Tiny safe for keys and other small valuables

The HitchSafe is the latest way to store your personal items when you are on the road. This tiny safe fits into the hitch of your car and has a 4 number combination code that you can choose from. There are over 10,000 different combination variations so that it is extremely safe from burglars. The HitchSafe is made to look just like a normal hitch and it is extremely stable so it will not fall off while driving on the road. It is perfect for storing a few items like keys, credit cards, or even keys and accessories of a gun safe when doing outdoor activities and these things can become a hassle.

The HitchSafe is made of chrome plated hardened steel that will stand up to flying rocks while driving and also the burglar that is trying to break in. The pins that hold this safe in place look just like any other hitch so they will not catch the eye of anyone. There is a very low chance that a burglar will notice the safe and even if they do it will be incredibly difficult to break into it. By keeping a few items in the Hitchsafe you can be sure that everything will be fine and you can focus on your adventures.

In the great outdoors many small things can become a hassle or they can even be lost if you aren’t careful. Losing the keys to your car can become a real hassle and losing your credit cards or license can be even more of a hassle. Be sure to keep these things safe by placing them in the safety of the HitchSafe. This safe can fit 2 cards diagonally inside and it can also fit keys on either side. Anything that can fit within the dimensions of the hitch can fit inside of the HitchSafe. Whatever personal items that you need to be there when you get back, you can trust this safe with them.

THe structure of the Hitchsafe allows for some personalization also. There is a cavity built into the cover that allows for personalized back logo plates as there is room in the cover for nuts. An embedded metal clip also strengthens and secures a dust cover for the hitchsafe that will keep out potentially harmful outside materials. This is simply the best made safe to keep small personal items on vacation or on the road.

The locking system on the Hitchsafe is made so that it can be opened during any time of the day without any trouble. Also, you can personalize the lock code so that it is an easy number for you to remember for years to come. The system is called the Zero Locking System and it makes opening this safe easy during the dark. Once the safe is closed then all of the numbers roll back to zero. When it’s dark and you cannot see the numbers you can simply count to the number you want on each selection. Also, this means that you do not have to worry about mixing up the lock after using the safe as it will do that itself. Burglars will have no idea what the code is.

The Hitchsafe is the ultimate way to store your items while out on the road or in the outdoors. Its sturdy construction means that it will not be broken after a few bumps in the road or a few scrapes against some rocks. The innovative locking system makes it easy to open for you and tough for the burglars. Store keys, cards, or whatever you need during your trips to keep them safe and sound. Try the HitchSafe and use it to your advantage.