going to start with two cups of cherry tomatoes right there. Look how beautiful those are.

I did give them a quick rinse one to two pounds of peeled and deveined thawed shrimp. I’M gon na do a full two pounds here, because I do have six people in my family that I’m trying to feed. If you have fewer than that, one pound is probably going to be just fine. Next up is some olive oil so we’ll give everything that’s on here a little bit of a drizzle. You could also use butter.

I I personally love butter. I think it’s delicious. Some salt to your heart’s content and here’s my tip when it comes to salting your food, especially when you’re roasting like this, is put as much salt as you think you need and then add a little bit more next up is some fresh pepper, oh sure, a Grazie and if you’re into that garlic life – let’s add some garlic. I know this is upside down, because I’m trying to get the last little bit out of this fresh garlic would of course be better, but this one is just so convenient, so don’t be shy. I’M trying to use up the rest of this come on.

I want to get rid of this condiment out of my refrigerator Lego. Is that enough? Is that enough? Okay? Is it easier just to do this?

Yes, I feel dumb for not taking the lid off earlier. That is now empty Hallelujah. Before we throw this in the oven, I’m going to give it a little a little judge, a little stir. We want all of these flavors to be totally combined 400 degree oven for 10 to 15 minutes, depending on your oven. Once your pan comes out of the oven mine took about closer to 15 minutes, I’m gon na take one lemon and your lemon juicer and squeeze this all over the top, and you can serve this just like this, with a salad or some bread on the side Or you can serve it on top of pasta, which is what I am doing.

So I had half a box of penne that I am cooking over here in a different pot that is almost ready, so we’re going to stir all of this together in just a moment, I’m gon na add a little bit more pepper. What do you think on the salt Haley? I think the salt’s good salt level? Okay, we got, we got zapeppa yeah, it’s just a little bit. This is essentially a chicken and veggies dish.

You could use whatever cut of chicken I’m using thighs, because I love thighs. I just think the dark meat flavor is so delicious and you can use whatever veggies you want turn it aside. Keep the skin, don’t keep the skin. It feels like I’m, not keeping the skin just because it pulled off so easy. So there’s six thighs in here.

So this in theory could feed a family of six, although my kids really like to eat two thighs per person, because this is a pretty small serving depending on the side dishes that you serve. If you were to bump this up with a serving of rice or bread or salad, or something like that, I think you could probably get away with feeding six people. Otherwise I would say this one would be four. I think – and I have my oven preheating at 4 25 right now. Those skins just like pulled right off these – do have the bones in them, so you don’t need to worry about overcooking this chicken, it’s not going to get dried out or anything which is another reason I love dark meat is because it’s really hard to mess it Up, maybe I’ll just move all my chicken to one side and all my veggies will come over here.

So I have my three bell: peppers that I just chopped up. That is a lot it’ll, be fine. Also I’m gon na use this. I just threw it on the floor: oops um this broccoli and cauliflower mix right here. Some of these are really big.

Look how huge that is just cut that in half now at this point, you’re, basically just adding your favorite seasoning and I’m using a pre-mixed seasoning packet. Today I found this one at Ross and it’s been sitting in my pantry and I need to use it. So here we are, but you can just use salt and pepper. If you use enough salt it’ll taste perfectly good, you can use a Mrs Dash kind of thing. You could use Uncle Tony’s.

You could do just whatever. So I’m gon na give this a good drizzle of oil, so my flavoring will stick. There is salt in this. I’M just double checking, there’s quite a bit of salt in this, so I don’t need to add extra salt 425 for 20 to 30 minutes, depending on your oven. Okay, update on the sheet pan dinner ended up separating these because my chicken thighs are taking a very long time to cook and my veggies are about done so the veggies are coming out.

I still want them to be like a little like cooked, but slightly crunchy. You know I don’t want them to be mush, you know what I mean. So here are my roasted veggies those are coming out. They look delicious and I’m going to leave my thighs in. I don’t know another 10 minutes.

They are really taking a long time. What I love about sheet pan dinners, is that they’re, so dang easy like this is one of the easiest things that you can put together, essentially we’re putting together a protein like pick your favorite protein, your favorite veggies and some seasonings on top and bada boom. Bada. Bang you’ve got dinner in like 20 minutes. The only thing that would make it better is, if I could do all of that in my air fryer, if they made an air fryer that could hold as much as a sheet pan.

I haven’t found one. Yet if you found an air fryer that can hold that much, I would rather do it in that this is sheet pan sweet and sour chicken from Budget Bites. So you know it’s going to be a budget dinner, I’m using two sheet pans here, because you don’t want anything like on top of each other. If that makes sense, I’m gon na try and divvy up all my stuff equally. So I have this huge bowl of red and green bell: peppers, onion and a little bit of the white part of a green onion.

Half there half there, let’s kind of do this business and then we’re gon na add the chicken. I do have three chicken breasts that I cut into like cubes and just eyeball it I feel like the quantity I’m doing would not fit on one cookie sheet and because I am using two. I set my oven to convection 400 degrees on convection, so the air should blow evenly across the whole thing. Okay, there is all the chicken and then we’re going to add one can of pineapple, and I was supposed to use pineapple chunks, but I have this one. In my pantry that I’m just gon na try and drain it the best I can and use this one okay, I did get most of that out, so I’m gon na try and just sprinkle that I know it’s supposed to be chunks.

You know it’s the same idea: it’s pineapple you guys like canned pineapple or no, I don’t mind it. I grew up eating canned pineapple, but the time I had fresh pineapple for the first time I was 19 years old and I was like what is this magic? It was so delicious now we’re gon na season. Everything of course we’re gon na add our olive oil whoops little drizzle of that hat or a glob of that, whatever some garlic powder. Just, however much you like, if you love garlic powder, you can go a little bit heavy Dave likes it we’ll go with that some ground ginger.

That might be a little too much if it’s okay, ground ginger is good too salt and pepper to taste, which means lots of fresh the people, the people they want, the pepper all right and salt for the win. These are going to bake for about 40 minutes. In the oven, and while that’s going we’ll mix up a sauce, we are going to put into this mixing bowl about a quarter cup of ketchup, which is about that. A third of a cup of rice, vinegar, a tablespoon and a half of soy sauce or I’m gon na use these coconut aminos, because I have them in my cabinet. Basically, the same thing: a tablespoon and a half of corn starch and the rest of your pineapple juice that you reserved mix it up right, nice and you can either cook this in the microwave or on the saucepan on the stove.

Whatever you want to do, I’m feeling like the microwave is the way to go, because I just don’t want to turn on the stove, and I already have everything in this mixing bowls. I’M gon na stick it in the microwave until it like, gets a little bit thick. So we’ll start out with a minute and a half stir it and see what it looks like: what steam up the kit we’re about ready to steam up the camera. Let’S check that chicken I just want to make sure the chicken is cooked all the way all the way through it feels pretty solid. So I’d say we are there: let’s pull these out.

That is all she wrote and if you’re wondering why it’s in this foil pan it’s because I’m actually taking this over to a neighbor for their family for dinner tonight, if you’re making it for yourself go ahead and cook up some rice serve it. On top of some rice – oh don’t forget, sprinkle it with the green onions, I’m just taking this over with some instant pot rice to my neighbor. If you want to make this also, but you don’t need any extra dinners, you can also make it and take it over to a friend it’s great to stick into one of these foil containers from Sam’s Club they’re, a really great price. There cook up some rice. You could even put the rice on bottom then this on top take it over.

They would love to have a meal. If you are so inclined – or you can just serve it to your own family tonight’s sheet, pan dinner is going to be from one of my favorite websites. Damndelicious.Net, I believe it is recipe will be linked down below. It is sheet pan cauliflower nachos.

What I have one full head of cauliflower that I chopped into kind of florets a little bit. I tried to make them small because it is supposed to be not shows right. So I wanted them to be more bite-sized than your big big florets and I am tweaking the recipe a little bit because I like to do that. If you do need some diced red onion and I had all this red onion left over. So I’m just gon na mix in the rest of the Red Onion in here I like cooked onion, a lot.

I just don’t love it raw. It’S too Tangy to me: we’re gon na put that in there just to give it a little little bit of a Zing onto the cauli flower. We will do some Earl. We will roast the cauliflower first for a little while, before we add the rest of the ingredients, some garlic, I’m using this to be guy, because, oh my gosh, it’s so easy. It’S just so easy!

There’S one clove, two cloves three cloves! Don’T worry I’ll mix! This up in a minute, a half a teaspoon of cumin, honestly, I’m just gon na eyeball. Most of this – that’s, like I, don’t know, cumin’s good. There we go a little bit of chili powder.

You don’t want it to taste like chili, so I’m gon na go pretty light about the same amount of paprika, and this is just your cheap, Great Value, paprika, some salt and pepper of course. So I just have some kosher salt here, I’m gon na season that pretty good, because cauliflower can be kind of bland. Don’T forget the fresh I just kind of want to get those seasonings, the oil and the garlic just kind of all over everything. So just give it a massage in the oven, 425 degrees for 12 to 15 minutes 15 minutes later. This is what we have and we’re going to add three more ingredients, so, first of all, I’m gon na throw in some of this to be cilantro.

If you want to use fresh cilantro, save it until serving time, I’m just gon na give it a little bit of a drizzle four more ingredients. I think that’s number one. Next, we’re gon na add a little bit of tortilla chips. Six ounces, or so also this brand of tortilla chips is legit, my favorite brand in the entire world. If you can find them, buy them, love them.

You’Ll never go back, get those to come together. A touch, and also this smells amazing in case you didn’t know, can you guys smell that next up is a can or of black beans, and they said you’re getting all that jazz that I’m not going to I’m just going to kind of drizzle it on there? This is a 10 ounce pouch and I think the recipe calls for a 15 ounce can so this is probably a little on the shy side for the black beans. That’S all right! The cheese you can use whatever cheese you want.

I have a colby jack shredded. It’S just what I have in my fridge. So that’s what I’m using cheddar, pepper, jack, ooh, pepper jack, would be awesome. Awesome sauce! You guys remember that commercial, I probably went a little too heavy on the cheese.

I think they said one cup and I think I put two cups, but it’s fine back in the oven for another five to six minutes to melt all of that. Cheesy goodness! Oh yes! Now it is time to add the toppings and you can do kind of whatever you want. This is what I have.

I have some tomato that I grew in my own garden. I just picked like a whole bowl of beautiful red tomatoes. For my garden, I feel like, if you can grow a tomato, you have succeeded in life. That’S what it is. I do have my like red diced onions right there for the peeps that, like like it, you can put some sliced, jalapeno or jalawino.

If you’re the kid I used to babysit on top, I do have some growing in my garden. I was just too lazy to go, get it so I don’t know I’ll go walk, I’m only. I think the holy guacamole best store brand hands down best, one so legit it tastes so good. I think I’m gon na just put the guac on each individual serving so, let’s scoop it up, I feel like a bowl is a good idea. How’S that angle how’s, that angle huh.

Is this the wrong spatula for this I feel like this is a bad plan. These bowls are huge by the way e normal. This okay wait is this meal vegetarian. Is this vegetarian? Look at me, um, okay, spin it!

So you can’t see it there. We go yeah. How satisfying is this right here? Do we eat it with a fork? Do we eat it with our hands?

Whatever you want to do? That’S the beauty of it or you take that trip right there. Let’S go, make it after I have all my veggies and Chicken on my sheet pan. You know you can use whatever veggies you want. You can use spicy peppers, you don’t have to use as much onion it’s whatever you could do steak or pork or anything.

I am going to drizzle with some extra virgin olive oil sprinkle, my Thrive Market fajita, seasoning mix; okay, I’m having a really hard time opening it, and I am going to juice and squeeze a couple of limes on here and mix all this up. time to pick your tortilla. I have these street tacos. I Dave tells me to keep stop buying them because they’re too small to fit anything on. So I think we’re going to use these up first and if I get through these I’ll switch over to the corn, tortillas make sure you heat these up on a skillet or over a fire, so they’re a little bit more pliable and cooked.

I guess we’re just trying to get these out of my bread cabinet today, because I already have them so Street Taco tortillas. It is and come on they’re, so dang, cute right, all right just right. This gpn meal might be a little bit of a cheat, but I think it’s still going to work. You will start with a Pillsbury pizza crust or a great value pizza crust. It doesn’t matter we use whatever brand you like, I’m going to be doing two of them, because I have a lot of people to feed.

I have a greased sheet pan right here and another one waiting in the wings. My oven is preheating to 400. So I’m just going to spread this out and pre-bake this in the oven. Please don’t pop my hand, please don’t pop my hand, oh good good, okay, we’re gon na preheat this in the oven for ah six to seven minutes, and while that’s going, I will cook up my topping we’re essentially making sloppy joe pizzas, and this should be fast And easy – and I do want to spread this out quite a bit more – I might just put both on this one pan, because this one’s only covering half, you know what, let’s just do that, let’s put both in one pan only do one chicken fun story about This pizza crust is, I did a Walmart grocery pickup for the ingredients for this article that I’m doing. Oh, I like the Pillsbury one better, it’s like longer and fits nicer than this one.

Okay. So that’s interesting to note. My Walmart grocery pickup only gave me one. Even though I had ordered two so I had to go into the store to go, get it somehow on the way home the lid had gotten smashed, and so, when I got home it was open. Like the lid had popped open, it was unusable for this article.

So I had to go back to the store again to get another one. The Pillsbury pizza crust here has really given me a run for my money, 400 to 425, depending on how hot your oven, cooks or whatever, whatever pan color you’re using a darker pan, will go with a lighter temperature. A lighter pan will go with a higher temperature for six to seven minutes. While my pizza crust is preheating, I have browned up one pound of ground beef and I’m going to add one jar of your favorite Sloppy Joe mix. This is kind of the only kind.

My Walmart has: is the Manwich mix, all of that around warm it through. This is my sauce and topping for my pizzas. This comes together so quick, it’s ridiculous. When the pizza crust comes out of the oven, you can see that the Pillsbury side, actually, I feel, like bakes more evenly than the generic side. So that’s also interesting, we’re gon na top, all of it with our sloppy joe ground beef mixture.

Next up is a mixture of cheeses, so I have about a huge handful, we’ll call that a cup of shredded mozzarella cheese, maybe a smaller handful of some shredded cheddar or colby jack, or something like that. A little sprinkle of the shaky cheese man – oh mine’s, all lumpy, look at that. I don’t know why it’s so lumpy today, oh my gosh, I thought I had anti-caking ingredients in there. That’S not working the roll anyway we’re gon na put a little sprinkle of that, which is great. I can use up this huge container because it’s almost empty and get that out of my fridge.

Sometimes I love stuff like this, because it just uses up all the things you have in your fridge and then you’re like oh this room and then you can go shopping and get more okay and I drip some cheese on the counter. So I’m gon na pick that up and throw that on here as well. Okay, back in your oven for another seven to eight minutes, oh up glove! Don’T do me wrong! Oh I’m getting food on it!

I got ta wash it again: oh and we’re done. Oh, I am not left-handed. This feels awkward. The sloppy joe pizza was touch a hit with my kids Andrew, doesn’t even like regular, sloppy joes, but in Pizza form. For some reason it was different.

Do kids make sense all the time? No, they do not. How can you go wrong with chicken and potatoes? You know what I’m saying you know what I’m saying and, of course we can add a little zucchini, a little tomato for a little bit extra health and fitness. So I kicked this off by making an oil and lemon juice herb mixture had some salt thyme oregano crushed red pepper flakes, because I really like that olive oil and lemon juice.

I gave that a little bit of a stir and set that to the side. Don’t worry, we’re gon na cover the chicken veggies everything with this later. If you don’t want to go through this step, you could of course, buy maybe an Italian dressing or something like that, but I wanted to follow the recipe as it was written, so I rubbed it all over my spatchcock chicken. I think this is one and a half pounds of these like baby Yukon Gold potatoes. They are so amazing.

You just give them a quick rinse. You don’t have to peel them they’re, so easy caused everything with salt a little bit of pepper and popped. The whole thing into the oven at a high temperature: this was 475 degrees for 15 minutes. Then you lower the temperature cook it a little bit more and add the rest of the veggies. I’Ll.

Tell you right now. This meal was delicious. Okay, after we’ve gone the 15 minutes at 475 and the 10 minutes at 400. It is time to add the zucchini tomato and garlic. I thought about adding extra zucchini, but oh, it might be fine I’ll save the other zucchini for something else.

So I’m just kind of spreading it all over. It is soaking in the remaining oil and Herb mixture, and it’s going to go back in at 400 for another 10 to 15 minutes. I’M gon na go 15. I find that my oven takes just a hair longer than some recipes for my curried chicken, I’m making a sauce out of a bottle of red curry paste. I did use the entire bottle.

It’S a four ounce bottle. I have two tablespoons of brown, sugar and four tablespoons of oil. This is going to be my sauce weighing jingle that together, you guys want to make bets on whether this red curry is going to stain this white bulb. Very possible odds are good. I have one pound of trimmed and rinsed fresh green beans coming in look how amazing these look?

These really do look great one pound of carrots. You can use whole carrots. I have baby carrots here just because it’s about a half, a teaspoon of salt going in and a little less than half of this curry paste sauce that I made and I am going to mix this with a gloved hand. I want red curry stained in my hands. I just feel like hands, mix things so much better than any kind of spoon or tongs or anything like that.

So we’ll get these all coated. I feel like I could add more salt. Honestly, half a teaspoon feels a little light to me, but if ree says it’s gon na work, we’re gon na, try it and it does say to have an oiled baking sheet. So we’ll add some olive oil to that here. Come our vegetables.

My last addition are 12 chicken, drumsticks bone-in skin on the rest of the curry, paste mixture I made up, I don’t want to waste a drop of that and two teaspoons of salt give that a mix as well make sure everything is coated and the chicken we’re Just kind of Nestle into all of the vegetables here – and we will roast this in a 425 degree oven for about 40 to 45 minutes, for this sheet, pan gnocchi with spicy sausage and peppers. I actually have two of these sheet pans covered in foil, but only one fit in this angle, so just assume I’m doubling this we’re kicking off with four sliced bell: peppers, your choice of color, so I’ll do half on this pan in half on the other. Pan three small sliced red onions again divvy this between the two pans you’re gon na like this recipe, if you have a big family or big eaters, it makes so much next up is a whole head of peeled and smashed garlic and two pounds of spicy Italian Sausage cut into approximately one inch sections and again divvy this between the two sheet: pants sprinkle with some ground, oregano and salt. Now remember: the sausage is already spicy, so just assume you’re salting the veggies at this point. Next up, drizzle with your favorite olive oil and mix to combine this one is almost out good thing.

I buy multiples from Thrive Market and give that a good mix, so everything is coated with the oil, the salt and the oregano one last ingredient before it goes into the oven, a little bit over a pound package of gnocchi half there, half of my other pan And we’ll make sure those are mixed in as well, and I have an onion overboard, onion Breeze. We will bake both of these for 35 minutes, or so I will be switching about halfway and if you have convection like I do, I would turn your convection on. Okay, when you pull these out of the oven, we’re going to top it with some balsamic glaze and some shredded cheese, you can do parmesan pecorino. I think I have Romano cheese, so I’m going to go ahead and put this in a bowl. It’S going to be so  to make this chicken and dressing sheet pan dinner.

I have some ciabatta bread and Cornbread four cups of each that we are starting with cut into cubes. To this I will add: onion celery and carrots also chunked up um. Just like I love this, this is almost like a dump and go but sheep pan meal style and not crock pot style. To this I am going to add salt, pepper sage and Thyme. I have some really coarse salt.

I am using today come back with a smaller salt. I have ground sage and ground thyme. Both I feel, like Sage, is the epitome of a Thanksgiving flavor. It is one of my favorite herbs to use in chicken and I have like a sage bean soup. That’S really good.

We are going heavy you guys and ground time there we go and mix. Don’T worry, we’ll add butter in just a few minutes. If I want to get this mixed together before we tuck our chicken in here, I have eight chicken thighs that I’ll just kind of tuck in here – and I do want to Salt these as well. You can use bone-in or bone off um, I’m using no bone because that’s what I have but do try and stick with a dark meat. It’S going to cook a lot better.

Okay, so we’re gon na put some salt on this chicken and top the whole thing with butter, and I will take an entire stick of butter slice it and put all the little butter packs on top okay. The pan is going to go into a 425 degree. Oven cook it for 15 minutes and then kind of stir the butter around and then we’ll cook it for another 20 minutes. on your sheet. Pan we’re gon na make a bed of vegetables of red and yellow bell peppers to each sliced into rounds.

On top of that, one sliced into rounds, onion kind of break those apart a little bit just making a bed of vegetables for our steaks to rest on and two cups of whole cherry tomatoes rinsed. Obviously, here we go next up, we’ll add our steak. I have a nice thick boneless rib eye two of them one there, and these are so large that I’m sure you could divvy these into four servings. I am going to season my steaks with Montreal steak seasoning. You could, of course, use any steak seasoning that you prefer very heavy coating on this.

My oven is preheating into a high temperature broil. I really like this for the winter time, because sometimes you can’t get to your grill when it’s covered in you know two feet of snow. Much like my grill is covered in two feet of snow right now it’s been snowing all week, so you can use your Broiler to do to simulate a grill experience just in your kitchen. So now that my steaks are coated in the seasoning, I’m going to drizzle the top with my favorite olive oil, the whole thing actually, the veggies and the steak make sure everything’s coated here and a little bit of butter on top of each one. Just like that, let’s put this in the oven for five minutes and then flip the steaks over  five minutes on each side are over.

So the stakes have come off: I’m gon na. Let them rest in theory. You could serve it right now, but I want my veggies cooked a little more than this, so I’m putting this pan back in the oven on a lower rack for another five minutes. Yes, I know I need to clean my oven. I got more important things to do like cooking this delicious steak.

Okay, I think, like five more minutes for this one, we’re gon na go lower this time, is my head cut off dang every freaking time. How did the broccoli feel about being served for dinner? It was steamed, favorite and easiest sheet, pan dinners fajitas if you’ve never done fajitas in a sheet pan. It is time that you start and we’re going big or going well. We already are home, but we’re going big today with two full sheet pans.

I have a multitude of clearance Peppers. That’S where this dinner stemmed from I just found a bunch in those red meshy bags at Fred Meyer, it’s my Kroger store. I have green peppers, yellow peppers, orange Peppers, poblano peppers, some sliced onions and then coming up next, a bunch of sliced chicken breasts, so we’ll put half of it in this one and half of it in this one. This will be your favorite way to make fajitas from now on. You could totally use steak.

You can use chicken, you can use shrimp, although since shrimp doesn’t take very long to cook, I would maybe add it later since bell peppers take longer. You want less bell peppers use less. You want more onions use more, that’s the beauty of this. These are completely full. Next up, I have three more ingredients, a heavy drizzle of the oil of your choice, a Sprinkle of your favorite fajita seasoning.

This is the one I happen to have. You can also use packets. You can mix up your own, it doesn’t matter. I believe this one has salt in it already. So I’m not gon na worry about salt.

I’M just gon na use it kind of like it was salt and last but definitely not least, squeeze some halved Limes, like just a ton of lime juice on those okay, I might do a lime and a half on each of these pans and then use the Rest for drizzling at the table and then you’re going to want to get in there with your hands and make sure everything is Thoroughly mixed. And for this I do like to use gloves for two reasons: number one. It saves me from washing my hands million times and number two poblano peppers are not always hot. It’S like one in ten are spicy, but when you hit that one with a bare hand, it’s gon na light you up even worse than jalapenos, sometimes mix all of the oil and Seasonings and lime juice. So everything is coated and then we will put it in an oven.

I have my convection turned on because I have two pans here: 425 degrees for I’m gon na start it at 20 minutes. I suspect I will need to go longer than that. Just because I find that I don’t know chicken and bell peppers, don’t cook very quickly in my oven, I don’t know why. Sometimes other people say they can cook chicken in their oven in 20 minutes and I’ve never been able to do that. Maybe it’s the chicken, maybe it’s my oven.

Maybe it’s me who’s to say in the oven we go Shipe and fajitas is literally the only way to make fajitas. It’S two pans, one pan four pans so easy. I am ridiculously excited about this sheep hand. Jambalaya on my sheet pan I have one red bell, pepper and one sliced onion. I guess you could use a different color bell, pepper, but red is tasty and then about 10 to 12 ounces of a sliced sausage.

I have kielbasa. Here I mean these are the ingredients of a good beginning, a little drizzle of olive oil and one teaspoon of your favorite Cajun seasoning, give that a little mix and pop it into the oven 425 degrees for about 10 minutes. Don’T worry, we’re gon na add a ton to this. So if it looks like it’s not that much food hang on to your hats, there’s going to be a whole lot more. It’S been 10 minutes and my kitchen smells amazing.

Coming up next, I have two bags of Frozen riced cauliflower. You could use fresh also whatever whatever is the best price that day, but in total it’s about 20 ounces. Of course you could also use regular rice. If you want but we’re, we are trying to load up the veggies today. On top of that, I have about a tablespoon of tomato paste.

I like these to be guys because you can just keep them in your fridge. It’S so convenient and a whole another teaspoon of the Cajun seasoning on our uh rice get in here and mix all of this together, mine’s been thawing a little bit, so it’s not quite Frozen Frozen, goes back into the oven for 15 to 20 minutes you’re waiting For most of the moisture to evaporate here and then we’re gon na add some shrimp. If you don’t Jive on Seafood, I would definitely bump up the sausage here. Maybe double up the amount of sausage. Add some chicken you could do rotisserie chicken, but we love shrimp and sausage and Cajun food in my house for those that are new around here.

My mom grew up in Southern Louisiana. My grandparents are kg in French, okay back in for 15 minutes. If, now that all of our liquid has dispersed, we are going to add the best thing ever. I have one bag, not quite a pound of raw shrimp, peeled deveined but tails on a little bit of salt, a little bit of pepper. You want to make sure you season, like each layer of this.

Of course, some butter like this and back into the oven for about six seven minutes and we’ll drizzle some lemon juice on top and we’re done eventually, okay out of the oven squeeze of lemon all over it, we’ll Stir It Together, taste for salt and pepper and Dinner is ready, of course, you can always add a side. Salad, a bagged, salad is super, easy and I’ll. Tell you what my family never complains when we have any Cajun style meal ever it’s one of our favorite things. I wish you could smell this through the camera. It smells absolutely amazing family review on the jambalaya.

First of all, when it comes to authentic Cajun food, you are not going to replicate a real, deep, Smoky flavor in a fast sheet. Pan dinner, it’s just not going to happen so, if you’re looking for that deep, deep smokiness that comes in a gumbo or an etouffee you’re not going to get it. However, it is delicious was devoured by everyone in my family and then when they were looking for. The leftovers of which there were zero, they were upset that there wasn’t any more to have, so I might have to do a double sheet pan next time. I make that one for this rosemary chicken and potatoes.

We will start with our sauce or dressing, and I’m going to put in some fresh, Rosemary and Thyme that I diced up about a tablespoon each I’m telling you there is nothing better than fresh Rosemary. It’S one of my favorite things: a good amount of garlic, I’m gon na go about maybe a tablespoon of this squeezy tube, because it’s so easy. I have this zest of one lemon, the juice of two lemons, a good drizzle of olive oil here, salt and pepper. So I just have some fresh ground – black pepper right here and a good amount of salt, because I have a good amount of food and I want to make sure everything is salted. Well, all right, let’s assemble our sheet pan!

Okay, I have four chicken breasts. These are pretty large, so try to figure out the best way to spread these out. I don’t know something like that. Maybe on the edges, so I put my veggies in the middle. I don’t really know it probably doesn’t matter pound of fresh green beans, edges trimmed off, but other than that nothing’s been done to the internet and a pound and a half of baby red potatoes, and my mixture that I made before is going over everything.

The chicken, the potatoes, the green beans and I like to add a few more sprigs of Rosemary like this, I want to make sure everything is coated. Well I’ll, do another drizzle of salt on my potatoes, green beans and chicken just to make sure everything has enough. If you ever find that your food tastes Bland it’s because you need some more salt and pepper and lastly, let’s do a few lemon slices all over the top like this and we’re gon na put this in a 400 and is it 400 400 degree oven for About 30 minutes, until everything is cooked, it’s kind of beautiful, isn’t it my chicken and potatoes need just a few more minutes. I tried to poke into some of these bigger ones and they are almost there they’re, just a little a little bit more. So I covered up my green beans with just a little bit of piece of foil, so they don’t dry out or burn and we’ll stick this back in for another 10 minutes rosemary chicken with potatoes and green beans.

In my opinion, you cannot go wrong with any of those items: chicken delicious potatoes, delicious, fresh Rosemary, lemon, all delicious, highly recommend. Let’S make a pork dinner. This is so easy. I love it so on half of my sheet pan here I have about two pounds of a pork loin roast. This is a much more tender cut than like a pork butt roast.

You don’t want one of those and over here. On this other side, I will dump about a pound and a half two pounds of rinsed little baby, yellow potatoes. I had my kids rinse, those for me little olive oil drizzle here definitely on the pork and again over here on the potatoes, so the pork’s gon na get this Tuscan seasoning. You don’t have to use this McCormick one I just figured it was easy, but I’m looking for some kind of Italian spice blend, so this does have salt in it. So I don’t have to add anything else, but it also has garlic, basil, oregano, red pepper, onion.

A little bit of sugar, this is just going to be sprinkled all over this I’ll, massage it in in just a second. I’Ve got my Dollar Tree pink Himalayan salt here, a good amount of salt because potatoes can handle it and then, whatever pepper you like, I’m using this Alpine touch pepper blend a little massage here my oven has preheated to 400. It is ready to go we’ll put this in to get it going for about 15 minutes 20 minutes and then we’re gon na add some broccoli to the pan. That looks amazing: okay, 400 degrees for 20 minutes after 20. Minutes pull out your sheet pan and we’ll add the broccoli.

I got a pre-washed ready to go five or six cups of broccoli and clearly we have a space issue, so I don’t want to burn my hands or anything. So I’m going to scooch that guy over and try and put the broccoli kind of in the middle again drizzle of olive oil here and some salt and pepper. I have this uh grinder. Did I ship that, but a grazie back into the oven for another 10 minutes this sheet? Pan meal is sheet pan chili lime salmon with potatoes and peppers.

So I already got started with the potatoes. I have some yukon gold and because I have larger family I knew it wasn’t all going to fit on one pan, so I went double panned this time. My oven is on convection at 4, 25 Chops out the potatoes, those roasted enough for about 15 minutes with salt and pepper and oil, that’s it after that. I added some bell peppers that I sliced in a nice spice rub. Let me tell you about that: it’s chili powder, cumin, garlic powder, lime, zest and salt.

I put half on the bell. Peppers put those back in the oven and the other half is here which we will put on the salmon and there is salt in this. So you don’t really need to add extra salt here and, of course, once this is done, cooking we’re going to top it with lime juice, because fresh lime on your food and in your drinks will change your life now salmon is pretty oily for a fish, so I I’m not adding extra oil to the fish right here, I’m just making sure it’s nicely coated in my spice mixture, so this salmon is going to go in the oven for six to eight minutes just until it’s cooked and then we will serve everything together. I love sheet pan dinners because it’s really easy to put together like a delicious protein with the side of vegetables. You can pick any veggies that you like, the chili lime salmon with potatoes and peppers.

Wow can, I just say, wow my son. My 10 year old scarfing, the peppers and potatoes, and he told me that the whole meal was excellent, but his favorite part of the meal was the roasted bell peppers, so huge one in my book will make again, especially with that amazing Thrive Market salmon. This Pioneer Woman recipe was originally skewers that go on the grill, and that was way too difficult took way too long for me, so I am converting it to a sheet pan dinner in this mixing bowl. I am going to mix up my sauce, which is about a half a cup of a thick teriyaki sauce and I’m just gon na eyeball that oh, my gosh that is so thick and and I like extra sauce, I’m basically taking her original recipe as a gun. Here, which is one of of my favorite things to do when you cook, is you have Liberty to do whatever you want?

Next up is some ginger, I’m just using this squeezy guy about a tablespoon or that’s, probably two tablespoons, the juice of one lime, some crushed red, pepper flakes. This is just to your taste, that’s about a half a teaspoon and I don’t feel like chopping garlic today. So I will use garlic powder, although the fresh stuff is better. That’S about half a teaspoon to one teaspoon and last ingredient is some brown sugar, one tablespoon of brown sugar there and then whisk it real good, and this is our sauce or dressing or whatever. It is that you want to call it and, let’s put everything together on the sheet pan.

My oven is preheating to 400 degrees right now on our sheet, pan we’re gon na add most of our ingredients, which is about a pound and a half of chicken. This is boneless skinless chicken breast chunked up into like one inch cubes or so. I have two red bell: peppers going on a bunch of green onions and 20 ounces of pineapple. Now you could use the frozen ones like this or you can use canned pineapple fresh pineapple. It really does not matter so.

This is 10 ounces and 20 ounces. Okay, remember our sauce here it comes, and I realize it doesn’t look pretty at this moment. We’Re gon na mix it up with our hands the best tools in the kitchen. It’Ll be totally fine mix vigorously: okay, not vigorously just thoroughly get that everywhere and if you want to top it off with some salt and pepper. That is totally your call.

Look how beautiful these colors are, and the only thing that would make this a little bit better is to serve it on top of a bed of rice. So I will, of course be doing that in my instant pot spread all of that out into the corners. How amazing is this look at this 400 degrees for about 20 minutes or until the chicken is cooked and The Pioneer Woman, Like many Hawaiian chicken skewers, that I like macgyvered into a sheet pan dinner holy crapola, huge win across the whole family? I highly highly recommend you go make that one and then double it, because you’re going to want leftovers, because it’s that delicious everyone in my family took a bite and they were like wow. This flavor is amazing.

This sheet, pan dinner, has two steps and it is not easy to pronounce because it is bruschetta chicken. I had a friend who traveled to Italy and came back and said it was actually bruschetta, but I feel stupid saying it that way, because that’s not the way. I ever heard it growing up, so I have no idea how to say it. I’M just gon na call it bruschetta, because I’m an American and that’s how I’m gon na do it. So I have my beautiful Thrive Market chicken breasts here.

What I notice about them is that they’re, very small in comparison to the ones you get in the grocery store that are just enormous, which is probably a good thing. These are super simple, just salt and pepper, and I just have this like basic shaky shaky salt. Some fresh Peppa, it’s gon na, be beautiful. I love love pepper. My mom loves pepper a little too much, but I do love like cracked, black pepper, it’s so good, okay and then down here in the center.

I have one pound of halved, uh, baby, red potatoes. So this is gon na, be the base of our dinner uh, the chicken and the potatoes right here, and we are going to season these potatoes as well. Obviously, if you have a smaller family, you don’t have to do this many chicken breasts. This was um about two pounds ended up being seven breasts here, so I’m trying to squish them a little bit and make some room. Okay, the potatoes will have a drizzle of olive oil.

Here, like this, I’m doing garlic powder instead of fresh garlic because number one. I’M lazy and number two: this is the noise Pantry for so long that I am really trying to get rid of it. I just don’t use garlic powder very often, I should just stop buying it. I have some Italian seasoning again, something I never ever use. I need to stop buying this one too go kind of heavy on that one.

Basically we’ll want like oregano basil thyme. All of that stuff, I’m just gon na, do a little bit more. I also got time out, but this has time in it. So I think that’s gon na be fine, also salt and pepper on the potatoes just like that. Okay, this smells amazing by the way you have to make this just so you can smell this holy moly.

I have some shaky parmesan uh cheese, which is also going to go on the potatoes just kind of like that, and this whole pan will go into a 400 degree oven for about 20 minutes. You basically want the chicken cooked and the potatoes cooked. So if it takes a little bit longer than that, that’s totally fine, if it’s shorter than that, that’s fine, too everybody’s oven’s a little bit different and I have my sheet pan pretty loaded down right here. This is a lot, so mine may go a little a little longer than 20 And while it’s cooking, we’ll put together Our tomato and mozzarella topping, I am going to make my tomato topping for the chicken right now. So I have about two cups of cherry tomatoes that were so big.

I quartered them instead of half of them, but look how beautiful those are to which I will add not quite a quarter cup of Basil, mostly because my basil went bad really really fast and the rest of it is all brown. I have one garlic clove right here who, if you want, but I find raw garlic to be really strong, so we’re just going with the one next up. Let’S add a nice drizzle of olive oil, we’ll throw on about a tablespoon of balsamic, vinegar and some salt and pepper. So here’s my pepper lots of pepper and I just have some table salt right. There quick little stir, and this is going to top our chicken once it comes out of the oven, make this ahead of time and let it sit or right before.

If you want the tomatoes a little more firm time to slice. My fresh mozzarella, which will go on top of the chicken about 10 minutes before it is done cooking, so it can get all melty and delicious huge win the potatoes. Oh my gosh, I have to make potatoes like that for the rest of my life. Essentially, life is better with potatoes. You could put that on a shirt and I will buy it all of the herbs, the salt and pepper, the parmesan cheese and I loved having fresh mozzarella and then fresh tomatoes drizzled on top of the chicken we scarfed that dinner, and then there was no leftovers.

It was all gone the last sheet pan meal for this article is going to be huevos rancheros, and I found this recipe in Food Network Magazine or something like that step. One is I’m making my own tortilla chips. You could totally skip this step if you just want to use regular tortilla chips, but I’m just gon na go ahead and do it. I have 12 corn tortillas right here. Do you think I can cut through that cut into six triangle?

Sized okay? So this way, oh yes, mise and knife to the rescue. On my sheep hand, let’s spread all these out the best that we can. I don’t think it’s going to be perfect in any way, and also I love fresh, like corn, corn tortillas, usually the ones you get at the grocery store are not this nice, but I had an amazing viewer. Send these from HEB made fresh in store these feel so soft and amazing.

I live very far away from an HEB I might have to plan a field trip to go to one. Okay. There we go a nice, generous drizzle here, a little sprinkle of salt, because what’s a chip without some salt, some chili powder, I am truly just eyeballing this. The recipe does give measurements, but I’m just getting a little like that bake for 20 to 30 minutes stirring every once in a while. While my chips are cooking in the oven, we will make our sauce with a blender.

Actually, this, like blender bottle. I have a quarter cup of water in here, to which I will add this chili powder. I tried to find everywhere a dried ancho, chili um, like an actual one, to put in here four stores later couldn’t find one, so the Google says I could use this. Instead, so we will just use this chili powder and I don’t know what an entire dried chili would be. So I don’t know we’re just gon na do that because I don’t know to this go in some scallion like this.

I have a poblano pepper because um couldn’t get a jalapeno weird right and a nice big bunch of cilantro goes in hold up, not done a 15 ounce can of tomato sauce as well. There we go and a little bit of salt I’m doing about half a teaspoon there. I can always add. More later, my blade is going on we’re gon na put this on the blender base and twirl this up for our sauce. That looks like sauce to me: oh, thick there’s our sauce.

Hopefully it’s salty enough. It smells good smells like Peppers, woo last prep ingredient. While we are waiting for our chips to cook is I have this can of chili beans, which I never buy by the way? I don’t know why I just don’t and every time I use them, they are amazing. I should really buy these more often, so the whole can will go into a bowl with all of their juices and we’re gon na Mash these up with uh like a fork or a pastry blender.

I might oh yeah, oh yeah, that’s it right there. The pastry blender is the winner. I think just until they’re like semi-mashed, you know is the fork better. That’S gon na taste, totally the pastry blender get your get your arm workout. While making this this meal and voila voila, do you pronounce the V or no?

I don’t know what’s right to do now. You wait so, while you’re waiting, I guess, go, get out your eggs. You will need 12 large eggs to complete this dish. Choose the Egg of your choice, the one that makes you happy and minions assembled. Okay, I had a situation with the chips.

Someone came to the door and I got distracted and burned to the original batch. This is my second batch. So word of the wise, don’t burn your chips and I didn’t feel like I had enough tortillas. So I think I’m just gon na add a layer of just already done. Tortilla chips just to bump it up a little bit.

I will drizzle about a half a cup of this sauce. We made a little bit we’ll use more at the end, all of our beans that we mashed up those go up next, like this and 12 eggs are just gon na. This part feels weird, but they’re. Just gon na kind of go all over and I don’t like a runny yolk, so I’m just gon na crack. These yolks real, quick, we’re gon na add a little drizzle of salt and pepper on these eggs, so they taste good.

The whole thing goes back in the oven for 20 minutes. Okay, just pulled these out of the oven and it’s time to add our topping. So I have a whole bowl of the rest of our sauce just to serve on the table. I have a container of guacamole because I couldn’t find any good avocados around here and a bowl of sliced limes. So on top of this I will actually add some queso fresco here.

I’M not really sure how much to do a lot. I mean like what is life without a lot of cheese. You know what I’m saying right Dave I mean look at it, you could do salsa too. I guess I’m pretty sure. I need more cheese, more cheese, huevos, rancheros delicioso, I’m a huge huge fan.

The only thing I would do different next time is to add some more salt, I think, to either the egg or the sauce, I’m not sure a little bit more salt, but flavors are on point super super satisfying, really good, and if you want to save yourself A good amount of time just use the pre-made tortilla chips and you don’t make your own, but you can’t make your own if you want to. I have had so much fun cooking with you today. I hope you enjoyed spending time with me. Remember all those recipes will be down in the description box for you. If you want to go check them out and make any of these for your family, I know they would enjoy it as much as my family enjoyed it.

If you haven’t liked this article And subscribe to the email yet there’s still time, there’s still time my friends, I would love to have you hang out with me a little bit more. If you want more cooking info, I will leave an entire playlist of cooking and dinner recipes for you also in the bloop below, thanks for hanging out with me today and until next time, happy eating

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