California Counties

Law Enforcement: We have taken the liberty, in the interests of providing our visitors with a complete and accurate picture, of copying some of your pages regarding CCW issue from your website to this website. We have credited your original website as appropriate. image courtesy handgunlaw.us Alpine County This county has a very high rate […]

Concealed Weapon Permits (CCW) in California

By John Spencer, Webmaster at www.CaliforniaConcealedCarry.com. Contributory material by Anon. This article was serialized in the CRPA newsletter, summer of 2007. Note: the author is not a lawyer and this article contains no legal advice. The System Where to Apply Good Cause Communicating with Law Enforcement The Application Process Carry Weapons Modified Firearms Carry Ammunition […]

FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions

See also: The California Attorney General’s Firearms FAQ and: The ATF’s Federal Firearms FAQ Are you suggesting that everyone should carry a gun? But what about “Gun-Free Zones”; Don’t they work? Then surely we need a total gun ban? What is a California CCW? What are the requirements for a California CCW? What is Good […]

States Honoring the California CCW

Familiarize yourself with places that are off limits while carrying: they vary from state to state. Another thing to note is that CA counties limit you to the specific guns on your permit. Most states that you visit will also limit you to the same listed guns even though that state might not have such […]

Santa Barbara County Information

Usual Requirements Completed application 3 character reference letters Proof of residency Obligatory Live Scan / background investigation Psychological evaluation Classroom lecture Range qualification All fees and costs associated The entire process is handled by the SBSO Internal Affairs division. The Sheriff may or may not be involved until such time as final approval/signature. Bill Brown […]

Lake county

This is regarding Lake County, but it contains thing we’ve heard all over. It’s a letter to the Editor of the Record-Bee, a Lake County newspaper. Denied right to bear arms Article Last Updated: 01/11/2007 06:13:01 AM PST A few months ago, I made a life-changing decision. After years of being a gun owner and […]

Analyzing Texas concealed carry Laws

Riding Shotgun We’ve all heard tales of the Old West, the days of Wyatt Earp, Sam Houston, Davy Crockett. Those stories of the outlaw gunslingers and the men who brought them to justice. The days when men (and women) carried a six-shooter on their hip, or a rifle on their shoulder, ready for any danger […]